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Charles Long

Charles Long

Charles Long was born in West Africa and moved to England at age five. At twelve years old Charles returned to Africa, this time to Swaziland, Southern Africa. In Swaziland he achieved an A level in Art. After attending the Farnham school of Art in England, Charles moved with his parents to the Cayman Islands.

Charles has been a pioneer of Cayman Art since his arrival in 1969. He was a founding member and first secretary of the Visual Arts Society of the Cayman Islands. In 1974 Charles created artwork for the cover of the Northwester Magazine. In 1976 he painted a mural for an interior wall at Radio Cayman. In the same year produced a set of four prints which are now collectors’ items.

Internationally, Charles has exhibited at Carifesta and the Biennial of Painting in Santa Domingo. A lot of his work has been taken abroad. In 2002 he had a retrospective at the National Gallery.

Now he is working full time in his studio in Savannah. His current work is on view at the Kennedy Gallery, Pure Art and the National Museum as well as his studio.

Charles Long can be contacted at 917 5741 or 947 6386 or Box 131 Savannah KY1-1501 Grand Cayman.

He also has a web site :

A Painting by Charles Long

Last Updated: 2007-08-01