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Information Guides

RCIPS Community Meetings, April 2008
Acting Commissioner David George, senior police officers, and neighbourhood officers meet the public to discuss issues and concerns.
Frequently Consulted Laws
This on-line resource contains a list of links to certain laws of the Cayman Islands that are used frequently by officers of the RCIPS.
Neighbourhood Policing
The Neighbouring Policing programme aims to build stronger relationships between police and local residents.
Beat Officers
The various districts and police officers involved in the programme.
Domestic Violence
This information is provided by the RCIPS' Family Support Unit, which is seeking to raise awareness of issues affecting families.
Violencia doméstica y sus implicaciones en español
La violencia doméstica no es una ofensa estatutaria específica sino es un término usado para describir una gama de ofensas criminales. El abuso puede ser físico, sexual, emocional o financiero.