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Mr. Samuel Rose, JP

Cabinet Secretary
Tel: (345) 244-2253

The Cabinet Secretariat provides support to National Security Council, Cabinet and the Premier, issues tax undertaking certificates and hears appeals. The Secretariat does not offer a wide range of services to the general public – almost all of its outputs are intended to service the weekly meetings of Cabinet, meeting of the National Security Council or to coordinate the response of public authorities to these decisions. National Security Council and Cabinet proceedings are also coordinated and disseminated to various entities and for microfilming through the Cayman Islands National Archive, and exemption certificates are reviewed.

Administrative Support

  • Cabinet Agendas, Minutes and Extracts*
  • National Security Council Agendas and Minutes
  • Code of Conduct for Ministers †
  • Business Guide for Cabinet †
  • Appointment of Boards and Committees
  • Declarations, Regulations and Orders Approved by Cabinet
  • † These documents are presently not available to the general public, although the Cabinet Office has begun the process of declassifying them.

Preparation and Review of Documents

  • Cabinet Submissions*
  • National Security Council submissions
  • Ministerial Briefings
  • Responses to Parliamentary Questions
  • Speeches and Presentations by the Cabinet Secretary and Premier
  • Guidance on How to Write a Cabinet Paper
  • * Section 19 of the FOI Law exempts specific Cabinet records from public access, including opinions advice or recommendations prepared for, and records of consultations or deliberations arising in the course of, proceedings of Cabinet. However, this exemption does not apply to information of a purely factual nature, and Cabinet papers may be released if there is an overriding public interest in such disclosure. FOI requests must be made for these records in all cases and the Information Manager will make a decision on each application. Please see section 5: Requests for information outside the publication scheme for more information.

Tax Undertaking

Tax exemption certificates protect exempted companies, limited partnerships and trusts for periods of twenty (20), thirty (30) or fifty (50) years, in the event that taxation is introduced in the Cayman Islands. Applicants should submit letters of request to the Clerk of the Cabinet Tuesday prior to the following Tuesday Cabinet meeting. Limited partnerships and trusts take about two weeks to fully process, companies take about three weeks. Additional information is available from through the website or by contacting Meredith Hew, the Assistant Secretary to the Clerk of the Cabinet, at or (345) 244-2210.

Appeals Processing

  • Application Form for a Firearms Appeal
  • Application Form for a Trade and Business Licensing Appeal
  • Marine Conservation Board Appeal

Last Updated 2019-05-07