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Objections to a Marriage

Anyone can lodge an objection to an intended marriage by giving notice in writing, before a certificate is issued, to the civil registrar or marriage officer publishing the notice or banns. An objector is required to make a signed declaration in the presence of the registrar or marriage officer.

If the objection raises a question of legal impediment or refusal of consent, the matter must be referred to the Grand Court, and the issue of a certificate suspended until a judge rules that the parties are not disqualified or that any refusal of consent is not reasonable. Anyone making what the judge considers to be a frivolous or annoying objection to an intended marriage may be fined and ordered to pay any costs incurred.

The laws which set the requirements relating to marriage in the Cayman Islands are The Marriage Law, Chapter 92; The Marriage (Amendment) Law, 1978; and The Marriage (Amendment) Law, 1994. These guidelines are not a replacement for the laws, only a brief summary of their requirements.

Last Updated: 2006-01-16