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Home Repairs Assistance

The Home Repairs Assistance Committee has been appointed with funds from the FOR Cayman Alliance, to review requests from residents for assistance to resolve a structural, health or safety issue in their housing, and who are not in a viable financial position to correct such situations.

The Ordinary grant amount will be up to $10,000.00 (grants for a larger amount. can be made at the discretion of the Committee based on the circumstances). Each case will be judged on its own merits. Reputable contractors will be required to submit written quotes. Committee members will visit each location, to assess the work needing to be done.

The committee will operate under the following guidelines:

  • preference will be given to applicants requiring repairs to rectify health or safety issues, or where children are involved and may be at risk
  • applicants must be at least 18 years of age in order to be considered for a repair grant; exceptions will be made for applicants with a physical or mental handicap
  • the property requiring repair works must be the applicant’s sole residence and must be at least 5years old
  • repair grants will not be given to applicants who have already received a mortgage assistance grant unless there are extenuating circumstances and these must be confirmed through an inspection report to the Committee
  • all applicants who have repairs higher than the ordinary grant amount , should present evidence of the uniqueness or severity of their case, in order to be considered for a higher grant amount

Request forms can be obtained from the Reception Desk of the Government Administration Building on Elgin Avenue and from District Post Offices. Forms may be returned to the Government Administration Building. The envelopes should be sealed, and show a return address. They should be addressed to the Office of the Premier, Attn: Home Repairs Assistance Committee. Deadline 20 July 2012.

The Home Repairs Assistance Committee

Name Role
Mrs. Joana Welcome-MartinezChairperson
Mr. Kerry LawrenceMembers
Mr. Delano SolomonMembers
Mr. Graham RankineMembers
Mr. Barry SolomonMembers
Mr. Allan MooreMembers


Home Repairs Assistance Application Form