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In the 1990s a large range of properties were built and made available for rent, particularly apartments in privately owned or condominium complexes. There was another building boom following Hurricane Ivan in September 2004, plus many properties damaged by the storm were painted and fitted with new roofs, windows, cabinets and furnishings.

The global economic downturn starting in 2009 caused the expatriate workforce to shrink. As a result the current market favours the renter since a wider range of properties, prices and amenities are available.

In January 2011 a survey of the ‘For Rent’ ads in a local paper show rooms going for CI$350-850 per month; studio apartments $500-1000; one-bedroom apartments/houses ranging from $425-1600; two-bedroom $895-2000; and three-bedroom from $1300-4000 (all in CI$ per month). Most of these units are furnished, including dishes, linens and other household accessories, but utilities are not included.

Usually something closer to or in George Town, the Seven Mile Beach area or West Bay is more expensive than a place in Bodden Town, North Side or East End. Properties are more expensive if they’re on a beach or canal or have a pool. In the past many ads read: “No smokers, no students, no children, no pets” – however, this notice has become less prevalent in the current market.

Last Updated: 2011-01-27