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Press Releases: January 2002

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New Prison Support Officers Welcomed
The role of this new category of officer is all-encompassing and includes staffing the visitors area, check points and the communications room, as well as conducting night patrols. Published 19th February, 12:00am
Inmates Improve Ag Showgrounds
30 picnic tables assembled, stands painted, craft display stalls produced and a water system for the animals installed.  Published 19th February, 12:00am
Uniformed Service Awards Presented
Outstanding tenure was rewarded during presentation of long-service awards to officers in the RCIP, HM's Prison Service, the CI Fire Service, and the Special Constabulary.  Published 19th February, 12:00am
John A. Cumber's Quantum Leap
Thanks to the PTA the school has PCs, laptops, printers, and other computer equipment, plus two-way radios, books and playground equipment. Published 19th February, 12:00am
Honours at Government House
Ten who were recently awarded Queen's Honours and Cayman Islands' Certificates and Badges of Honour have chosen to receive their awards at a Government House ceremony.  Published 1st February, 12:00am
Value for Money Audit Training
Staff from the Auditor General's Office and the Internal Audit Unit received certificates for completing an intensive five-day course. Published 1st February, 12:00am
Employment Forum Reviews White Paper
Representatives of employer and employee associations discussed proposed changes to the Pensions Law with Human Resources Minister Roy Bodden and Ministry and Department officials. Published 1st February, 12:00am
Contributions for Auction
Seventeen local artists will have pieces auctioned at the Cayman National Cultural Foundation Valentine's Masquerade. Published 1st February, 12:00am
Entry Fees Increase
For those persons who must have visas to enter the Cayman Islands.  Published 1st February, 12:00am
Cultural Policy Appeal
The Culture Ministry is appealing to arts organisations to submit candidates for the Cultural Policy Task Force before February 14. Published 1st February, 12:00am
Four Amended Laws
Amendments to the Appropriation Law, Customs Tariff, and Notaries Public and Stamp Duty laws were gazetted on 8 January.  Published 1st February, 12:00am
Library Looks for Helping Hands
"People...can help with simple things, such as covering books, re-shelving, helping at the circulation counter or telling stories to children."  Published 1st February, 12:00am
John A. Cumber Visits Kids Gallery
Students were thrilled by the National Museum's new children's gallery with its hands-on approach to thatch plaiting. Published 1st February, 12:00am
Pottery Programme at Lighthouse School
The principal says such activities are beneficial, allowing students to develop their imaginations through hands-on interaction.  Published 31st January, 12:00am
Foot and Mouth Disease Restrictions Lifted
Some live animals, meats and dairy products can once again be imported from the UK. Published 30th January, 12:00am
Agricultural Show Promises to Please
Culture, history, education, arts, and an opportunity to catch up with friends! Check out this year's shuttle bus service. Published 30th January, 12:00am
Art@governors Draws Crowds
A display of local arts and crafts drew some 2700 people to Government House.  Published 29th January, 12:00am
Nurse Achieves Childhood Dream
Thanks to a Government scholarship, Trisha Ebanks RN will soon be where she wants to be -- in the emergency room. Published 29th January, 12:00am
Graphic Designer Joins GIS
Charles Gilman's guiding principle: "Challenging the established way of doing things can be refreshing, but clear communication is the foundation of good design." Published 29th January, 12:00am
Chevening Scholars Return
Senior Assistant to the Financial Secretary Letitia Solomon and Human Resource Analyst Philip Jackson completed masters degrees at UK universities, funded by FCO Chevening scholarships. Published 29th January, 12:00am
Statement on George Hicks Incident
Following school procedure, the students were punished. Some parents have chosen to pursue the matter further with the police.  Published 29th January, 12:00am
Nassau Grouper Endangered
The Department of Enviroment will enforce recent legislation to preserve the Nassau Grouper for future generations. Published 28th January, 12:00am
New Assessment Unit for Education
The new unit will raise the quality of assessment measures across the government school system and will improve the Education Department's entire arsenal of tests. Published 28th January, 12:00am
Employment Relations Director Takes Up Challenge
Walling Whittaker's strategy: The department must work to develop well-researched, customer-driven services for its target clientele.  Published 28th January, 12:00am
Archive Receives First Copy of New Atlas
Dr. Pedley notes Caymanians are keenly interested in land, and the atlas is the logical product of the land registry process begun in 1850. Published 28th January, 12:00am
Kava Recall and Warning
International reports say Kava, an herbal remedy used as a stress reliever and sleep aid, may cause liver damage.  Published 25th January, 12:00am
Speaker Visits London
The Hon Julianna O'Connor-Connolly, JP, will visit the House of Commons and the House of Lords next week.  Published 25th January, 12:00am
Exercise, Nutrition Can Help Control Diabetes
At the next Diabetes Association meeting set for 6 February, health practitioners will explain how these two play vital roles in diabetes management. Published 24th January, 12:00am
Stamp Commemorates 9/11/01
The $1 stamp was specially produced to signify the Cayman Islands support for the US and the fight against terrorism.  Published 24th January, 12:00am
Students to Sail the Nina
Nina Ltd is working with the Education Department to organise sailing trips and maritime history lessons. Published 24th January, 12:00am
Stamp Duty on Exports
Couriers and others exporting goods are now required to pay stamp duty of CI $2.00 per airway bill or per bill of lading.  Published 24th January, 12:00am
