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National Drug Council Board of Directors (the “NDC”)

The following persons have been approved by the Governor-in-Cabinet to serve as members of the National Drug Council Board of Directors accordance with Sections 6 (1) and 6 (1) (a) of the National Drug Council Law (2003 Revision) and the National Drug Council (Amendment) Law, (2010) effective immediately until 30 June 2016:

Name Role
Mrs. Dorothy Scott CrumbleyChairman
Mr. Rayle RobertsVice Chairman
Chief Magistrate Nova HallMember
Mr. Mark LockhartMember
Mrs. Esme Watler-HydesMember
Mrs. Teresa Echenique-BowenMember
Chief Officer, Ministry of Health, Sports, Youth & CultureEx-Officio
Chief Officer, Ministry of Community AffairsEx-Officio
Chief Officer, Ministry of Education, Employment & Gender AffairsEx-Officio
Minister of Finance & Economic Development (or his representative)Ex-Officio
Commissioner of Police (or his representative)Ex-Officio
National Drug Council CoordinatorEx-Officio


Dated this 22 of July 2013

Acting Clerk of the Cabinet