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Published 31st October 2017, 4:6pm

The Department of Agriculture's advisory for those who are planning to use its abattoir services this Christmas season.

The Department of Agriculture wishes to advise the public who are planning to use its abattoir services this Christmas season of the following:

  1.     To arrange for slaughter services, persons should visit the Department’s Reception Desk to schedule the appointment(s) during the month of November - NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE.        
    1. Please be prepared to provide the following information:        Your name; telephone number; type and number of livestock you need slaughtered; the preferred date for delivery of carcass/meat and where you want the carcass/meat delivered to.        
  2. All livestock intended for slaughter are required to be rested. They should be delivered to the abattoir at least 6 hours before their scheduled slaughter.
  3. The last day for the delivery of livestock for slaughter will be Thursday, 21 December 2017.
  4. The last day of slaughter will be Friday, 22 December 2017.
  5. The last day to deliver carcasses/meat is Saturday, 23 December 2017.
  6. The fifth quarter (head, feet, liver, kidneys, etc.) must be picked up by the client on the day of slaughter.

The Management and Staff of the Department wish their clients a Merry Christmas and a Productive 2018

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