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Electricity Regulatory Authority Board

The Cayman Islands the Electricity Regulatory Authority Law (2010 Revision)

In accordance with Section 4 and 5 of the Electricity Regulatory Authority Law, the Governor has appointed the following person to the Board of Directors for a period of three (3) years to coincide with the initial Electricity Regulatory Authority Board appointment by Cabinet on the 19 August 2013:

Name Position
Mrs. Sherri Bodden-CowanChairperson
Mr. Derrick TibbettsMember
Mrs. Dara Flowers-BurkeMember
Ms. Anna Rose WashburnMember
Mr. Kenny RyanMember
Mr. Reginald NixonMember
Mr. Alee Fa’moeMember
Chief Officer, PLAHI or DesignateMember
Mr. Charles FarringtonManaging Director/Secretary
Mr. Gregg Anderson
Made in Cabinet this 17 day of September 2013


Made in Cabinet this 19 day of August 2013

Acting Clerk of the Cabinet