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Press Releases: October 2001

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Youth Invited to Share Insights on Constitution
This opportunity is sponsored by the National Youth Policy's Task Force. Published 6th November, 12:00am
Leading the Region in Training to Handle Domestic Violence
The Domestic Violence Training Programme has, since its inception a year ago, trained 122 to deal sensitively with those affected by domestic abuse.  Published 6th November, 12:00am
JGHS Students Go Behind the Scenes at Computer Services
The Year 12 students visited the department to prepare for their IT research projects, an assignment that "takes them into the real world."  Published 1st November, 12:00am
Postal Connection to and from Canada
The mail is moving thanks to trucks and the new direct flight. Published 1st November, 12:00am
George Town Primary Leads Bee
Following preliminary competition, the school is the clear frontrunner for the Royal Bank Spelling Bee championships.  Published 1st November, 12:00am
Delegation Statement on the Tortola Meeting
The OT Governments reaffirmed that the approach to the EU tax package will be guided by the need to safeguard international competitiveness and to meet recognised international standards in financial services.  Published 1st November, 12:00am
Fee Waivers/Reimbursements for Community Organisations
These benefits are no longer feasible at a time when Government is initiating economic measures that also involve a reduction in revenue. Published 1st November, 12:00am
Book Nook Always Generous
The Department of Social Services says the store's most recent donation will allow over 150 children in need to receive presents this Christmas. Published 1st November, 12:00am
CUC: 10 Years as Playwriting Competition Sponsor
General Manager Richard Hew: "Our organisation realises that development of the arts in Cayman is important to the preservation of our culture."  Published 1st November, 12:00am
Suspicious Mail Alert
"We all need to take proper notice of our mail before opening it," says Postmaster General Ms Mona Banks-Jackson. Published 1st November, 12:00am
New Printer for NHC
Donated by Paramount Computers, the printer will be used exclusively for printing high-quality satellite imagery and charts at the meteorological office. Published 1st November, 12:00am Team Receives Minister's Thanks
"Their expertise and selfless dedication has provided us with a very professional and successful launch into the world wide web," acknowledged the Hon. Linford Pierson. Published 31st October, 12:00am
Health Advisory on Handling Biological Agent Threats
Public Health, Postal Services and the RCIP respond to public concern in the wake of the U.S. anthrax cases by providing guidelines for handling such incidents should they arise in the Cayman Islands. Published 30th October, 12:00am
Bloody Bay Featured in "National Geographic"
A mural, comprised of 280 individual photos combined on computer, presents a detailed examination of a sea wall teeming with marine life. Published 30th October, 12:00am
Three Cayman Scholars
All are already attending university and now receive a maximum of CI$25,000 each year, for up to five years.  Published 30th October, 12:00am
Prisoners Earn Education Department Certificates
A ceremony at HMP Northward saw 20 men receiving certificates for completing one or more courses.  Published 30th October, 12:00am
George Town Praises "Well-Balanced" Inspectorate Report
Action plans will address the role of senior teachers, evaluating teaching and learning and developing students' reading skills. Published 30th October, 12:00am
Governor Meets with Red Cross Officials
"I encourage each person to consider donating their time to the Red Cross, and in so doing participate in the grass-roots community support that is so vital to the Cayman Islands."  Published 26th October, 12:00am
Playing With Fire
Ten Brac firemen participate in annual training: "There is nothing like the experience of a real fire to teach a person to fight fires practically and efficiently." Published 26th October, 12:00am
Minister Visits Sunrise Adult Training Centre
The Hon. Edna Moyle demonstrated her continuing concern for students' welfare, as well as her commitment to improving conditions. Published 26th October, 12:00am
"Youth Flex" on the Air
A new weekly show on Radio Cayman deals with youth-related issues and provides positive entertainment and information.  Published 26th October, 12:00am
CI Youth Represented at Commonwealth Forum
The delegate travelled half-way around the world with the support and backing of the Ministry responsible for Youth. Published 26th October, 12:00am
Guides Learn from Seniors
The International Day of Older Persons brought together two generations and allowed the older to share skills and knowledge with the younger. Published 26th October, 12:00am
Post Office Takes Precautions
All staff who handle mail are now wearing safety gloves.  Published 26th October, 12:00am
911 -- An Invaluable Service
In only five years, 911 has experienced significant changes in numerous areas, including training and technology.  Published 26th October, 12:00am
The Business and Professional Women's Club Celebrates 25 Years
A gala evening featured awards to women who made significant contributions to the club and the community over the past quarter-century. Published 25th October, 12:00am
Chief Secretary Makes Official Visit to the Brac
Meetings with Little Cayman residents, Sister Islands MLAs and the District Commissioner are on the agenda. Published 25th October, 12:00am
Governor Entertains Seniors
During International Month of Older Persons, the Governor's tea party is one of the highlights.  Published 25th October, 12:00am
A Slow Third Quarter for Land Sales
Overall down some 44.9% from the corresponding period last year, but up for Cayman Brac. Published 25th October, 12:00am
October "Focus" on Domestic Abuse
This month's TV programme will discuss various forms of abuse, including financial, and how they can be recognised and countered. Published 25th October, 12:00am
Scholars Park Opened
Dart's contributions include landscaping, playground equipment, gazebos, new restrooms, BBQ grills and water fountains.  Published 25th October, 12:00am
Economic Stimulus Package & Public Finances
Government announces at a press conference proposals selected for immediate implementation.  Published 23rd October, 12:00am
