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Cayman Islands Government

Social Work Coordinator

Job Details

  • Agency: Needs Assessment Unit
  • Reference: NAUV001/17
  • Posted: 11-Sep-2017
  • Closing Date: 29-Sep-2017
  • Salary: $63,684 - $85,656
  • Job Description

The Ministry of HRI&CA (Community Affairs) is seeking to fill the following vacancy:


The primary role of the Social Work Coordinator is to coordinate the various functions of the Unit in the provision of comprehensive assessments, to determine the social, financial and institutional needs of the clients and in the delivery of integrated case management services.

Principal Accountabilities will include, but not be limited to:

  • Planning, organising, directing and supervising the work of Social Workers and Needs Assessment Supervisors;
  • Authorising programme benefits;
  • Providing in-service training, coaching and staff development support to Social Workers and Needs Assessment Supervisors;
  • Supervising and participating in quality control by reviewing case documentation;
  • Ensuring compliance with rules, regulations and policies and procedures governing eligibility grant determination;
  • Providing guidance in the use of case management data system and related tools.

Qualifications, Experience & Skills

  • Masterís Degree in Social Work and eight yearsí experience in performing social work case management duties, including supervision. Consideration will be given to a post holder with a Bachelorís Degree in Social Work with a minimum of ten yearsí clinical practice and levels of training in social work supervision. Alternatively, a Masterís Degree in Counselling or Human Services Management with a minimum of ten (10) years clinical practice will suffice.
  • Skills in team-building and motivating staff to maintain delivery of efficient and quality services to clients;
  • Skills in organizing a unit caseload, objectively reviewing case outcomes, setting priorities, developing a work schedule, monitoring progress towards goals and in tracking details, data, information and activities;
  • Knowledge of social services agencies, as well as the relevant laws, policies, rules and regulations governing the operation of public social services agencies;
  • Knowledge of crisis intervention techniques;
  • Ability to exercise sound judgment when organising, directing, and prioritising team /caseload activities;
  • Ability to select, train, coach, supervise, evaluate, and discipline supervisees;
  • Ability to mentor, counsel, and collaborate with staff and foster an environment of teamwork, mutual respect and professionalism;
  • Ability to develop and maintain effective working relationships with agency staff, clients, and outside organisations;
  • Ability to analyse client risk factors and adopt an effective course of action;
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality in accordance with legal standards and/or regulations;
  • Ability to interact professionally and respectfully with clients to de-escalate difficult, hostile, or distressed situations; and
  • Ability to respect cultural differences.

Chief HR Officer, Community Affairs
Ministry of Human Resources, Immigration and Community Affairs

For application form and job description, visit

Deadline: 29th Sept 2017

Benefits will be determined in accordance with the Public Service Management Law, Personnel Regulations, the Public Service Pensions Law and the CINICO Health Plan as may be amended from time to time. Pension and health benefits are non-contributory.