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Documents: Legal Affairs

The documents are published as PDF documents. For more information read the PDF guidelines.
Legal Aid Bill Out for Public Input
The Attorney Generalís Chambers has released a draft bill titled The Legal Aid and Pro Bono Legal Services Bill 2012 for public consultation. The draft bill can be viewed here. Comments are to be forwarded to Director of the Law Reform Commission, Ms Cheryl Neblett at: All submissions should be received not later than 5 p.m. on 13 July 2012.
Ethics, Integrity and Accountability in Public Life
The Attorney General delivered this speech in the Legislative Assembly after the 2009 elections. He reissued it in November 2011 to help inform on-going discussions about conflicts of interest.
Notice on Libya Asset Freeze
The Anti-money Laundering Steering Group advises the financial services industry on the United Nations resolution.
Tort Reform
Draft Consultation paper for public input. Deadline 19 November 2010.
Legal Aid Report
For public input.
For Public Comment: Draft Proceeds of Crime Bill
The Attorney General's Chambers invites final public comment on the Proceeds of Crime Bill 2007. There will be a 7-day consultation period, ending 5pm, Thursday, 25 October 2007. Comments may be submitted to the Chambers of the Attorney General, Attention: Virginia Gendron (
Attorney General's Criminality Report
A report on "Pre-Disposing Factors to Criminality in the Cayman Islands" researched and written by Yolande C. Forde, Consultant Criminologist.