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Press Releases: December 2001

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Pre-Schoolers Celebrate at Pines
St George's Anglican Pre-School students sang and recited for a delighted audience. Published 2nd January, 12:00am
Governor Views Northward Progress
A processing centre, facilities for juveniles and a 'halfway' hostel for inmates soon-to-be released.  Published 2nd January, 12:00am
New Year's Honours 2002
HM Queen Elizabeth II has recognised Mr. Ramon Alberga, Ms Andrea Bryan and Dr Stephen Tomlinson. The Governor awards eight residents with the Cayman Islands Certificate and Badge of Honour. Published 2nd January, 12:00am
Civil Servants Train in Accrual Accounting
As part of the Financial Management Initiative (FMI), employees responsible for their agencies' finances learned the new system. Published 2nd January, 12:00am
Drug Smugglers Beware!
Customs officers undergo training to detect suspicious behavior. Published 2nd January, 12:00am
Financial Services Fees Increase Gazetted
Amendments to the Mutual Funds and Banks and Trust Companies laws may be found in Supplement Nos. 1 and 2 as published with Extraordinary Gazette No. 31 dated 31 December 2001.  Published 31st December, 12:00am
New Pension Practitioners Working Group
A team of local pension practitioners is developing recommendations for the registration of investment performance benchmarks by pension plans.  Published 28th December, 12:00am
Recycle Natural Xmas Trees
Remove decorations and place trees curbside, where they will be collected as part of the Bulk Waste Cleanup that begins Monday, January 7, 2002.  Published 28th December, 12:00am
Employment Relations Training
The workshop's objective was to integrate elements of the Labour Department into the structure of the new Employment Relations Department. Published 28th December, 12:00am
Planning Dept Seeks Input
Draft legislation is considering registration of builders, architects, engineers, surveyors and quantity surveyors.  Published 27th December, 12:00am
Cayman Scholars Accept Awards
Three college students receive scholarships at ceremony attended by their parents, the Governor and education officials.  Published 27th December, 12:00am
Gift Baskets for Fairbanks Inmates
Caribbean Publishing has made this seasonal donation for three years.  Published 27th December, 12:00am
No Longer a 'Civil Servant,' but Still in Service
Betty Ebanks: 29 years in government, over 30 years volunteering in the West Bay community. Published 21st December, 12:00am
John Gray Christmas Concert
The high school presented a play that featured interpretations of "The Twelve Days of Christmas."  Published 21st December, 12:00am
Law School Congratulates Achievers
Three students have been granted the Queen's University Postgraduate Certificate in Cayman Law after passing all elements of the assessment. Published 21st December, 12:00am
New Minister Visits Women's Resource Centre
The planned women's shelter/crisis centre and the need for a trained full-time counsellor discussed.  Published 19th December, 12:00am
New Public Health Law Fees
New fees for cemetery vaults, rodent control for ships, training courses and equipment rental. Published 19th December, 12:00am
Cookie Drive Success
Red Bay Primary raised more than $1200 to help two Belizean schools damaged by Hurricane Iris.  Published 19th December, 12:00am
New Minister Visits Social Services
"This department can't be just about social welfare, but must also facilitate the maintenance of social order and cohesiveness," said the Hon. Frank McField.  Published 19th December, 12:00am
Training Programme for Principals
The Ministry, Department and the Schools' Inspectorate are presently working to develop a qualification for school leaders. Published 19th December, 12:00am
Governor Receives Employment Relations White Paper
The document contains recommendations for changes to a number of employment related laws. It was also distributed to private sector professional associations. Published 19th December, 12:00am
Employment Services Looks Ahead
The Labour Office and Employee Relations Department hold their first annual strategic planning workshop on Wednesday, 19 December. Published 19th December, 12:00am
GHHS Ceiling Collapse
The school has relocated some of its classes, following a partial ceiling collapse in a block of four classrooms over the weekend. Published 19th December, 12:00am
National Gallery Mural at Lighthouse School
The work was produced during art@governorshouse earlier this year.  Published 14th December, 12:00am
Last Parentcraft Class of the Year
Expectant mothers and fathers are invited to attend the free class. Published 14th December, 12:00am
Commendations to Immigration Board and Secretariat
The Chief Secretary is "impressed in the well-thought out methodology that was developed and applied" in clearing the backlog of status applications. Published 14th December, 12:00am
New Minister Visits Water Authority
The Hon. Frank McField expressed pleasure at the Authority's success, both operational and financial. Published 14th December, 12:00am
Thatch Exhibit Ties Past to Present
The Museum's popular "Past and Future Plaited Together" includes video interviews with practitioners, samples of their work, and names and uses of different styles. Published 14th December, 12:00am
Education Department Honours the Cowans
Departing United Church Minister Colin Cowan and his wife were recognised for their contributions over the past decade. Published 14th December, 12:00am
December FOCUS
The TV programme will examine the effects of substance abuse on problem relationships. Published 13th December, 12:00am
Deadly Hazards at Fire Scene
Propane tanks, faulty wiring, greasy newspapers near an open flame. Published 13th December, 12:00am
Gallery Hosts Business After Hours
The works of the late Keith Haring provided a vibrant backdrop for a discussion of AIDS in the workplace. Published 13th December, 12:00am
CNCF Honours Nine
Artistic Director Henry Muttoo told artists to stand by their convictions and produce works that, while not commercial, were crucial to their development and that of society.  Published 13th December, 12:00am
Overseas Territories Dept Head Completes Comprehensive Visit
Mr. Huckle's comments on the budget deficit, the constitutional review, social issues and more. Published 12th December, 12:00am
Who's Protecting You?
