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FAQs: Lands & Survey

What is the rate of Stamp Duty on Land Transfers?
In most districts Stamp Duty is 5% of the stated consideration, or market value (as assessed by a Government Valuer), whichever is the highest; however, from George Town to the West Bay Cemetery, including all of Seven Mile Beach, the rate is 9%.
I have received a letter advising that stamp duty is due on an assessed value, not the price I paid. Why is this?
Stamp Duty is paid on the stated consideration or the market value whichever is greater. In your case a valuer determined the market value to be in excess of the stated consideration.
What percentage can I deduct from the consideration on a transfer for chattels?
There is no fixed percentage. A list of chattels should be supplied with an estimate of their total used value.
What other types of items can be included on the chattels list?
Furniture and white goods (fridge, washing machine etc.), crockery, cutlery, etc., generally speaking anything that can be easily removed from the property.
Who is responsible for the payment of stamp duty?
The law is completely silent on this but it is normal for the "acquiring party" to be responsible.
What is the Stamp Duty for a Purchase Agreement?
$100.00 unless possession of the land and property is available under the purchase agreement. Note: if the purchase agreement does not specifically deny possession, then possession is deemed to be given.
How do I get a waiver/abatement of Stamp Duty?
All applications must be made in writing to the commissioner of Stamp Duty/Financial Secretary, Government Administration Building, George Town, Grand Cayman.
What is the rate of Stamp Duty for Leases?
Variable - less than 5 years: 5% of the average annual rent; between 5-10 years: 10% of the average annual rent; between 10-30 years: 20% of the average annual rent; 30 years plus: treated the same as a transfer.
I am not selling my property but giving it away as a gift. What stamp duty will I pay?
Stamp Duty will be $50 when the transfer is stated to be for Natural Love and Affection between parent and child, husband and wife, brothers and sisters, grandparents and grandchildren. In all other cases the full rates of duty apply.
How do I find out how much my property is worth?
Lands & Survey valuers only work for government, so you will have to commission a private sector valuer to undertake your valuation. Look in the yellow pages of the telephone book.
Government has taken my land for a road. How do I get my compensation?
You should have received compensation claim forms at the time the plans for the road were gazetted. Once completed these should be sent to the Chief Valuation Officer.
Why do I need a boundary survey?
A boundary survey will be required in any case where the boundary turning points or corners are not known or are in doubt. The positions of boundaries are required for fencing or development when minimum set backs from boundaries are required.
What is the difference between a fixed boundary and a general boundary survey?
The Registered Land Law (1995 Revision) refers to general boundary surveys as indicating the approximate boundaries and approximate situation of the parcel. A fixed boundary survey indicates the precise position of the boundaries of a parcel. Upon completion of a fixed boundary determination, owners of adjoining land are given an opportunity to agree to the precise position of the boundaries.
Why do I need a Licensed Land Surveyor?
The Land Surveyors Law (1996 Revision) requires that cadastral survey work be carried out by a licensed survey or an authorised officer of Lands & Survey Department.
Why do surveys cost so much?
Land Surveyors have to go through a period of rigorous professional training; plus the necessary equipment is expensive. Land survey companies generally charge by the hour, and these rates are modest in comparison to other professions.
How do I find a surveyor?
The current list of practicing Licensed Land Surveyors in the Cayman Islands is found in the yellow pages under "Surveyors - Land".
How can I straighten my boundaries?
Discuss the proposed new location with your neighbour/s and contact a licensed land surveyor who will record the new boundary for registration at Lands & Survey Department.
I have just built my house. How do I get my street address number?
Contact Mrs. Lorna Brown by telephoning 244-3650. You will need to give her your block and parcel number.
How can I find out my block and parcel number?
Come to the Land Registry public counter on the Ground Floor of the Tower Building to look at a map. Hopefully your property can be identified in relation to some named road or junction and then your block and parcel can be determined.
How do I know which Land Registry forms to use for which transaction?
Go to eForms section of this site for related downloadable forms.