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Staff Extensions

Jewel Evans Lindsey, Managing Director244-7101
Nekita Rodriques, PA to the Managing Director244-7102
Mani Sundaresan, Actuary & Consultant 244-7104
Board Secretary244-7103
Faith Ebanks, Director, Finance & Investments244-7141
Theresa Christian, Manager, Investments & Policy 244-7142
Gwendy Bodden-Thompson, Manager, Finance244-7143
Kristin Ebanks, Finance Officer244-7144
Martha Quintero, Assistant Finance Officer244-7145
Melanie Ebanks-Jackson, Head, Plan Administration244-7122
Jewel Bodden, Manager, Plan Administration244-7123
Vivia Gentles-McLeod, Plan Administrator244-7124
Shena Toyloy, Plan Administrator244-7125
Jamie Carlos, Plan Administrator244-7126
Brenda McIntyre, Plan Administrator244-7127
Manager, HR & Operations244-7162
IT Administrator244-7163
Ella Archbold, Receptionist244-7164
Bianca Webster, HR Officer244-7165

Last Updated: 2008-01-07