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General information about regulations and licensing, as well as information on license holders, can be found on the website of Government’s Information & Communications Technology Authority.


Government’s Radio Cayman provides a choice of two services, Radio Cayman and Breeze FM. Radio Cayman airs news, information, and community affairs, as well as music and a popular afternoon talk show, and Breeze plays mostly music. Both broadcast 24 hours daily, Radio Cayman on Grand Cayman on 89.9FM and on Cayman Brac and Little Cayman on 93.9FM, Breeze FM on 105.3FM on Grand Cayman and on 91.9FM on the Sister Islands.

Government’s weather service broadcasts advisories on 107.9FM.

Hurley’s Entertainment owns two stations: Z99 offers 24-hour music programming -- current and classic rock, Caribbean, rap, and hip-hop; Rooster 101 feeds Cayman’s love of country music and is home to a popular morning call-in show.

Heaven 97 plays round-the-clock contemporary Christian music and spiritual information. The same company also operates Gospel 88.7 for listeners who favour the classics.

Paramount Media Services also operates two stations: Vibe 98.9 follows an urban Caribbean music format and airs specialty shows featuring jazz, Latin, oldies/retro, gospel and club. Spin 94.9 bills itself as “your dance station” and often features DJs that entertain in Island nightclubs.

dms Broadcasting’s four stations include X107.1 which plays international top 40; Kiss 106.1 which plays adult contemporary; Hot 104.1 which plays Caribbean music; and CayRock which plays international rock.

ICCI-FM was Cayman’s first radio station, going on the air in 1973. It is a non-commercial, training workshop for broadcasting students of the International College of the Cayman Islands. The station broadcasts on 101.1FM.

The Cayman Islands Conference of Seventh-Day Adventists operates Praise 87.9, and Cayman Broadcasting Ltd. bills Love FM as a gospel radio station “designed specifically for the people of the Cayman Islands”.

Many of the stations keep costs low by being partially automated, using satellite network feeds during part of the day. Almost all have websites; some also webcast.


There are six broadcast television channels in the Cayman Islands.

Entertainment, news and sports can be found on Cayman 27, owned by CITN (Cayman International Television Network), and Island 24, owned by CTS (Cayman Television Service).

Three channels provide religious programming; one transmits programming from the U.S.-based Trinity Broadcasting Network, the second is administered by the Cayman Islands Mission of Seventh-day Adventists and the third by the Roman Catholic Church.

The sixth channel, Discover Cayman, is an entertainment and activity guide for both visitors and residents.

Weststar TV Ltd. operates a microwave relay cable TV subscription service. The company offers a basic 45-channel package of U.S. entertainment, news (including the BBC), movie, cartoon, music, information, and sports channels that includes the six local channels. Dedicated TV viewers may select, and pay more for, several different packages that offer, for example, more sports or more movies or more family channels.

Satellite dishes and tape clubs also provide viewing fare.

Last Updated: 2011-02-09