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Aston Ebanks

Aston Ebanks

I was born in Kingston Jamaica on the 6th September 1974 to parents Margaret and Truman Ebanks. Returning to Cayman before the age of one, I called Cayman my home for the twenty six years that followed.

I moved to Switzerland in 1997 where my passing interest in photography became a passionate hobby. I spent the next seven years moving between the island and my new home, Switzerland, teaching myself the art form refining my talent whilst defining myself.

My first joint exhibition took place here in Cayman (as did all the others that followed, to date) in March of 2004 ‘Forces of Nature’ followed by the McCoy Prize in May were I was awarded a commendation in the ‘Fine Craft’ category for my contemporary chair ‘Viola’. ‘Body Talk’ was my next joint exhibition in July of 2004 followed by ‘Portrait of an Artist’ in August where I once again stepped out of “the box” and created a short video installation ‘Introspective’ as my contributing entry.

Entering the 2005 McCoy Prize exhibition, and winning in the ‘Fine Art’ category for my mixed media piece ‘Overexposed Goodness’ has to date been the high point in my career as an artist.

In August of 2005 I organized and hosted what I hope to be the first of an annual event, ‘Applied Art’ where invited artists and interested bystanders participated in creating large scale paintings on full sheets of plywood. These were then exhibited around the George Town area.

In December of 2005 I officially moved back to the island with my wife Tanja and then eight month old son Lenny Roar.

Since being back I have continued my work with the National Gallery, working as an outreach instructor at H.M Prison and the Bonaventure Boys Home. I have organized and hosted the 2006  National Gallery ‘Eco Art’ party whilst also conducting an Easter Camp for a group of underprivileged children who reside with their families in the temporary homes lot behind the Fairbanks Women Prison.

In August 2006 I organized and hosted ‘Generation Next’ a photo exhibition of the works of the previously mentioned Children I worked with during the Easter Holidays.

I hold the position of secretary of the ‘Cayman Islands Beautification Committee’, our charter is to make Cayman ‘Cleaner and Greener and as a activist for our environment it is something I take serious.

Future Plans

My Moroccan Experience’ a slide show presentation at the National Gallery of my 2004 trip to Morocco.  In November of this year I am scheduled to create my first large-scale interactive and permanent installation, ‘The Maze’ which will be constructed out of discarded shipping pallets. More than an installation the Maze will double as an exhibition space featuring video, sound and light installations. I am also currently working on a series of abstract paintings with the intention of having the first solo exhibition of my career.

I see myself residing here for the next five to ten years, and subtly redefining what has come to be known and accepted as “Caymanian Art” and the Caymanian aesthetic.

'Island Living' by Aston Ebanks

"Island Living" Digital Photography, Aston Ebanks.

Last Updated: 2007-02-13