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Legal Practitioners Bill

The Law Reform Commission has completed its review of the Legal Practitioners Bill. Presented here for public comment are the Commissionís report and proposed legislation: a draft Legal Practitioners Bill, 2007, and a draft Accountantís Reports Regulations, 2007. The closing date for comments is Friday, 24 August 2007. Comments should be sent to the office of the Attorney General by email to Ms Tesia Scott or delivered to the Attorney Generalís Chambers, 4th Floor, Government Administration Building.

Report of the Law Reform Commission: Review of the Law Regulating Legal Practitioners in the Cayman Islands
Recommendations contained in this report are the result of research, deliberations, and consultation with stakeholders.
Draft Legal Practitioners Bill, 2007
The Bill seeks to provide modern regulation of the practise of law and calls for the establishment of both a Complaints Committee and a Disciplinary Tribun
Draft Accountantís Reports Regulations, 2007
The Draft Legal Practitioners Bill, 2007 requires law firms to submit yearly accountantís reports; these regulations outline the requirements of these reports.