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Preó2006 Features

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"A Common Sense Budget Addressing the Needs of Today & the Future"
The budget address delivered by the Financial Secretary to the Legislative Assembly, 10 October.
"Delivering on the Promises"
The Leader of Government Business' speech on the budget delivered in the Legislative Assembly, 10 October.
Budget 2005/06 Strategic Policy Statement
The statement sets outs the policy and financial parameters the Government intends to use to prepare its 2005/06 budget.
CIMA Annual Report 04/05
As the primary financial services regulator the Monetary Authority's mission is to enhance the economic wealth and reputation of the Cayman Islands.
Pre-Election Economic And Financial Update
Pre-Election Economic and Financial update for the financial years ending 30 June 2005, 2006 and 2007.
Constitutional Review
A page containing the report, plus accompanying documents, submitted by the Commissioners, and Government's response to the recommendations.
Draft Constitution
From the UK, a revised draft Constitution for public consultation and discussion.
Electoral Boundary Commission
A page with links to reports and maps from the Electoral Boundary Commission.
Final Audit Report on NHCDT
The Auditor General's final report on the National Housing and Community Development Trust, released 31 August 2005.
Human Rights
A page that contains information from local meetings, the UN and the UK government and provides access to human rights covenants and conventions.
Hurricane Recovery & Hazard Mitigation
A page containing general information on disaster assessment, Cayman-specific information on our post-Ivan restoration activities and reports from international agencies and consultants.
IMF Assessment of Supervision and Regulation in the Cayman Islands Financial Services Industry
A two-volume report and supporting media information regarding the recently completed IMF assessment.
NHCDT Special Forensic Audit Preliminary Report
The Auditor General's June 2005 preliminary report on the National Housing & Community Development Trust.
National Consensus on the Future of Education
The results of Government's fact finding, consultations and the Education Conference are presented in this report.
Schools' Inspectorate
Press Releases covering inspection reports.
Rules for Marine Parks
Summaries of regulations for the different environmental zones, plus map.
Throne Speech
Delivered by HE the Governor.
Vision 2008
A page containing Vision 2008 documents.