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Wray Banker Picture
 Wray Banker Picture This item appears on page Wray Banker

Wray Banker painting
 Wray Banker painting This item appears on page Wray Banker

Wray Banker

Wray Banker

Painter and graphic designer Wray Banker is one of Cayman’s best known, and loved figure in both the worlds of art and sports in the Cayman Islands. The one-time Caymanian badminton champion has participated in several local and international art exhibitions, and his sharp sense of humour is often transcribed over to his artwork.

During his formative years, Van Gogh and Picasso influenced Wray Banker. As he broadened his horizons, he expanded his exposure, and artists such as Andy Warhol and Keith Haring became an influence as the artist embraced The Neo-Pop Movement. In fact, his 'Milo Series' pays a tribute not only to the popular chocolate drink mix, and to Warhol's reproduction of common everyday objects, but also incorporates aspects of our own culture by portraying the man uses of the emptied Milo tin. "Many of my ideas come late in the night, usually when I'm trying to sleep," says Wray. "They can come from fragments of everyday conversations or images that get stuck in my head and reappear several hours later. I call it my 2:00 am 'Idea Monster,'" he continues, "But I will ultimately end up taming the beast; milling over and developing an idea until I come up with something that I believe is unique to me."

Mainly a painter, Wray’s background in graphics has helped to develop his artistic skills as he gets some of his ideas for his paintings from creating designs on the computer. In 2002 learned Collograph and Lithograph hand- printing techniques at the 'Taller Experimental de Graphica' in Old Havana, Cuba, first part of the 'Artists Away' programme sponsored by the Cayman Islands National Gallery. Wray has recently discovered photography and won a commendation in this medium at the 2005 McCoy Prize.

Wray is a founding member of Native Sons artist collective and will next exhibit with the group at the National Gallery in August – October 2005.

'Miss…Miss' by Wray Banker

“Miss…Miss” Acrylic on Canvas, Wray Banker.

Last Updated: 2006-06-05