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Electricity for most power requirements on Grand Cayman is provided by Caribbean Utilities Co. Ltd., which operates under a licence from the Cayman Islands Government. Electricity rates are somewhat higher than in the U.S. or the U.K., a factor being the use of fuel oil to power the generators. Residents learn the importance of being conservative in the use of electricity to keep the monthly bill as low as possible.

The Cayman Brac Power & Light Company supplies electricity on Cayman Brac and has a different rate structure to that on Grand Cayman.

Government’s Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA) is protects the rights of electricity consumers, ensuring they receive dependable power supply at the lowest cost. The ERA also promotes the development of electricity from renewable resources to reduce the Islands’ dependence on diesel fuel.


Bottled gas is used for cooking in many homes and is available from Home Gas Ltd. , Grand Cayman. Other gas-operated appliances, like water heaters and clothes dryers, are also popular.


The traditional sources of supply have been private wells and/or catchment in cisterns, but these have been supplanted by piped water on Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac. These public water supplies are provided by the Water Authority and Consolidated Water Company. Both provide desalinated water.

The Water Authority

The Water Authority supplies water on Grand Cayman to the districts of George Town, Bodden Town, East End, and North Side.

It also supplies piped water on Cayman Brac. Customers not served through the pipelines are provided with water by Water Authority tanker trucks.

There are no Water Authority operations in Little Cayman, but a number of small desalination plants serve individual properties and developments.

Consolidated Water Company

Consolidated Water Co. Ltd. supplies water to its franchise areas, West Bay Beach and the district of West Bay.

Last Updated: 2011-08-02