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Hon Arden McLean
Hon Arden McLean
Member for East End
PO Box 177SAV, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
Mr. Arden McLean attended the Cayman Islands High School and then went to sea where he spent eight years as a marine engineer. During this period he took the opportunity to continue his formal education at the Seaman's Church Institute in New York and later at the Harriot Watt University in the United Kingdom.
On his return to Grand Cayman, Mr. McLean joined Caribbean Utilities. During his 18 years with that company he worked in several departments including engineering, systems analysis, and customer service. Having reached the level of manager, he retired from CUC in 2000 to enter politics.
Mr. McLean became a member of the Legislative Assembly in 2000.
He is married to Allison (nee Dunkley) and has two children. His interests include reading, football and travelling.