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Press Releases: February 2002

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Scout Week
The Governor said he enjoyed and took pride in serving as Chief Scout: "There are so many examples of senior members of society who went through the Scout movement and came out the better for the experience."  Published 11th March, 12:00am
Minister Visits Canaan Land
Dr. the Hon. Frank McField advocates "partnership and support for existing drug rehabilitation programmes, rather than creating new institutions..."  Published 1st March, 12:00am
CPA Schedule for 2002
The Central Planning Authority meets every second Wednesday to review development applications; additional meetings will be held to accommodate the Development Plan Review process. Published 1st March, 12:00am
Two Months for Road Works
PWD's Roads Division will be constructing a small roundabout at the junction of Esterley Tibbetts Highway and West Bay Road.  Published 1st March, 12:00am
Teenagers' Valentine Function
This second annual event was held in conjunction with the 'Excel' and 'True Love Waits' programmes that encourage abstinence and responsible behaviour in teenage relationships.  Published 1st March, 12:00am
Certificates for Seven Inmates
They completed courses in sexual health and food hygiene. Published 1st March, 12:00am
Copy Machine Donated to Prison Programme
Cayman Business Machines' donation is one of few voluntary actions to benefit the education programme. Published 1st March, 12:00am
Planning Survey on the Web
Express your opinion on developing a sustainable tourism product plus recreational and cultural activities. Published 1st March, 12:00am
PEANUTS Stamp Issue
Snoopy, Charlie Brown and the gang take a Cayman vacation. Published 1st March, 12:00am
Crowds Flock to Cuban Master Exhibit
Adigio Benitez's paintings combine realism and cubism often with a sly sense of humour. Published 27th February, 12:00am
NY Firefighters and Families Visit
The all-expenses paid trip was courtesy of CITA, CAL, DoT, Emergency Services, Majestic Tours, various hotels, condos, restaurants, water sports operators and other local businesses. Published 27th February, 12:00am
TV Show Wants a Cayman Story
A UK production company is looking for a British family who "left the rat race" and moved to the Cayman Islands to "pursue their dream." Published 27th February, 12:00am
Chevening Scholarship Recipients Honoured
The Governor presented Letitia Solomon and Philip Jackson with certificates and lapel pins.  Published 27th February, 12:00am
George Hicks Wins Science Fair Prize
Beach erosion project impresses the judges. Published 26th February, 12:00am
John Gray's Donation to Injured Teen
Funds from this year's Mr and Miss Valentine Pageant went to help a schoolmate receive medical treatment. Published 26th February, 12:00am
Brac Students Will Travel to Career Expo
The Ministry purchased airline tickets, so 27 CBHS students and 2 teachers can attend.  Published 26th February, 12:00am
New Principal for Creek Primary
Tammy Banks DaCosta takes the reins at the school where she first began working as a teacher's aide over 16 years ago. Published 26th February, 12:00am
Governor and Wife Accept Painting
They admired "Catboat at Governor's Beach" during the recent art@governorshouse event. Published 25th February, 12:00am
Stingrays Win Lighthouse Sports
Three school houses battled for athletic supremacy. Published 25th February, 12:00am
"Youth Flex" -- On the Radio
Spearheaded by young people with youth-related topics. Published 25th February, 12:00am
Uniformed Youth Leaders Recognised at Reception
HE the Governor encourages volunteers to "continue to work towards providing the structure, discipline, independent spirit and moral framework that is needed by our young people."  Published 25th February, 12:00am
Immigration Appeals Tribunal Bill Published
Persons aggrieved by decisions of the Immigration Board may now appeal to a tribunal rather than to the Governor-in-Council. Published 25th February, 12:00am
Drug Treatment Half-way House 'Soon Come'
The Minister for substance abuse services got his first look at the facility on the grounds of the Caribbean Haven Residential Drug Treatment Centre in Breakers. Published 25th February, 12:00am
New Museum Lithograph
Gordon Solomon's print shows a schooner that has just thrown overboard slaves who died during the middle passage.  Published 21st February, 12:00am
Recognition Well Deserved
