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Participatory Poverty Assessment (PPA) Application Form


The Cayman Islands Government is inviting volunteers to assist with its landmark study assessing the population’s overall economic and social well-being.

The government is seeking persons interested in serving as facilitators for individual and group discussions in the Participatory Poverty Assessment (PPA) phase of the National Assessment of Living Conditions (NALC).

What is involved in the Participatory Poverty Assessment?

This phase of NALC allows the more vulnerable segments of the population an opportunity to relate their experiences through individual and group discussions, during which they will describe how they are coping. Participants may share ideas they may have about beneficial programmes or services. All discussion sessions will be led by professionally trained facilitators.


The PPA will be carried out in early 2007, and training for facilitators will take place Monday to Friday, 4 – 8 December, 2006. These sessions will be held from 1 pm to 7 pm, Monday through Thursday, and on Friday from 9 am to 3 pm. Deadline for registration for training is 24 November 2006.


Practising or retired professionals/technologists in a range of fields involving high levels of empathy or interaction with people are invited to serve as facilitators. Familiarity with and knowledge of relevant districts/communities are required, while participants’ recognition for their interest, caring and leadership would be an asset.

Selected individuals must be discreet and observe strictest confidentiality. They must maintain objectivity while conveying acceptance and respect.

Volunteers should be willing to work as part of a team, be diligent and commit to completing the various activities, while demonstrating flexibility and openness to change. Some experience and skill in field research would be helpful. Some experience and skill in field research would be helpful.


No names or locations will be required in this survey, and facilitators must pledge to exercise the highest code of confidentiality to protect the privacy of all participants. This will include an oath of secrecy for non-disclosure outside of the strictly regulated procedures governing the study.

Handling of the data

All information from the PPA will be handed over to the Kairi Consultants who are providing the technical expertise for the study. The consultants will enter the data, without references to any sources, into computer systems for analysis, producing statistics on the overall picture.

Completed application forms, should be returned to the attention of Patricia Muschette, Third Floor, Government Administration Building, telephone 244-2375 or fax 949-1790.

Contacts for further information:

NAT Sub-Committee Chair
Deanna Lookloy, 949-0290,
NAT Coordinator
Samuel Rose, 244-2206,
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National Assessment of Living Conditions (NALC)
PPA Application Form
Application form and details for serving as a facilitator for the Participatory Poverty Assessment (PPA) phase of the National Assessment of Living Conditions (NALC).