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Audit Office: Special Reports

Reports are published as PDF documents. For more information read the PDF guidelines.

State of Financial Accountability Reporting, April 2010
A July 2008 special audit report described Government's state of financial accountability reporting as 'grim'. This current report concludes that the situation has worsened.
Review of the Legal Aid Program
In this special report, the Auditor General reviews the current program and concludes administration costs are relatively small and the program is managed in accordance with the law. However, there are problems, including with assigning attorneys, approving applications, and funding.
Internal Audit’s Report on Fuel Card Usage and Management
During a review of Internal Audit's report, the Auditor General's Office noted that control weaknesses were widespread and that there was a very high probability that significant fraud relating to the use of fuel for nongovernmental purposes had taken place and was continuing.
Loans & Expenditures of Funds at Boatswain's Beach
During the election campaign of 2009, it come to the attention of the local media that certain advances to salary had been made to Mr. Joey Ebanks, the previous Managing Director of Boatswain's Beach. There was extensive media coverage regarding the issue and Mr. Ebanks subsequent repayment of these loans.
The Review of Expenditures for Operations Tempura and Cealt
The Auditor General's office concluded that the administration of expenditures for these operations lacked the necessary oversight and project management processes to ensure there was value-for-money for the expenditures incurred.
Caribbean Utilities Company Limited
The Auditor General conducted a special audit in 2003 on the monopoly licence held by Caribbean Utilities Company Limited. The Report comments on: is a 15% permitted rate of return fair and reasonable? Are all CUC's investments reasonable and necessary?
TAB Special Investigation
Pedro Gas Charges Report.
The Purchase of a Helicopter by the Royal Cayman Islands Police
This October 2008 Special Report finds that many of the misunderstandings among CIG entities (RCIP, Cabinet, CAA) arose because there was no clear documentation of the helicopter’s required operational capacities.
The Scrap Metal Tender and Contract with Matrix International Inc.
The Auditor General looks into government’s March 2007 award of a contract to Matrix to remove scrap metal from Grand Cayman, particularly the accumulation from 2004’s Hurricane Ivan.
The State of Financial Accountability Reporting
The report details the current financial reporting status for all 12 government Ministries and Portfolios as well as the 25 statutory authorities and government companies. Published July 2008.
Special Report on Public Service Pension Fund
Report of the Auditor General on the Public Service Pension Fund Financial Statements for the Year Ended 31 December 1999. Report issued April 2008.
Boatswain’s Beach Report
The Auditor General reviews the debt financing arrangements for the Boatswain’s Beach project.
Cayman Islands Government's Property Insurance Settlement - Post Ivan
The Auditor General examines Government’s property insurance settlement and its 24% shareholding in Cayman General Insurance after Hurricane Ivan. Report issued February 2007.
Royal Watler Cruise Terminal Capital Project
Special Report of the Auditor General on the Royal Watler Cruise Terminal Capital Project. 60 pages. Document Size: 455,990 bytes.
Final Audit Report on NHCDT
The Auditor General's final report on the National Housing and Community Development Trust, released 31 August 2005.
NHCDT Special Forensic Audit Preliminary Report
The Auditor General's June 2005 preliminary report on the National Housing & Community Development Trust.
Government Office Accommodation Project's Private Financing Initiative (PFI)
Auditor General's Report on the Government Office Accommodation Project's Private Financing Initiative (PFI). 36 pages. Document Size: 260485 bytes
Report of the Auditor General Summer 2001
Report of the Auditor General Summer 2001. 128 pages. Document Size: 1000609 bytes

These Reports are not public documents at this time.