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Press Room

Tuesday COVID 19 Update
Four returned students in isolation and two others in contact with positive persons have positive test results. 7th April 2020, 7:41pm
World Health Day Message
Focus is to support and celebrate the work of our nurses and midwives. 7th April 2020, 6:51pm
Easter Holiday Closures 2020
Upon review of the current situation, it has been decided that the Department of Agricultureís Warehouse and Nursery will be closed on Saturday 11th April to allow our hard working staff much needed rest over the full Easter Holiday weekend. 7th April 2020, 6:45pm
CIFS Adapt to Support Emergency Services
Officers are redeployed following reduced demand for aviation support.  7th April 2020, 4:56pm
Minister Hew Updates
Measures to bolster micro, small business during COVID crisis are announced. 6th April 2020, 9:44pm
Minister Seymour Updates
Minister highlights national health response plans for managing COVID 19 in the Cayman Islands. 6th April 2020, 9:19pm
Monday 6 April Update
Actions to help micro and small businesses, and for one-off food voucher pick-ups by non-Caymanians are announced. 6th April 2020, 8:33pm
British Airways Flight Arrives
Flight carried urgent pharmaceuticals, personal protective equipment and test kits. 6th April 2020, 7:22pm
Cayman Islands Postal Service Urgent Notice Update
In accordance with the announced closure of all non-essential government services, the Cayman Islands Postal Service will also be closed as of 25th March Until Further Notice. 6th April 2020, 4:15pm
Sunday, 5 April COVID-19 Update
Four persons test positive. Three are contacts of past cases and one had recent travel history.  5th April 2020, 6:12pm
Saturday 4 April Update
Six more tests positive bringing total positives to 35; full curfew begins 7:00 pm Saturday 4th April and remains in place until 5:00 am Monday 6th April. 4th April 2020, 7:18pm
Friday 3 April Update
One more tests positive bringing total positives to 29; new curfew provisions start Monday until 17 April. 3rd April 2020, 8:27pm
COVID Regulations Amended
Amendments and new provisions to the previous COVID 19 regulations are announced. 3rd April 2020, 7:14pm
Thursday 2 April Update
Six more have tested positive bringing the total positives to 28; also changes to curfews are coming. 2nd April 2020, 7:24pm
Coronavirus (COVID -19) Frequently Asked Questions. 2nd April 2020, 2:55pm
MEYSAL Offices Closed
Our offices are closed to the public until further notice. 2nd April 2020, 9:51am
Update from Department of Planning, Contact Information
The Department of Planning, in the Ministry of Commerce, Planning and Infrastructure, wishes to advise the public that it has implemented proactive steps for business transactions to protect employees, customers and the broader community from possible transmission of the COVID-19. 2nd April 2020, 4:41am
Wednesday COVID 19 Update
Eight more test results are positive bringing total positive to 22 out of 251 tests. 1st April 2020, 7:05pm
Advice on Face Masks
The Ministry of Health Advice on Face Masks 1st April 2020, 4:34pm
MEYSAL Moves Operations Remotely to Ensure Staff Safety
MEYSAL announces changes to its operations to ensure the health and safety of its employees, and the wider public amidst the onset of COVID 19.  1st April 2020, 3:44pm
Cayman Islands Postal Service Urgent Notice
In accordance with the announced closure of all non-essential government services, the Cayman Islands Postal Service will also be closed  1st April 2020, 1:31pm
31 March COVID Update
Community transmission is confirmed with two new positive results and the public is asked to strictly follow protocols established. 31st March 2020, 7:08pm
The Department of Vehicle and Driverís Licensing is closed to the public until further notice.  31st March 2020, 3:55pm
Government Continues to Provide for Those in Need
Expat work permit holders who are jobless due to COVID-19 are to get Government assistance. 31st March 2020, 2:49pm
Non-Caymanian COVID-19 Support Application Form
The Cayman Islands Government is providing a $150 food voucher to assist eligible non-Caymanian work permit holders who have been negatively impacted by COVID-19.

Download Complete Form Here

 31st March 2020, 2:45pm
Lecturer Publishes Article in Jurisprudence Journal
Lecturer Marc Johnson's article has been published online... 30th March 2020, 5:12pm
Lands & Survey Implements Operational Changes
The Lands & Survey Department (LSD) announces several measures to ensure the continuity of its services as well as the health and wellbeing of its employees and customers, during the onset of COVID 19. 27th March 2020, 7:58pm
NAU Revised Opening Hours
Here are NAU Revised Opening Hours 27th March 2020, 6:31pm
Employee Terminations and/or Temporary Lay-offs amidst the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic
Notice regarding Employers terminating or temporarily laying off workers as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. 27th March 2020, 5:30pm
DES Announces Changes to External Exams Due to COVID-19
The Department of Education Services (DES) has announced a number of changes made to external examinations scheduled for this year for secondary-level students. 27th March 2020, 5:15pm