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Press Releases: March 2002

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Cayman's US Legal Adviser Discusses TIEA
Financial sector leaders discussed details of the Cayman-US tax information exchange agreement (TIEA) with Government's legal adviser from Washington, DC. Published 3rd April, 12:00am
Queen Mother Dies
HE the Governor Mr. Peter J. Smith, CBE, will convey formal condolences from the Government and people of the Cayman Islands.  Published 3rd April, 12:00am
Diabetes Association Meets
Chief Medical Officer Dr. Bryan Heap, the guest speaker, will help persons understand the medical services that are available to them. Published 2nd April, 12:00am
School Counsellors Receive Certificates
CASA Patron Mrs Suzanne Smith helped to recognise more than 20 John Gray High School peer counsellors at the organisation's annual general meeting. Published 28th March, 12:00am
Red Bay Raises Funds for Sick Student
Year three student Juan Mata-Pena is in Miami Children's awaiting a kidney transplant.  Published 28th March, 12:00am
Miss Cayman Promotes Literacy
Miss Cayman Shannon Mclean read stories to children. Published 28th March, 12:00am
CNCF Reminds Raffle Winners to Pick Up Prizes
Those persons who have not yet picked up their Valentine's raffle prizes from the Harquail Theatre are asked to do so immediately. Published 28th March, 12:00am
Cadet Corps' First Drill
Some 50 recruits turned out to the Fire Station for the Cayman Islands Cadet Corps' first meeting.  Published 28th March, 12:00am
Special Olympics Fundraiser
The Governor and Mrs Smith, as well as Dr the Hon. Frank McField, were among distinguished guests who attended the black-tie event. Published 28th March, 12:00am
Successful Burnout Opens Cayfest
More than 200 persons were in the audience when Wendy Miller was chosen Miss Cayfest at the annual talent show.  Published 28th March, 12:00am
Employment Relations Begins Visits to Businesses
Compliance Officers will soon meet with employers and employees to discuss the present situation in the workplace. Published 28th March, 12:00am
Savannah Wins Third Interprimary Sports Championship
Red Bay was a close second while the small schools trophy went to fifth place Bodden Town. Published 28th March, 12:00am
Lear Jet Emergency
Civil Aviation Authority officials report the pilot of the jet, that was being used as an air ambulance, made an emergency landing. Published 27th March, 12:00am
Ministries Host Women's Evening
Honouring Women Month organisers celebrate women's role in Caymanian culture Tuesday, March 26 from 6.30 p.m. Published 25th March, 12:00am
What's a Fire Really Like?
Firemen face all kinds of dangers, even during practice sessions. Published 25th March, 12:00am
Thirty One Receive Distinctions in International Music Exams
Cayman's young musicians proved their talent as results from March examinations arrive. Published 22nd March, 12:00am
Cayman Scholar Enjoys Teaching at John Gray
English teacher Amber Bothwell is putting a love of reading to work in her classroom Published 22nd March, 12:00am
Ministers Share Plans, Invite Partnership With Civil Servants
The first of what are expected to be quarterly communication forums with managers across the civil service was an inspiring evening for Leader of Government Business McKeeva Bush.  Published 22nd March, 12:00am
Bank of Bermuda Redundancy Provisions
Following the bank's announcement of planned restructuring, the Human Resources Ministry met with senior bank executives. Published 22nd March, 12:00am
Students Build Storehouse
Building technology students from John Gray High School are putting their backs into a special project that will contribute towards their final external examination grade. Published 22nd March, 12:00am
Youth Receive Sports Awards
The Education Department presented trophies to the Interprimary School Championship winning teams in boys and girls football, cricket and netball.  Published 22nd March, 12:00am
John Gray Boys Close-Up on Domestic Abuse
The students watched video on domestic abuse, discussed the issue and shared their views. Published 21st March, 12:00am
Museum Looks Ahead
Partnerships with other cultural organisations and the community will be a focus for the National Museum in 2002. Published 21st March, 12:00am
Batabano Childrens' Parade
The parade will feature costumes built from designs contributed by CNCF. Published 21st March, 12:00am
JGHS Students Screen Domestic Abuse Video
The screening was organised jointly by the Ministries of Culture and Women's Affairs to celebrate Honouring Women Month.  Published 20th March, 12:00am
Waterfront Location for National Gallery
The change will raise the organisation's public profile and make exhibits more accessible to office workers and visitors.  Published 20th March, 12:00am
CSWAYS Minister's First Official Visit to Cayman Brac
Dr. the Hon. Frank McField's busy trip included meeting with District Administration officials, touring sports facilities, discussing substance abuse services and opening the human rights workshop.  Published 20th March, 12:00am
Human Rights Workshop for Public Officers
Participants discussed the issues within the local context, shared their experiences, reflected on the progress Cayman has made and generated ideas for achieving greater realization of human rights. Published 20th March, 12:00am
Concern about Immunisation Rates
Public Health is worried about a possible measles outbreak and urges parents and guardians to ensure that children are up to date with immunisations. Published 20th March, 12:00am
Gallery Plans "Art Magnet" Programme
It will train 13-16 year-olds previously involved in crime, truancy and disruptive behaviour to draw, sculpt, paint, and produce fabric as well as ceramic art.  Published 20th March, 12:00am
Constitutional Report Released
The Governor has allowed for four weeks of public discussion, following which he hopes there will be a further two weeks for formal debate in the Assembly. (The report plus accompanying documents are posted on this website under "Local Issues" below.) Published 18th March, 12:00am
Government Offers Condolences on Capt. Mabry's Death
