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Press Releases: April 2002

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Minister Applauds Farmers' Abilities
The Hon. Gilbert McLean spent two days on the road visiting 15 farmers and discovering the joys, as well as a few of the struggles, of their profession. Published 4th June, 12:00am
Jamaican Comedy a Hit
Popular comedian Oliver Samuels drew a crowd of 1400 to the Lions Centre Sunday to see "Oliver and the Ugly Genie."  Published 1st May, 12:00am
Inspectorate Post-Inspection Visit to St Ignatius
Post-inspection aims to assess schools' progress three years after inspectors' initial visit. Published 1st May, 12:00am
CI Law School Participates in Competition
Two students participated in a high-profile international competition that raises awareness of preventative law and counselling functions in legal practice.  Published 1st May, 12:00am
Inmates Graduate from Life-Management Training
Mrs. Smith spoke words of encouragement: "Your country needs you, your mums need you, your children need you." Published 1st May, 12:00am
BT Principal Responds to Inspectorate Report
Calling inspectors' findings "very fair," Mr Wallace adds, "Their findings confirmed issues that we identified ourselves during the self-assessment period that precedes the inspection process." Published 1st May, 12:00am
C-130 Lands Safely
There were 17 persons on board the aircraft, which reported a number-four engine shutdown resulting from a propeller oil leak. Published 30th April, 12:00am
NCFA Closes with Steel Band Competition
The third annual Amin Mohammed Steel Band Festival will be held on Tuesday, April 30. Published 29th April, 12:00am
Must See "GIS Perspectives" on TV
GIS staffer Ward Scott broadcasts live via satellite from Ebeltoft, Denmark, to Grand Cayman. Watch CITN at 7 pm, Monday, 29 April. Published 29th April, 12:00am
One Arrested by Immigration
A Jamaican national recently profiled in the media for overstaying was arrested Friday. Published 29th April, 12:00am
HE Congratulates Swimmers
The team that did so well at CARIFTA pay a visit to the governor.  Published 26th April, 12:00am
Special Focus on Children during May
Child Month events vary to focus on the spiritual and physical as well as the mental, so the whole child grows. Published 26th April, 12:00am
Saturday: Motions Unlimited Takes the Floor
Eight gymnasts will jump, tumble and dance their way through "It's a Kind of Magic" on the concluding night of NCFA concerts. Published 26th April, 12:00am
"The Body" Opens
The National Gallery presents sculpture by Al Ebanks and drawings by the late British sculptor Henry Moore. Published 26th April, 12:00am
Football Association's Stamp Issue Unveiled
The specially designed stamps commemorate CIFA's participation in the World Cup qualifying competition. Published 25th April, 12:00am
Inmate Life-Management Training
54 inmates of HM Prisons Northward and Fairbanks completed the CASA course covering positive changes in lifestyle that can enhance personal well-being and relationships.  Published 25th April, 12:00am
Inmate Stabbed in Prison Altercation
An argument at Northward resulted in an inmate striking another prisoner, who responded by stabbing the assailant. Published 25th April, 12:00am
Weekend Prison Assault
Officials are investigating an incident at Northward in which an inmate assaulted an officer. Published 25th April, 12:00am
Dialogue with UK on Sustainable Development
The Islands' budget deficit is "a wake-up call," says Minister for the OTs Baroness Amos.  Published 25th April, 12:00am
Friday: Red Bay Silent Drama
A burglar pretends to be a life-size statue. See it and more as the NCFA concerts continue.  Published 25th April, 12:00am
Earth Week Activities -- An Update!
Mangroves, mosquitos, turtles and more! Attend presentations on our wildlife and ecosystems. Published 24th April, 12:00am
Thursday: Spotlight on African Music
John Gray High School's Concert Band plays West African folk music at the second National Children's Festival of the Arts public concert. Published 24th April, 12:00am
PWD Hurricane Exercise
On 1 May, about 275 workers will shutter up approximately 109 Government complexes, buildings and shelters. Published 24th April, 12:00am
Children's Festival Results
NCFA judges awarded more than 200 gold medals -- a record 146 gold in music. Now see the top performers at the Harquail, 24-27 April! Published 23rd April, 12:00am
George Hicks Tree Planting
The Heritage Committee planted breadfruit, sweetsop, almond, and lime trees on the site of what will be the school's Caymanian Heritage Village.  Published 23rd April, 12:00am
Wednesday: North Side Quadrille Dancers
The crowd-pleasing primary school group will perform opening night at the Children's Festival Final Concerts, Wednesday, 24 April. Published 23rd April, 12:00am
DEH Bids Farewell to Chief Environmental Health Officer
Listing DEH achievements, Kearney Gomez says: "Mrs. Kuczynski's drive and determination certainly played a large role in each of these accomplishments." Published 22nd April, 12:00am
Children's Festival Preliminaries Complete
Judges assessed over 600 young performers to find the best in song, dance, speech, drama and instrumental music.  Published 22nd April, 12:00am
Minister to Conferences
The Hon. Roy Bodden will discuss labour relations reform with Caribbean colleagues in Barbados and then go to London and Switzerland to meet with the FCO and UN. Published 22nd April, 12:00am
Go Batty!
