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2001 Annual Report

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History in the Making

His Excellency the Governor, Mr. Peter Smith, CBE

Sustaining Prosperity and Preserving Quality of Life The Year in Review

Chapter 1
Synopsis of Major Developments

Steering a Course of Stability and Harmony - A report on the Islands' constitution, governance and administration

Chapter 2
Chapter 3

Growing the Economy and Strengthening Industries - A report on key economic indicators and national industries

Chapter 4
Economy and Public Finances
Chapter 5
Industry Regulatory and Service Agencies
Chapter 6
Business Services

Protecting the Safety and Health of the People - A report on judicial, legal, safety and health measures

Chapter 7
Law Enforcement and Public Safety
Chapter 8
Health Care

Shaping the Future A report on educational, social and cultural thrusts

Chapter 9
Education and Culture
Chapter 10
Community development, Social Services, Youth and Sports
Chapter 11
Information Services and the Media

Strengthening Environmental Protection - A report on weather, conservation and preservation and environmental health

Chapter 12
The Weather
Chapter 13
The Natural Environment
Chapter 14
Environmental Health
Chapter 15
Sister Islands
Chapter 16
Telecommunications, Postal Services and Utilities

Linking the Islands with the Global Village - A report on communication and transportation

Chapter 17
Air and Sea Transport
  1. Physical Features
  2. The People and their History
  3. Cayman Islands Government
  4. Cayman Islands Economic Data
  5. Miscellaneous Information
  6. Maps