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Department of Agriculture Heavy Equipment Operator Samuel Zelaya uses the bulldozer to clear a field in Newlands

Published 13th February 2017, 9:45am

Established local farmers once again have the benefit of land-clearing services at a nominal cost.

The Department of Agriculture’s (DoA) bulldozer for land-clearing and land-preparation has resumed work and is available to all registered farmers, or organisations involved in agriculture.

This service had been offered for over two decades, but was temporarily suspended last year following the retirement of the previous operator. It resumed this summer after a new operator was hired.

Now available in all districts of Grand Cayman on a district by district first-come, first-served basis, the bulldozer service will clear away bush and other vegetation, and “rip” and prepare up to ten-acres for each applicant.

It is open to all commercial crop and livestock farmers. Applicants must have a valid Commercial Farmer’s ID, or proof of provisional registration.

All land cleared under this service must be used for agricultural production within three months of clearance, and kept in agricultural-production for a minimum of five years. The DoA will inspect and monitor all land cleared under the programme.

Farmers should monitor the DOA website ( and local press for periodic announcements of when the service will be offered in districts. They can also contact the DoA for information.

Only minimal fees are payable to cover the costs of fuel used and transporting the bulldozer.

Failure to comply with the contract’s terms, without valid reason, will result in the farmer having to reimburse Government for the full commercial cost of the service.

To see the Revised Bulldozer Policy, and background information, visit the Agronomy section of the DoA website. Application forms, requirements and the entire policy are also listed on the website.