The Governor, Chief Secretary and Minister responsible for District Administration express the Islands' sadness. Published 18th March, 12:00am
A Tribute to Captain Mabry
The retired Speaker, known for his spirituality, believed Cayman's many blessings owed their genesis to the spiritual commitment of our forefathers. He also said, "Cayman Brac is the best place in the world." Published 18th March, 12:00am
Education Ministry Releases BT Primary Report
The Schools' Inspectorate's summary report on Bodden Town Primary highlights the school's strengths and challenges.  Published 15th March, 12:00am
IT Audit Team Created
The Audit Office's new team will advise the LA on the integrity of Government's information technology systems, including IRIS, the financial reform system.  Published 14th March, 12:00am
Give Input on Registering Builders
The Planning Department invites the public to comment on draft legislation for the registration of local builders and contractors.  Published 14th March, 12:00am
Commonwealth Day Celebrated Diversity
Flags, displays, assemblies, songs: the cultures of many countries were highlighted in the schools. Published 14th March, 12:00am
CNCF Raffle Winners
George Solomon wins the $10,000! Published 14th March, 12:00am
DEH Welcomes New Accountant
Nadisha Bodden completes monthly, quarterly and annual financial reports and supervises accounts receivable and payable staff. Published 14th March, 12:00am
Local Auditor Sign-off for Mutual Funds
The new policy should allow more effective discharge of the obligations that are placed on auditors under the Mutual Funds Law and enable a more efficient interface with the Monetary Authority. Published 14th March, 12:00am
New Library Board Appointed
Members of the Committee of Management of the Library appear in Gazette #5 of 2002, 11 March.  Published 12th March, 12:00am
Governor Receives Constitutional Report
Mr. Smith will read the report, and a date will be set for the LA debate. MLAs will receive copies one week before that date, and the report becomes public on the first day of the LA debate.  Published 12th March, 12:00am
Honouring Women Month Events
The theme is "Empowering Through Education"; events include the launching of a website, a walk/run and breakfast, school talks, workshops, panel discussions, an art lecture series, and a cultural evening. Published 11th March, 12:00am
Two USCG Cutters to Visit
The United States Coast Guard cutters Campbell and Tern will visit Grand Cayman this weekend. Published 11th March, 12:00am
Cayman Delegate to London Meeting
Capt. Eugene Ebanks is attending the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association conference. Published 11th March, 12:00am
Review of Special Needs of Brac Residents
The director and deputy director of the Sunrise Adult Training Centre will examine facilities and programmes to determine the community's needs.  Published 11th March, 12:00am
Consultant Hosts Public Lecture
Mark Bray, director of the University of Hong Kong's Comparative Education Research Centre, will speak on "Education in Small States: Concepts, Challenges and Strategies." Published 11th March, 12:00am
Students Thank Gallery
After seeing the exhibit, Community College students produced thank-you drawings modeled after Haring's visual style.  Published 8th March, 12:00am
Currency Rumour False
The Monetary Authority has announced that, despite rumours suggesting otherwise, there is no intention to devalue the Cayman Islands currency.  Published 8th March, 12:00am
School Inspectors Prepare for Prep
Cayman Prep will be the fourth private school to undergo inspection.  Published 8th March, 12:00am
Red Bay Prepares for Arts and Crafts Show
Members of the school's art club are creating their own African Ndebele dolls for the NCFA.  Published 8th March, 12:00am
Story Time at GT Library
Remember story hour is every Wednesday in March after school.  Published 8th March, 12:00am
Children's Author Visits GTPS
Students listened attentively as Mrs Pushker-Salz, dressed in traditional Jewish costume, told stories. Published 8th March, 12:00am
Culture Ministry Celebrates Honouring Women Month
The Gallery, CNCF, Museum, and Library will focus on women's contributions to the world and these Islands.  Published 7th March, 12:00am
Parentcraft Session Begins Monday
Expectant mothers and fathers are invited to attend classes beginning March 11. Published 7th March, 12:00am
"Friends International" Features George Hicks Student
Patrick McConvey was filmed for this BBC series that focuses on British children who have friends or penpals in a Commonwealth country.  Published 6th March, 12:00am
Busy Schedule for Commonwealth Day
A launch party for a new young people's organisation, special school assemblies, costume parades and exhibitions, and a national church service.  Published 6th March, 12:00am
Minister Tours Radio Cayman
"If you turn on my car radio right now, you will hear Radio Cayman," said the Hon. Gilbert McLean as he took a behind-the-scenes look. Published 5th March, 12:00am
Riotous Rundown Time
The yearly comedy review starts its run at the Harquail on Friday, 8 March. Published 5th March, 12:00am
Library Resumes Story-Hour
Wednesday's in March after school at the George Town Public Library.  Published 5th March, 12:00am
Governor's Wife Will Open Children's Festival
The National Children's Festival of the Arts (NCFA) begins with the Art and Craft Show on Wednesday, March 13. Published 5th March, 12:00am
Three More Primary School Sports Days
Winning Houses: Orchid for East End, Swallow for Savannah, and Sea for Bodden Town. Published 5th March, 12:00am
Gazetted Road Notice
Government will improve and re-align a part of Elgin Avenue. Published 5th March, 12:00am
Minister Impressed with Agriculture Department
The Department's duties include protecting animals, monitoring the effects of pesticides, preventing the entry of harmful pests, maintaining public grounds, and promoting high-tech agriculture. Published 5th March, 12:00am
Immigration Clarifies Increase in Fees
The Immigration (Amendment) (No. 2) Regulations, 2002 resolves issues surrounding certain terms by repealing the entire section of the previous amendment in which those terms appear. Plus, fees inadvertently omitted have been included.  Published 4th March, 12:00am