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Consultant Needed to Review Draft NALC Report

Consultant to review the Cayman Islands draft national assessment of living conditions report

The Cayman Island National Assessment Team (NAT) has conducted a National Assessment of Living Conditions (NALC) in collaboration with the Caribbean Development Bank, and with technical support from Kairi Consultants Ltd. The Draft NALC Report will be reviewed at a National Consultation scheduled for Friday May 16, 2008. The National Consultation will include a technical review of the Draft NALC Report by a local Consultant with expertise in the analysis of macro, social and economic development issues and in research methods.

The Consultant will be required to:

  • Assess the degree to which the Terms of Reference for NALC have been fulfilled;
  • Carefully peruse the Report, paying particular attention to its structure, format, style and lucidity and recommend ways in which the presentation and interpretation of findings may be enhanced;
  • Analyse the methodology for conducting NALC, including the poverty measures and comment on their application and consistency with the findings of the Report. Identify any apparent weaknesses in methodology and measurements, and their implications for the conclusions of the Report;
  • Critically examine the findings and recommendations of the Report and comment constructively on their salience for poverty reduction policies and activities. Specific attention should be given to:
    • priorities;
    • the utility of recommendations;
    • relevance to problems identified;
    • indications of cost of proposed
    • interventions;
    • constraints on implementation; and
    • omissions or other factors.
  • Attend the National Consultation and make an oral presentation, clearly elaborating his/her view of the findings of the Report and proposing amendments for enhancement of the Final Report; and
  • Provide NAT, CDB and Kairi Consultants Ltd. with a written report of his/her findings and recommendations of specific items to be considered by Kairi Consultants for inclusion in the Final NALC Report, within one week of the National Consultation. The Report should be submitted as either a loose bound document or by electronic mail.

It is anticipated that the consultancy will require a maximum of ten person days over a three-week period to undertake the review.

Persons interested in undertaking this review are invited to submit two copies each of:

  • their Curriculum Vitae;
  • a methods statement for conducting the review; and
  • costs,

Address submissions to NAT Chair, Ministry of Health and Human Services, Third Floor, Government Administration Building by 4:00 p.m. on Thursday 24 April 2008

In assessing the submissions, consideration will be given to the technical competence, qualifications and experience, local experience and proposed costs. All information shall be submitted in the English Language. Consultants shall be eligible for consideration if the person is a citizen or bona fide resident of the Cayman Islands.