Environmental Health workers, many of whom start work at 4am or are on call 24-hours per day, "are key to the success of DEH" said Director Teresa Kuczynski. Published 21st February, 12:00am
Call for Private/Public Sector HR Exchange
The Governor believes the solution to a complex human resources environment lies with groups like the Cayman Islands Society of Human Resource Professionals.  Published 21st February, 12:00am
Winning Netball/Football Teams
For the primary schools, this year's regular season and rally winners are pictured. Published 21st February, 12:00am
GHHS Prepares Quincentennial Art
Student murals, filled with themes representing the Islands' culture, will be displayed in the Quincentennial Celebrations Office's (soon come) Celebrate Cayman shop. Published 21st February, 12:00am
Minister Pierson Discusses LIS
Cayman is a Caribbean leader in geographical (and land) information systems -- GIS and LIS. Published 20th February, 12:00am
Red Bay Continues Site Based Planning
The planning committee will soon meet to review action teams' strategies for encouraging parental involvement in their children's education.  Published 20th February, 12:00am
National Youth Commission Members Named
12 on the commission, a further 7 also on the executive board, led by Ms Jenny Manderson. Published 19th February, 12:00am
CNCF Hosts Valentine's Gala
An auction of local works raised money for the Foundation's cultural development programmes. Published 19th February, 12:00am
Funding the Re-Development of the GT Cruise Ship Port
An agreement has been reached in principle with the Florida Caribbean Cruise Association (FCCA) whereby it will provide the required financing. Published 19th February, 12:00am
Human Rights Workshop Dates Set
Firm dates for the workshops to look at women's, children's and other human rights issues specific to Cayman have now been set. Three sessions will be held on March 6,7 & 9. Published 19th February, 12:00am
Corporate Community Donations for WRC
Contributions from three sources, worth over $10,000, have benefited operations at the Women's Resource Centre. Published 18th February, 12:00am
Local Art Enhances Museum Foyer
Al Ebanks says Caymanian artists must support an organisation that works to conserve the community's memories of its way of life. Published 18th February, 12:00am
Moratorium Temporarily Lifted
In response to market demand, ExCo has eased the liquor licensing moratorium to allow for new applications for retail and package licenses.  Published 18th February, 12:00am
Funds Aid Agriculture Show
A donation from Grand Cayman's two Rotary clubs built 30 picnic tables. Published 18th February, 12:00am
Students Experience Wetlands
Students discovered that wetlands are a haven for life and also serve to recharge the water table, prevent erosion of shoreline and protect low-lying areas from flooding. Published 18th February, 12:00am
Black History Month Lectures
Hear the Hon. Roy Bodden on "Black Slaves in the Mediterranean World: A Neglected Aspect of the Black Diaspora" and Dr. the Hon. Frank McField on "Forging A Caymanian Identity: Historical Perspectives and Future Directions." Published 14th February, 12:00am
CIMA's Compliance Division Head Resigns
Don Ebanks takes advantage of an opportunity in the private sector.  Published 14th February, 12:00am
Report Focuses on Special Education Needs
Commissioned by the Schools' Inspectorate, the report summarises inspection findings from both government and private schools and identifies areas for development. Published 14th February, 12:00am
Education Works on Action Planning
Teams are developing strategies relating to areas outlined in the Millett report. Published 14th February, 12:00am
Primary School Sports Underway
Red Bay and John A. Cumber primary schools have their days on the track. Published 14th February, 12:00am
GHHS Hosts Variety Concert
Visitors from The Pines and the Lighthouse School enjoy the music. Published 14th February, 12:00am
GTPS Sports Day
A win for Zinnia House! Published 14th February, 12:00am
National Tests Developed
Education's assessment unit supervised and were pleased by teachers' enthusiasm for the project as well as the quality of the results that they produced. Published 14th February, 12:00am
15th Maths and Science Show
Opens Friday, 22 February, at Red Bay Primary's Mary Miller Memorial Hall. See research on topics ranging from "the physics of diving" to "maths in the kitchen."  Published 14th February, 12:00am
Slow Down!