A team of seven Environmental Health Officers work to ensure public facilities, commercial accommodations and consumer services are properly maintained. Published 12th December, 12:00am
Two Promoted at Environmental Health
The solid waste section has a new assistant director and a new operations manager. Published 12th December, 12:00am
Growing Support for School Recycling
East End Primary collects over 7,500 cans in a month; year four wins by gathering 3,114.  Published 12th December, 12:00am
Health Minister Meets PAHO Representative
An aging population "presents medical challenges such as cardiovascular diseases, cancers and hypertension, which of course cost more to diagnose and treat. So actually, the need for education and funding is greater than before," says Pan-American Health Organisation's regional representative. Published 12th December, 12:00am
Art Trek in George Town
The National Gallery brings its children's programme to the Town Hall. Published 7th December, 12:00am
Chief Justice Smellie: Human Rights Panelist
To mark the 53rd anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Jamaica holds a roundtable forum, including Cayman's Chief Justice as a participant.  Published 7th December, 12:00am
New Talent at Monetary Authority
Recent grad Lance Jefferson, with a double major in business and information systems, wants to build a reputation for quality work.  Published 7th December, 12:00am
Young Parents' Programme
The programme provides financial help, academic and self-care training, and social, employability and parenting skills. Published 7th December, 12:00am
Minister Tours Health Services Complex
The Hon. Gilbert McLean said he looks "forward to visiting the wards, and expect to find that staff members consistently deliver the Health Services promise of Caring People, Quality Service." Published 7th December, 12:00am
Young Masters at East End Primary
Students, from reception to year six, enthusiastically learned about Vincent Van Gogh and did their own interpretations of some of his well-known paintings.  Published 7th December, 12:00am
Local Delegation Travels to CXC Conference
Delegates from 18 countries will review 2001's activities and begin planning for 2002. Published 7th December, 12:00am
Haring Exhibit Opens
The New York based artist used his work to support many social causes like the fight against apartheid, literacy and AIDS awareness. Published 7th December, 12:00am
Cayman Islands Annual Reception in UK
The reception provided the opportunity to renew contacts and maintain interest in the Islands. Published 5th December, 12:00am
Postal Updates
From the postal administrations of Pakistan and the United States. Published 5th December, 12:00am
Governor Hosts Miami Conference
The Governor is hosting the annual Caribbean Governors conference. He will return December 4 with the new head of the FCO's Overseas Territories Department. Published 3rd December, 12:00am
Return of Native Done
The old Savannah schoolhouse and the National Museum will both play host to a new co-operative market by local artists.  Published 3rd December, 12:00am
Public Invited to HIV / AIDS Panel Discussion
Panellists include health practitioners; persons living with HIV / AIDS; a person whose family member died from the illness; a pastor and a representative of the Cayman AIDS Foundation.  Published 3rd December, 12:00am
Iggy Meets the Lion King
At George Town Primary for Reading Week celebrations, Iggy told students: "Everything I know about recycling, I learned by reading." Published 3rd December, 12:00am
Educator Returns from Graduate Study
Year-three teacher Jordana Awe is putting to work an enhanced understanding of school organisation. Published 3rd December, 12:00am
Phone Book Recycling Reminder
Businesses that have already received new directories should contact Environmental Health to arrange for collection of old ones.  Published 3rd December, 12:00am