East End Primary Reacts to Inspection Report
Some action plan strategies focus on raising teachers' and students' performance, but some like a new homework programme also rely on parent participation. Published 22nd October, 12:00am
Bodden Town Primary Inspection
This week the school becomes the 15th to under go the process. Published 22nd October, 12:00am
College Fair
A wealth of information was available from representatives of local and overseas colleges, plus past and present students. Published 22nd October, 12:00am
"Colourful, Funny" Storyteller Visits Again
"Gimistory"-teller Amina Blackwood-Meeks will entertain and educate students.  Published 22nd October, 12:00am
Plans for Pirates Week
Landing Committee Chairman Colin Wilson stresses, "It will be a morale boost for everybody." Published 19th October, 12:00am
Cayman's Case of West Nile Virus -- the First in the Caribbean
Recommendations on how to keep yourself safe. Published 19th October, 12:00am
Eastern-District Seniors Gather
Singing, fellowship and lunch mark a celebration for International Week of Older Persons. Published 19th October, 12:00am
East End's All-age Arts and Crafts Evening
Enthusiastic participants are introduced to crochet, bead, sequin, foam work and more.  Published 19th October, 12:00am
Foster's Values Good Parents
Foster's Food Fair staff will attend a free parenting workshop offered by Social Services to interested companies.  Published 19th October, 12:00am
Dresdner Contributes to Brac Literacy
A reading program may boost reading skills since students can use computers rather than traditional educational tools. Published 19th October, 12:00am
Minister Opens Employment Services Forum
The meeting is an important step in promoting social dialogue towards the development of a new labour policy. Published 19th October, 12:00am
Economists Visit
The Governor says its "an open and genuine partnership visit on the whole matter of government finances, budgeting and the economy."  Published 18th October, 12:00am
Human Rights Remains on the Agenda
Help shape the local human rights framework. Participate in consultations from 31 Oct to 4 Nov; a workshop will be held early next year. Published 18th October, 12:00am
Brac Seniors Visit Grand Cayman
Visits to the Conch Shell House and Pedro St. James and tea at Government House. Published 18th October, 12:00am
Terrorist Property to be Targetted
After new legislation is passed, financial services will target funds with potential to assist terrorism, freeze them, and remove them from circulation.  Published 15th October, 12:00am
Wray Banker is Serious About 'Mekin' Art
His tongue-in-cheek National Gallery show "The Ode to Milo" consists of several studies of a tin of Milo. Published 12th October, 12:00am
Reassessment of Benefits
Seamen's ex-gratia and ex-servicemen's benefits, beginning this month, will be granted solely upon financial need.  Published 12th October, 12:00am
Watch for 'Perspectives'
Government's television news programme returns on Tuesday, 16 October. Published 12th October, 12:00am
The First College Fair
Eight institutions already plan to attend. Published 12th October, 12:00am
Five Inspection and Post-Inspection Reports Available
East End, George Town, Red Bay, Savannah and Spot Bay parents can request copies from their childrens' school. Published 12th October, 12:00am
Schools Prepare for Spelling Bee
Students are honing their skills since the annual Royal Bank competition starts later this month. Published 12th October, 12:00am
Hurricane Iris Increased Use of this Site
From 1700 hits per day to a record high 5665 on Sunday -- this portal worked for its community last weekend.  Published 11th October, 12:00am
Government School Registration Grows
4,065 students, including 390 first timers; an increase of 69 over 2000/2001's total of 3,996.  Published 11th October, 12:00am
"Transportation" Stamp Issue
HE the Governor receives a copy of this definitive issue. Published 11th October, 12:00am
Protecting Planning Department Files
The recent storm threat meant current files were temporarily housed at the National Archive. Published 11th October, 12:00am
Hospital Offers Parentcraft Classes
Moms and Dads learn to handle labour, delivery and the changes in the family. Published 10th October, 12:00am
Mail Delivery Getting Back on Track
Mail will be trucked from Miami to Canada; PO staff are working to resolve other issues.  Published 10th October, 12:00am
Agriculture Sales Move
Starting 15 October, you can buy feed, fertilizer and other items at the Department complex in Lower Valley. Published 10th October, 12:00am
Inmates Host Officers Appreciation Evening at Prison
At Fairbanks, an evening of entertainment was followed by surprise awards and other tokens of recognition.  Published 9th October, 12:00am
Students at National Gallery Exhibition
First Baptist Christian School students visit the ongoing Eugenia Buyanova oil painting display. Published 8th October, 12:00am
East End Primary Celebrates Grandparents Day
Activities for the International Week of Older Persons included poetry, skits and songs. Published 8th October, 12:00am
Lighthouse Makes Disaster Contribution
Students donate money for families of emergency personnel killed at the World Trade Centre.  Published 8th October, 12:00am
Human Rights Resolutions Online
Two web sites offer the 23 resolutions from the Human Rights Today Caribbean Symposium. Published 8th October, 12:00am
FCO Official Builds UK/OT Understanding
During a brief visit, Mr. Wilkinson gained first-hand knowledge of the issues facing Cayman.  Published 5th October, 12:00am
Opening Speech By Foreign Secretary Jack Straw
House Of Commons, Thursday, 4 October 2001, "Debate On The International Response To Terrorism." Published 5th October, 12:00am
Hepititis B Immunisations
The Public Health Services offers these free to primary and secondary school students. Published 4th October, 12:00am
Statement by the Medical Officer of Health on Encephalitis
The Communicable Disease Surveillance Committee is closer to determining what caused a rare case of viral encephalitis last month.  Published 4th October, 12:00am
Best-selling Author Visits St. Ignatius
For International Week of Older Persons, Dick Francis shared his experiences. Published 4th October, 12:00am
Sanctions Imposed Against Terrorism
Orders printed in an Extraordinary Gazette give effect to UN Security Council resolutions and extend provisions of UK aviation security acts.  Published 3rd October, 12:00am