Street Atlas Presented to Emergency Services
Representatives from the ambulance, fire and police services, plus 911, received the first copies of Lands and Survey's new atlas.  Published 24th January, 12:00am
Young Heroine Saves the Day
Tiffany Glatz earns praise for keeping calm and the Fire Service stresses the importance of teaching children what to do in the case of fire or other emergency. Published 23rd January, 12:00am
Certificate in Personnel Training Course to Return
Civil servants recently completed the course and the Personnel Department plans to offer it again later this year for interested public- and private-sector individuals. Published 23rd January, 12:00am
Hon. Linford Pierson to Visit Sister Islands
The Brac on 24 January and Little Cayman on the 25th to gain first hand knowledge of relevant departments and examine plans for the year. Published 23rd January, 12:00am
Education Officials to Visit Little Cayman
The Little Cayman community is invited to discuss the island's education service with the Minister and others on Friday, January 25. Published 21st January, 12:00am
Annual Fees for Company Managers
Standard licensing fees for company managers remain unchanged, though "per-company" fees increase, effective 14 January.  Published 21st January, 12:00am
Jennifer Dilbert Seconded to CIMA
The Governor felt her presence would guarantee continuity and ensure that the Monetary Authority's high standards are maintained.  Published 21st January, 12:00am
Post Office Supports Fight Against Terrorism
A $1 stamp reflecting the Cayman Islands support for the US fight against terrorism will be unveiled by HE the Governor on 22 January. Published 18th January, 12:00am
Immigration Law Fee Increases in Effect
Application fees for status, permanent residency, and temporary work permits; and fees for granting a permit for a professional, among others, have been raised. Published 18th January, 12:00am
Fee Increases for Accountants, Lawyers and Other Professionals in Effect
In addition to other fees prescribed in the Trade and Business Licensing Law, professional firms will pay a new fee based on the number of professionals working for the firm.  Published 18th January, 12:00am
Lighthouse Students Learn Design Technology
The new programme encourages students to consider jobs in construction after finishing school. Published 16th January, 12:00am
Second "Partnership for the Arts"
CNCF and the Bank of Butterfield's second partnership will teach young people to construct festival costumes for Batabano. Published 16th January, 12:00am
Ministry Holds Meeting on Culture Policy
Participants will discuss cultural areas that require development and examine defining "Caymanian culture", among other issues.  Published 16th January, 12:00am
New Plans for "Young at Arts"
CNCF will transform its performing arts education group into a young people's theatre company. Published 16th January, 12:00am
Gallery Seeks Community Help with "Remember September"
Ten sculptors will spend a month in Cayman producing works that examine the effects of the attacks.  Published 15th January, 12:00am
New Tourism Director Appointed
Ms Rittenhouse looks forward to meeting representatives from the public and private sectors and to identifying what differentiates these Islands from other destinations.  Published 15th January, 12:00am
New $50 "C" Banknotes
The note will feature a filigree foil stingray.  Published 15th January, 12:00am
Official Street Atlas
Is it Cardinal Avenue or Cardinall Avenue? (Hint: From 1934-40 Cayman's Commissioner was Allen Wolsey Cardinall.) Published 15th January, 12:00am
Guidelines on Diarrhoeal Disease
Nine suggestions from Health Services might prevent everyone in the family from getting ill. Published 14th January, 12:00am
Ban on UK Animals, Products May Be Lifted
The Department of Agriculture awaits confirmation from the UK Ministry of Agriculture that Britain is free from hoof and mouth disease. Published 14th January, 12:00am
George Hicks Ceiling Update
Steel girders supporting decks comprising the ground-floor ceiling and second-floor base of six classroom blocks are rusted. Published 14th January, 12:00am
Physical Checks of Outbound Passengers
Airlines request hand searches or pat-downs which will take place at the security check point. Published 14th January, 12:00am
PSPB Brightens Maple House
A giant garden of flowering plants, alive with busy insects, has transformed the children's bedroom walls.  Published 14th January, 12:00am
New Two-Week Wait For Job Vacancy Waivers
The Employment Relations Department (ERD) has introduced a mandatory two-week processing period for the grant of employment vacancy waivers effective immediately.  Published 10th January, 12:00am
Plans for Port's Future
Several sites are being reviewed to see whether they are good locations for developing an industrial-type facility.  Published 10th January, 12:00am
Top Artist Will Lead Workshop
A limited number of people can participate in Bendel Hydes' CNCF three-week workshop on visual communication beginning January 21. Published 9th January, 12:00am
Motion to Increase Health Fees
Effective this month, all fees raised by 30%, and new fees will be introduced for services that are now free because they are not listed in the law. The second phase, effective 1 April 2002, will bring fees more in line with the actual cost of providing services.  Published 8th January, 12:00am
Keith Haring Lecture
A former assistant to the late artist will give a video lecture and presentation on his life and work on Tuesday, January 8. Published 3rd January, 12:00am
New Insurance Licensing Fees in Effect
For domestic insurers, the annual licence fee is now CI$30,000. Published 3rd January, 12:00am
Sewing Machine for Fairbanks
The purchase was funded by Project Prepare, which readies prisoners for reintegration into society. Published 3rd January, 12:00am
Intelligence Officer Returns Home
Jacqueline Haynes of Customs is back after spending four-and-a-half months with the Joint Intelligence Office (JIO) in Puerto Rico. Published 3rd January, 12:00am