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Previous Artists

    Lazy Days by Nickola McCoy
  • Nickola McCoy
    • Nickola McCoy; was born and has lived most of her life in The Cayman Islands.
    Charles Long.
  • Charles Long
    • Charles Long was born in West Africa and moved to England at age five. At twelve years old Charles returned to Africa, this time to Swaziland, Southern Africa. In Swaziland he achieved an A level in Art.
    'Island Living' Digital Photography, Aston Ebanks.
  • Aston Ebanks
    • I moved to Switzerland in 1997 where my passing interest in photography became a passionate hobby.
    'Christmas Time on North Church Street' on Watercolour, Joanne Sibley
  • Joanne Sibley
    • Joanne Sibley was born in Canada. Her interest in art was encouraged from an early age by her father.
    'Self Portrait Series: CMYK2, 15” X 30”, 2004' by Kushana Gentles
  • Kushana Gentles
    • Kushana Gentles prefers to work in oils and mixed media but also enjoys all aspects of Printmaking, incorporating these methods and techniques into her paintings, blending the traditional with modern.
    'Reflection' by, Al Ebanks
  • Al Ebanks
    • Al Ebanks specializes in Abstract paintings and Stone & Ceramic Sculpture. His work can be found at his studio/Gallery on Shedden Rd. where he also features other local artists through exhibitions.
    'Miss…Miss' by, Wray Banker
  • Wray Banker
    • Painter and graphic designer Wray Banker is one of Cayman’s best known, and loved figure in both the worlds of art and sports in the Cayman Islands.
    'For Mangroves' by, Chris Mann
  • Chris Mann
    • Chris was born in England in 1955 but spent most his childhood living abroad, his fathers work as an air force pilot moving the family every few years to Yemen, Germany and Sardinia, interspersed with living in various parts of England.
    The World Praying for Peace' - by Gladyn K. Bush
  • Gladwyn K. Bush, MBE
    • A 4th generation Caymanian, Gladwyn "Lassie" Bush began painting at the age of 62, after what she describes as a visionary experience.