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Published 13th July 2017, 3:49pm

As part of its mandate to facilitate the continued development of the Agriculture Sector, the Department of Agriculture has the responsibility of providing ongoing training interventions to address the needs of its clients, both famers and agri-business entrepreneurs. Cottage industry agro-processing constitutes an important segment of the sector providing an outlet for surplus production and a mechanism for adding value to agricultural products. As such it is essential that processors are equipped with the knowledge and training in best practices both to ensure the high quality and food safety of their products.

The Department, in conjunction with Scientific Research Council of Jamaica, will be hosting an Agro Processing Workshop for approximately 15 persons, providing them with the opportunity to upgrade their skills in the areas of proper and hygienic food processing, preservation and packaging.  

The workshop will be held 8th  11th August, at the Clifton Hunter High School Campus in Frank Sound, North Side. Persons interested in attending can contact the Department at 947-3090.

Agro Processing Workshop Brochure

Dept  of Agriculture - Agro Processing Workshop Flyer