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Hon McKeeva Bush OBE, JP
Hon McKeeva Bush OBE, JP
First elected member for West Bay
McKeeva Bush, the Leader of the Opposition, has represented the district of West Bay in the Legislative Assembly continuously since 1984. He is the longest serving member and is referred to as the "Father of the House".
Mr. Bush has served on Executive Councils (renamed Cabinet in 2003) as the Member (Minister) for Health and Human Services, 1992-94, Minister for Community Development, Sports, Women's and Youth Affairs and Culture, 1994-97, Minister for Tourism, Environment and Transport, 2000-2001, and as Leader of Government Business and Minister for Tourism, Environment, Development and Commerce, 2001-2005.
In November 2001 he was a founding member of the United Democratic Party.
A self-employed businessman, he is married to Kerry, and the couple have two children.