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Hon Charles Clifford JP
Hon Charles Clifford JP
Second elected member for Bodden Town
Mr. Clifford's career started in 1980 as a 16-year-old police cadet. He progressed through the ranks of the RCIP, reaching the position of Chief Inspector in charge of Police Administration.
He went on to study law and earned a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) Degree from the University of Liverpool, and a Professional Law Practice Certificate from the Queen's University of Belfast.
In 1997 Mr. Clifford was appointed Senior Assistant Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism and was promoted to Permanent Secretary in 2001. Mr. Clifford resigned from the Cayman Islands Government in July 2004 after 24 years of service and was employed at the law firm of Quin & Hampson.
He has considerable experience in representing the Cayman Islands at international forums involving the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the United Nations, CARICOM and other overseas territories.
He is a Justice of the Peace and has served on several Government boards and committees, the most notable of which were: Chairman of the National Tourism Management Policy Steering Committee; Chairman of the Air Transport Licensing Authority; Deputy Chairman of the Port Authority; Member of the Cayman Airways Board of Directors; Member of the National Hurricane Committee; and President of the Bodden Town Primary School PTA.
Mr. Clifford is married to Emilita (nee Watler) of Bodden Town and they have three children.