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Hon Kurt Tibbetts JP
Hon Kurt Tibbetts JP
First elected member for George Town
1578GT, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
Mr. Kurt Tibbetts has represented the district of George Town in the Legislative Assembly since 1992. He was elected Leader of Government Business in November 2000, and also served on Executive Council as Minister of Planning, Communications and Works.
Mr. Tibbetts has owned and managed a printing business for over 20 years. He has also devoted most of his life to serving his community, most notably as an outstanding leader of the Lions Club.
Since November 2001, Mr.Tibbetts has devoted his life to the task of political modernization in the Cayman Islands, and is a founding member of the People's Progressive Movement. He was unanimously elected Leader of the PPM in 2003 and soon after Leader of Her Majesty's Opposition. His vision for the Cayman Islands is that of a God-fearing, progressive and prosperous democracy renowned for its resilience and resourcefulness.
He is married to Shirley-Ann and they have three children.