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Press Releases: Central Tenders Committee


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Taraq Bashir Heads CPO

Mr. Taraq Bashir, who heads the CIG Central Procurement Office, is an industry award winning professional who has served in public and private sectors across four continents and the Caribbean.

Director at the Central Procurement Office (CPO), Mr. Taraq Bashir is passionate about the opportunities that his new position brings to improve service and procure considerable savings for the Cayman Islands Government in its purchases of goods and services.

The newly hired senior civil servant brings to his challenging job considerable experience, gleaned over nearly 30 years in both the private and public sectors in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the Caribbean.

A British national, Mr. Bashir delivered hefty savings for a number of the entities across these countries. For instance at a London authority, he helped slash procurement costs and contract renegotiations by 46 million.

He has also developed professional procurement functions at the national and local government levels, including strategies, laws and regulations.

Indeed from his earliest appointment as a management consultant, Mr. Bashir used his expertise in developing strategies and implementing change programmes to deliver quality of service improvements and cost savings across a variety of manufacturing sectors in the UK, Canada and France.

Mr. Bashir has also served in top procurement positions where he helped secure cost savings in the London Boroughs of Redbridge and Bexley, the RBS Group in the UK, the Lavendon Group plc in the UK covering its Europe and Middle East operations. He has also worked in Canada, Germany and Turkey.

In his last job prior to arriving in the Cayman Islands, as Head of Procurement for the Government of Montserrat he helped review, develop and implement key reforms of the Overseas Territory's procurement regulations.

While there, he also tested and completed the implementation of an electronic procurement system within four months of taking over as head, with a view to increase efficiency, transparency, integrity, openness and accountability of the island's procurement process.

He is equally enthusiastic about developing influencing and coaching skills, building industry leading solutions and consistently improving negotiating and commercial awareness skills, in both the organisations he works -- for the benefit of staff there and for his own personal growth.

His work while at the RBS Group won him "World Class" accolades when his supplier management methodologies were assessed by Warwick University under the British Excellence Model frameworks.

Additionally, his formulated vision and the negotiations he led with various suppliers for RBS won industry awards for innovation. Similarly, his work with the group's mail and logistics network that improved service levels by 300% and saved 10% of the group's cost per year won industry awards for quality and customer service.

In welcoming Mr. Bashir to the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development, Financial Secretary and Chief Officer, Mr. Kenneth Jefferson said, "I look forward to Mr Bashir achieving cost savings for the Public Sector; whilst allowing all bidders a fair opportunity to supply the Public Sector with the goods and services it requires; and, in so doing, bring about increased public confidence that the procurement process is fair and will result in benefits for the Cayman Islands."

Expressing his pleasure at now serving in the Cayman Islands, Mr. Bashir commented, "I'm already enjoying the beauty of the Cayman Islands and the warmth of its people. I'm also looking forward to helping my colleagues deliver outstanding customer experiences by the Civil Service of the Cayman Islands."

The Director said that he is currently on the quest to recruiting a local degree graduate with a passion for procurement to complete the government procurement team; a person, he added, the department can develop and train to exacting industry standards.


For further information contact: Bina Mani


GAB: Investors Invited

Architect's rendition of the new Government Administration Building

Government is inviting the submission of Expressions of Interest from investors wishing to acquire the freehold interest in the new Government Office Administration Building being constructed on Elgin Avenue.

The invitation sets out the terms under which government will sell the building and states investor requirements. The full document is available online at

The building, due to be completed in January 2011, comprises a custom-built Category 5 hurricane-rated building which will provide 143,662 sq. ft. of office accommodation. The sale will include associated car parking space.

Any sale will be subject to the Cayman Islands Government (CIG) agreeing and signing terms for a commercial lease under which the CIG will contract to pay rent as tenant at market rental value.

Expressions of Interest must be submitted to the Central Tenders Committee by noon on Friday, 26 February 2010. Any submission must be made in writing and be accompanied by a banker's draft for US$100,000, made payable to the Cayman Islands Government. This sum will be refunded by cheque 28 days later. The submission should also include evidence of the applicant's financial standing.

An information package including Heads of Terms for the Lease will be issued to successful applicants shortly after the submission date, and bids will then be submitted to the Central Tenders Committee by Friday, 12 March 2010.


For further information contact: Cornelia Oliver


McAlpine Awarded Tender

The Central Tenders Committee (CTC) has awarded McAlpine Ltd a $49,799,800 contract to construct the Beulah Smith High School campus in West Bay.

McAlpine, one of three tenders submitted by the 29 February deadline, emerged as the successful applicant following recommendations from the Ministry of Education's evaluation team.

While the campus is expected to be completed over 17 months, in time for the 2010/2011 school year, the contract amount is fixed and will not be adjusted to accommodate inflation or any other cost increases following the 25 August contract award date.

Contracts for the Clifton Hunter and John Gray campuses were awarded to Tom Jones International earlier this year.

