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Style of Living

While taking measures to preserve their past, Caymanians are also proud of the progress their country has made. The stability of the country politically -- a factor of great value in the finance and tourism industries -- is due in large measure to Caymanians having assumed leading positions in commerce, the civil service, the professions and skilled trades.

Most Caymanians are churchgoers and abhor violent behaviour, impoliteness, drunkenness, gambling and drug-taking.

Socially, there are many things to do, from community, church and service club involvement to a wide range of sports on land and water, and participation in a variety of special interest organizations.

Generally, dress is informal. Office attire normally is shirt and tie for men, with jackets being worn for official functions, and suits and dresses for women. A business suit for men is appropriate for many official social functions, with short or long cocktail dresses or dressy pants outfits for women. Bathing suits are worn at the beach or pool, work-out clothes at the gym. Residents won’t wear these kinds of clothes while shopping at the grocery store or walking around downtown George Town.

The Islands become particularly alive in the winter months -- "the tourist season" -- from November through April, when many part-time residents and when the greater number of tourists arrive. The Christmas season is a highlight, with many parties, celebrations and special activities.

Last Updated: 2011-08-04


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