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Job Details


The Manager Commissions Secretariat invites applications for the position of:


The primary function of this newly created post is to conduct analysis and research of evidence and material obtained by Investigators during the course of investigations of reports/complaints of alleged corruption in accordance with the Anti-Corruption Law (as amended from time to time).

The post-holder will, amongst other tasks,:-

  • Collate, evaluate and analyse information and data derived from both internal and external sources;
  • Analyse and evaluate existing data and crime patterns to identify intelligence gaps and associated risks, whilst developing strategies to mitigate deficiencies, and identifying and exploiting opportunities to enhance the quality and focus of ACC investigations;
  • Undertake research and evaluation of data from all sources, particularly financial and communications data in order to produce analytical and evidential products to identify criminal networks and assess and locate proceeds of corrupt and criminal activity; and
  • Seek to maintain and enhance contemporary technologies and best practice in order to maximise available resourcing and effectiveness.

The holder of this post must possess, amongst other skills:

  • A diploma or professional qualification in analytics;
  • A minimum of five years post-graduate relevant work experience within anti-corruption or law enforcement;
  • Formal training in OSINT;
  • Extensive knowledge of relevant local and international legislation;
  • Knowledge of corruption typologies, methods, etc.
  • Strong analytical, research, and reporting skills;
  • The ability to consider complex, detailed, and often lengthy material whilst remaining detail-oriented and meticulous; and
  • Strong computer literacy skills including in relevant areas such as i2 (Analyst Notebook).

It would be an advantage if the holder of this post possessed a good working knowledge of the Government structure.

The post-holder must have and maintain a clean police clearance and is subject to further background checks at the Managerís discretion.

Please submit completed application form and resume to:

Deborah Bodden

Manager, Commissions Secretariat

2nd Floor, Artemis House

P.O. Box 391 Grand Cayman KY1-1106, CAYMAN ISLANDS

Email: Fax: (345) 945-8649


Benefits will be determined in accordance with the Public Service Management Law, Personnel Regulations, the Public Service Pensions Law and the CINICO Health Plan as may be amended from time to time. Pension and health benefits are non-contributory.