For further information contact: Kenisha Morgan


Tender Awards Made

The Central Tenders Committee has approved 11 companies to supply the Health Services Authority (HSA) with $3.2 million in pharmaceutical products, and awarded a $283,714 contract for installation of lights at the TE McField Playfield.

Following the publishing of public invitations to tender for provision of products and works in both of Cayman's daily newspapers, CTC on 4 July awarded contracts to two local and nine international companies. They are to deliver a range of 1200 pharmaceutical items to HSA during the current financial year, running from 1 July, 2008 to 30 June, 2009.

Also on 4 July, Peleme Caribbean Ltd was awarded the contract to provide four lighting packets to the playfield in George Town.

Thirteen companies had submitted bids to supply the pharmacy products to the HSA and all were deemed eligible. These firms were rated on quality of product, pricing, brand, delivery time, and whether there was any local participation.

As usual, local vendors received a 10 percentage cost advantage. "If the price that the local vendor has offered is no more than 10 percent greater than the lowest bidder, that offer would be selected as there are advantages to the HSA such as reduced storage capacity needs, improved cash flow, delivery of goods directly to warehouse and easy access to suppliers in cases of emergency," read part of the report of the technical sub-committee that examined all bids.

Companies were also required to be in their line of business for at least three years, and had to provide client references.

Because one company's tender was on the high end and another had a counterpart company on Grand Cayman capable of supplying the goods, both did not receive contract awards.

Two companies submitted bids to provide lighting to the TE McField Playfield, and Peleme was judged to be offering government better value for money.

Within 16 weeks of signing the contract Peleme is to erect four hydraulic poles on the playfield, each bearing 11 floodlighting units. These poles can be tilted downwards to minimise damage during hurricanes.

This contract also entails construction of an electrical room for controlling the enhanced lighting.

For further information contact: George Alleyne


Works and Supplies Contracted

The Central Tenders Committee (CTC) has awarded contracts worth just over $4 million for construction work on the East End seawall, for the provision of medical and surgical supplies, and for improvements to Dorcy Drive.

Following public invitations to tender published in the daily newspapers, CTC officials met on 20 June and approved a contract for KM Ltd for the East End sea wall construction; for several supply agencies to provide medical products; and for Advanced Road Construction and Paving (ARCP) to improve Dorcy Drive.

Of seven tenders submitted, KM Ltd's $1.9 million bid was accepted to construct a sea wall reinforced with concrete capping, and associated works at the lower end of the bay entrance to East End. These will include building a 1,800 feet concrete cap over an existing sheet pile wall, along with three access ramps leading to the shore; and construction of two concrete sidewalks.

The lowest priced tenderer withdrew their tender after discussions revealed that items in the tender were overlooked resulting in pricing errors.

Thirteen companies have been selected to provide $1.0 million worth of medical and surgical supplies to the Health Services Authority (HSA). The invitation to tender asked vendors to bid on supplies totalling approximately 1500 items for one year.

Participating vendors were assessed on quality and brand of products, reliability of company supply lines, and pricing. Local vendors received a ten percent price advantage because they can deliver directly to the HSA warehouse.

ARCP was awarded a $1.1 million contract to re-grade, re-pave, provide drainage, and construct a mini round-about in the vicinity of the Airport Post Office. The purpose of this work is to improve traffic flow and safety, and the work area will stretch from the junction with Owen Roberts Drive to Crewe Road.

For further information contact: George Alleyne


Six Bid for New Civic Centre

The Central Tenders Committee has awarded TCB Constructions Ltd a $541,584 contract to carry out site filling and compacting works on the landfill reorganisation project for the new Bodden Town Civic Centre.

Made on 6 June, the award represents the first stage in constructing this new civic centre located beside the Bodden Town Primary School.

Following public invitations to tender published in both daily newspapers in keeping with the Public Management and Finance Law, six companies submitted bids, and the TCB proposal was determined to be offering government best value for money.

The criteria for deciding the best company for the job were possession of a Trade and Business Licence to operate in the Cayman Islands; a bank letter giving proof of company financing to undertake the project; compliant tender documents; proof of site fill capability, capacity and experience; the price tendered; timescale for delivery and completion; and payment schedule.

In addition to the site fill and compaction works, TCB Constructions is also tasked with site clearance de-mucking; and delivery and placement of shot rock, as well as Cayman rock and crusher run material to an approximately 130,000 square feet area.

Preparatory work must be completed to make way for an anticipated August 2008 start date for constructing the new civic centre facility.

The new civic centre will be located beside the primary school because that area suffered relatively little damage during the passage of Hurricane Ivan in 2004. When completed, the building will double as a hurricane shelter capable of withstanding a category five storm.

Previously the civic centre was located behind the Bodden Town Police Station at Lookout Road and Bodden Town Road, but owing to its low elevation and structural weakness, it suffered severe water and wind damage during Ivan. Persons sheltering there had to be evacuated during the storm.

Named the James Manoah Bodden Civic Centre, that structure has since been rebuilt and was re-opened on 17 June. It serves as a facility for community events and a 'Class B' shelter, which means that after a hurricane it can be used to house persons displaced by the storm.

