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The education curriculum in local public schools, at the secondary level, the opportunity to become involved in extracurricular activities in drama, visual art, and dance. An annual National Children's Festival of the Arts is staged each year to feature the talents of young students.

Cayman National Cultural Foundation (CNCF)

In 1996, the Ministry of Culture launched an annual arts festival, Cayfest, to showcase local artists and traditions. It is held every April and is a month-long exposition which includes competitions in the visual, performing, literary, and culinary arts. It begins with a traditional Caymanian boat launching, and continues with art shows, drama presentations, and music and dance reviews which tour throughout the districts.

The Cayman National Cultural Foundation (CNCF) oversees several aspects of arts and culture development in the islands. It is a privately and governmentally funded body which sponsors programmes in the visual, performing and literary arts.

The CNCF manages the Harquail Theatre, where it stages its own productions in addition to renting out to other groups. Such events include the National Children's Festival of the Arts, beauty pageants, art and jewellery displays, dance recitals, and church concerts.

In addition to this, the foundation runs several training programmes in artistic disciplines, including an annual playwriting workshop, and an ongoing cultural youth group - Young at Arts.

Each year, the CNCF also gives grants and scholarships to individuals and groups to pursue arts courses, develop programmes, mount exhibits, and create works.

National Gallery of the Cayman Islands

The National Gallery of the Cayman Islands is an inclusive gathering place which honours our artistic heritage, celebrates art and seeks to provide inspiring learning experiences for all of our diverse public. The National Gallery is the country’s leading public visual arts organisation comitted to collecting and exhibiting works of art and providing innovative and creative educational programmes. While placing Caymanian culture at the forefront, the National Gallery embraces diverse cultures and traditions of our global community.

Established in 1996, NGCI is a vibrant arts organisation that seeks to fulfil its mission through exhibitions, artist residencies, education/outreach programmes and research projects. The National Gallery operates in both a local and global arena. As part of their mission to promote and encourage the appreciation and practice of the visual arts, of and in the Cayman Islands, the National Gallery sends Caymanian art and artists abroad and hosts many fine international artists, exhibitions and their works in the Cayman Islands.

Other Cultural Institutions

In addition to these bodies, there are societies and groups devoted to specific art forms. These include the Cayman Drama Society, the Cayman National Choir, the Cayman National Orchestra, the Visual Arts Society, CayFilm the Cayman Islands International Film Festival, Friends of Film, and Cayman's national dance company -- Dance Unlimited.

Last Updated: 2014-07-03