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The Law Reform Commission undertakes reviews of legislation, seeking to modernize or update the laws of the Cayman Islands, and Government’s regulations and policies. Draft bills and related documents are then posted here, where the public has access to them and can comment on them.


Reform of the Strata Titles Registration Law

The Law Reform Commission submits for public comment documents identifying issues to be considered in the proposed reform of the management of strata schemes and the termination and variation of those schemes.

Discussion Paper: Modernisation of the Regulation of Strata Titles in the Cayman Islands
(Part 1) Management of Strata Schemes
A Draft Bill for a Law to Amend the Strata Titles Registration Law (2005 Revision)


Family Law Reform: Part I The Matrimonial Causes Law (2005 Revision)
This discussion paper highlights areas that need reform. The Commission seeks input from the public. Comments should be submitted in writing by 31st March 2011 to the Director of the Law Reform Commission, 3rd Floor Anderson Square c/o Government Administration Building or sent by e-mail to

Draft Arbitration Bill, 2010

Draft Arbitration Bill, 2010
The Bill seeks to modernise the conduct of domestic and international arbitration in the Cayman Islands by streamlining current legislation and introducing provisions consistent with existing legislative models in other jurisdictions.

Protection Against Domestic Violence

Comments from stakeholders and the general public are invited on the legislative proposals and draft bill. Submissions should be posted no later than 20 November 2009 to the Director, Law Reform Commission, c/o Government Administration Building or delivered by hand to the offices of the Commission on 3rd Floor Anderson Square or emailed to

Protection Against Domestic Violence Legislative Proposals: Discussion Draft

Protection Against Domestic Violence Bill, 2009: Consultation Draft

Trusts (Amendment) Bill 2009 Consultation Draft
This Bill seeks to amend the Trusts Law, (2007 Revision) to provide for the circumstances under which charitable trust proceedings may be conducted, the manner in which trust property cy-près should be applied and the role of the Attorney-General in the process.
Draft Discussion Paper on the Arbitration Laws of the Cayman Islands
This review of Cayman's arbitration laws is prompted by the possibility that the Cayman Islands could become a jurisdiction of choice for international arbitration.

Draft Charities Bill

Redraft of Charities Bill, June 2009
Charities Bill 2009 Draft

Charities Discussion Paper 2009 Draft


Draft Legal Practitioners Bill, 2007

Cayman’s legal community, including the Cayman Islands Law Society, the Caymanian Bar Association, the Portfolio of Legal Affairs and the Chief Justice, have been involved with moulding this draft.

Draft Residential Tenancies Bill, 2006

Following 2004’s Hurricane Ivan, Government perceived the need to reform the laws that deal with the tenant and landlord relationship.


Protection Against Domestic Violence Legislative Proposals
Discussion Draft
Protection Against Domestic Violence Bill, 2009:
Consultation Draft