For further information contact: George Alleyne


Strict Procedures Documented

Tender Brochure

Aiming to guide officers in the public sector and private sector suppliers on correct procedures for obtaining and supplying goods and services for government, the Central Tenders Committee (CTC) has launched a procurement brochure.

Titled the Central Tenders Committee Open Tender Process, this nine-chapter 36-page document contains information spanning the entire purchasing procedure to be followed by officers of government entities, statutory authorities and government companies responsible for procurement.

Themed 'Making every dollar count', the brochure covers topics relating to tender preparation; tender issue; bid receipt; bid opening; bid evaluation; tender recommendation and award; contract management; post implementation report; and document storage and disposal.

"The public sector will, [annually] spend substantial amounts on a wide range of goods and services, from basic consumables to major construction projects," Financial Secretary, Hon. Kenneth Jefferson stated in the brochure's foreword. "Throughout the public sector, it is essential that procurement is undertaken with the aim of providing value for money while ensuring that suppliers and contractors are treated fairly and given equal opportunity to obtain public sector contracts."

Introduction of this brochure to public service procurement officers and their departmental heads is to be followed by a number of training programmes to ensure familiarity with the entire tendering procedure.

It is also intended that this brochure will assist private sector contractors in becoming familiar with what is required of a public entity before and after an invitation to tender is issued for the supply of goods, works or services.

The document makes it clear that the tender process begins with the public entity first justifying a need for the goods, works or services in question. Once this is done, those responsible for procurement are then to embark on a compulsory set of strict procedures leading up to the issuance of a public invitation to tender.

This brochure also serves to inform contractors on how CTC members open sealed bids and decide on the successful bidder.

The open tender process applies to all government portfolios, ministries, departments, statutory authorities and government companies. Another procurement brochure on the prequalification process is set for release soon.

For further information contact: George Alleyne


Short Listed

The Central Tenders Committee (CTC) has pre-qualified a number of companies to submit bids to construct the RCIPS Drug Task Force (DTF) building in Savannah Newlands.

Construction of this Hirst Road building represents the second phase of a multi-staged process towards establishing the new DTF facility. This facility will comprise a two-storey operations building, a secure marina with boat launching and workshop facilities. The area will also have paved parking and driveways along with appropriate landscaping.

In the first stage, last October, CTC awarded a $1.8 million contract to Robson's Construction to build the marina and boat launch facility.

Pre-qualification by the companies interested in submitting bids was required to ensure that only firms with the capacity to undertake such work respond to the invitation to tender.

The bids by the prequalified tenderers for the design and construction are scheduled to close in late July 2008. And, once the contract is awarded, the design and construction of the new building is scheduled to be completed by August 2009.

For further information contact: George Alleyne


Procurement Vital

Public sector employees pose for a photo after receiving their procurement of goods and services seminar graduation certificates from Financial Secretary, Hon. Kenneth Jefferson, in the conference room of the Courtyard Marriott.
Sitting second from left is Mr Jefferson, and third from left is UK Crown Agents Senior Advisor, Antonia Hynd.

The Central Tenders Committee (CTC) of the Portfolio of Finance and Economics in conjunction with the Portfolio of the Civil Service recently completed the first in a series of seminars aimed at training public officers in the correct procedure for procurement of goods and services for government.

The expertise of UK Crown Agents was used in this two-week programme that ended 25 April.

CTC officials explained that government spends millions of dollars in obtaining goods and services and, therefore strong, effective management of procurement is important to the strategic and financial success of government. For this reason it is vital that persons acquire skills needed for these acquisitions.

For further information contact: George Alleyne


CTC Pre-qualifies Contractors

The Central Tenders Committee (CTC) has pre-qualified a number of contractors to submit bids for construction of the Owen Roberts International Airport (ORIA) terminal building.

Pre-qualification of these contractors, approved by CTC on Friday 18 April, was necessary because this type of construction is highly specialised and CTC, along with the Cayman Islands Airport Authority, was keen to engage contractors with appropriate knowledge and experience.

This level of competence is particularly important since flight operations and passenger movements will continue throughout construction.

All pre-qualified companies have established, or are establishing joint venture arrangements with firms abroad, to compensate for any areas in which they may lack knowledge or skills.

Once a winning tender is selected and contract signed, construction is to be completed within 32 months the signing.

The ORIA terminal is a phased expansion project and this stage of construction calls for a new two-storey extension, plus remodelling of the existing building. Construction will expand the facility from 69,000 to 205,000 square feet with separate international and domestic passenger holding and baggage claim areas.

Additionally, there is to be an enlarged departure/ticketing hall, an enclosed arriving passenger meet-and-greet hall, an upper level departure lounge, and new passenger boarding bridges.

Expanded food, beverage and retail concession areas, new immigration, customs and security facilities, airline ticket offices and counters, and new baggage handling, as well as curb side passenger drop-off and pick-up arrangements are also planned.

For further information contact: George Alleyne