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  • Cayman Parrot

    The Grand Cayman parrot is iridescent green with a white eye ring, red cheeks, black ear patches and brilliant blue wing feathers.

  • Silver Thatch Palm

    The tall, slender silver thatch palm was an important natural resource for early settlers who used the leaves to make rope, brooms, and roofs.

  • Wild Banana Orchid

    The wild banana orchid is the best known of Cayman’s 26 species of orchids.

  • Coat of Arms

    The Cayman Islands coat of arms consists of a shield, a crested helm and the motto.

  • Flag

    The Cayman Islands Flag is a navy blue field with a Union in the upper left corner and the coat of arms in a white circle.

  • National Song

    “Beloved Isle Cayman” was written by the late Mrs. Leila Ross Shier in 1930.