Traffic Calming makes subdivisions more liveable by discouraging "cut-through" traffic and reducing traffic speeds; the Public Works Road Division is working on guidelines to address problem areas.  Published 14th February, 12:00am
Gallery Exhibits Cuban Masterworks
Adigio Benitez' work "speaks of the exotic landscapes and legends of Cuba."  Published 14th February, 12:00am
Adding Meaning: Work as a Community Development Officer
CDO: a person whose post is difficult to define and whose job is even harder.  Published 14th February, 12:00am
Sociology Students Visit National Gallery
The Community College class toured the Keith Haring exhibit and discussed the ways that culture influences interpretation of signs and symbols.  Published 12th February, 12:00am
Printers For All Lighthouse Classes
Thanks to a generous donation from Alphasoft. Published 12th February, 12:00am
Employment Relations at Work
The National Drug Council has a new administrative assistant thanks to the Department's registration service for job seekers.  Published 12th February, 12:00am
Government Sends Condolences to Royal Family
Flags flew at half mast on Monday in mourning for HRH Princess Margaret who died Saturday, 9 February. Published 12th February, 12:00am
Airport Emergency Exercise
Civil Aviation, emergency and Health Services and other government agencies will test and practise airport emergency response procedures. Published 12th February, 12:00am
New Teachers Complete Quest Training
The values-based educational programme integrates citizenship principles into the mainstream curriculum.  Published 12th February, 12:00am
Land Sale Figures for 2001
Land valued at almost CI$173 million changed hands; some 33 percent less than last year. Published 11th February, 12:00am
Government Would Help U.S. Investigate Enron
Longstanding channels for information exchange are available, but no formal request has been made.  Published 11th February, 12:00am
Cayman's CARICOM Associate Membership
CARICOM's terms and conditions will be considered by ExCo and then by the LA in the Feb/March meeting. Published 11th February, 12:00am
Golden Jubilee Stamps Released
Four images commemorate HM Queen Elizabeth II's fifty-year reign. Published 11th February, 12:00am
Working Together to Support Recycling!
Over 15,000 old phone books were collected, part of a joint effort by the Department of Environmental Health and Cable & Wireless. Published 7th February, 12:00am
Minister Meets with Civil Aviation's Director
On the agenda: insurance for acts of war and terrorism, the Authority's board, security, and facility expansions and upgrades. Published 7th February, 12:00am
CNCF Raffle on Daybreak
The grand prize drawing for $10,000 takes place on the morning television show on February 14.  Published 7th February, 12:00am
CPA 2002 Appointees Take Office
There are four new appointees among the 14 on the panel: Mr. Ernie Hurlstone (the new chairman of the Development Control Board), and Messrs. John Hurlstone, Fred Whittaker and Peter Campbell.  Published 6th February, 12:00am
Readiness Skills
Two educators write about what children need to know for transition from preschool to primary school. Published 6th February, 12:00am
First LA 2002 Session Announced
On Friday, 15 February, HE the Governor Mr. Peter Smith will deliver the Throne Speech.  Published 6th February, 12:00am
Civil Servants Graduate
The Personnel Training Unit hosted a ceremony for 16 who successfully completed the Certificate in Personnel Practice. Published 6th February, 12:00am
Interprimary One-Day Rallies
Netball win for Savannah! Football victory for Triple C! Published 6th February, 12:00am
Minister Visits Cayman Brac & Little Cayman
The Hon. Linford Pierson gained first-hand knowledge through listening to staff explain their duties and discuss plans for 2002. Published 5th February, 12:00am
Minister Examines Roads
"Because Grand Cayman is an important financial centre and tourist destination, it is critical that our infrastructure be well designed and maintained."  Published 5th February, 12:00am
World Wetlands Day 2002
A DoE flyer raising awareness of environmentally sensitive, culturally important uses of Cayman's wetlands is being displayed during February in supermarkets and schools.  Published 1st February, 12:00am
March Workshop Looks at Local Human Rights
The event is part of a series of seminars being sponsored across the Overseas Territories by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the Department for International Development Published 1st February, 12:00am
Lands & Survey Launches Atlas
Over 80 people came out to see the new product. Published 1st February, 12:00am