Monday, 22 April: colourful slides of bat faces, bats in action and the opportunity to view a live bat at close range.  Published 19th April, 12:00am
ExCo Invites Civil Servants to "Speak their Minds"
The five ministers reviewed the differences they have with the report of the Constitution Modernisation Commissioners and answered questions. Published 19th April, 12:00am
Children First
Education Minister, the Hon. Roy Bodden, receives a gold pin bearing the Week of the Young Child motto.  Published 19th April, 12:00am
Register Students NOW for 2002-2003 School Year
Where to go, what to bring, when to pay -- all the information is here. Published 19th April, 12:00am
GT Primary Donates to Kidney Patient
$500 raised at "Fun Day" went to Juan Mata Pena who's awaiting a transplant. Published 19th April, 12:00am
An Early Earth Week Clean-up
Year eight students from First Baptist Christian School collected garbage along South Sound Road. Published 19th April, 12:00am
Exhibit: "The Body"
The National Gallery's final exhibition at Alexandra Place opens 25 April and features sculptures by Al Ebanks and drawings by the late English artist and sculptor Henry Moore.  Published 18th April, 12:00am
Immigration Rises to the Challenge
A Senior Immigration Officer at the port says, "We see more tourists at the docks in one day than the airport sees in a month."  Published 18th April, 12:00am
Prep for Torch Run and Thanks to Supporters
Officers from five services team up once again to run and raise funds for Special Olympics.  Published 18th April, 12:00am
Curriculum Unit Purchases "Test Bank"
The new software creates tests, assesses results and provides feedback to schools.  Published 18th April, 12:00am
Wetlands Class Inspires Budding Environmentalists
Learning about endangered species, ground-water pollution, coastline erosion and tidal ponds; plus dressing up in "mangrove critter" costumes, walking through a 50-ft inflatable shark and examining pond life -- no wonder children rave. Published 18th April, 12:00am
Immigration/Employment Relations Joint Initiative
A new co-operative agreement aims to quickly find jobs for unemployed Caymanians. Published 17th April, 12:00am
Ministry of Health and KPMG Sign Contract
KPMG has been hired to analyse current health insurance premiums to determine how they may be affected by proposed increases in fees.  Published 16th April, 12:00am
Student Excels at European Film College
Ward Scott, the first Caribbean student at the college, will share his experiences when "GIS Journal" is broadcast live from Denmark. Published 16th April, 12:00am
Prisoner Escapes from Northward
Steve Manderson cut the hinges off his cell doors in the early hours of this morning (Tuesday, 16 April).  Published 16th April, 12:00am
Adoption Board Appointed
Members were gazetted on 8 April 2002. Published 12th April, 12:00am
Assistant Planner Learns the Game
Haroon Pandohie says he "fell into" a career in planning during college. Published 12th April, 12:00am
Governor's Little Cayman Farewell
A luncheon will be held at the National Trust Information Centre.  Published 12th April, 12:00am
Mercury Wins GHHS Sports
Mercury house won for the first time in 19 years.  Published 12th April, 12:00am
New Planning Regulations Approved
The amended regulations increase building heights to seven floors in parts of George Town and along Seven Mile Beach and to three storeys in residential zones. Published 11th April, 12:00am
Nature Tourism Project Celebrated on Little Cayman
Panels illustrating the waterbirds of Booby Pond, the fauna of the Salt Rocks nature trail and the West Indian Whistling Duck have been installed.  Published 11th April, 12:00am
Tarmac Work Will Improve Airport
Civil Aviation announces the apron hardstands at the Owen Roberts' main terminal will be rehabilitated. Published 11th April, 12:00am
New Social Studies Textbooks Available
New years four and five texts are being distributed to schools; years one to three books have been in classes for about a year-and-a-half.  Published 11th April, 12:00am
Festival Preparations Underway
Local and international judges will assess hundreds of talented performers during the National Children's Festival of the Arts. Published 11th April, 12:00am
Cayman Represented at The Queen Mother's Funeral
Mrs. Jennifer Dilbert represented the Islands' people at the funeral of Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother, at Westminster Abbey. Published 10th April, 12:00am
Doctor Reflects on Mental Health Services
After 13 years of service, Dr. La Hee noted various developments, including the soon-to-be-completed construction of a dedicated ward at the Cayman Islands Hospital.  Published 9th April, 12:00am
Farmer's Market Picks Some Winners
Already known for picking the best produce and meats from local farmers, the market recently also picked three winners in its first customer appreciation drawing. Published 9th April, 12:00am
First 911 Achievement Award
Telecommunicator Jason Weeks received the award given for demonstrating substantial improvement or exceptional performance combined with attributes like good work ethic. Published 9th April, 12:00am
New Internet Payment Gateway
E-business advances with eSHORE which allows merchants to process major credit cards and put the money directly into their local bank accounts.  Published 8th April, 12:00am
$500 Fine for Not Posting House Numbers
Display your number. It could save your life; police, fire and ambulance services will be able to find your home. Plus it's required by law. Published 8th April, 12:00am
Governor Opens Regional Special Olympics Conference
Mr. Peter J. Smith, CBE, welcomed delegates from 17 Caribbean countries. Published 8th April, 12:00am
Cayman Sends Delegation to CFATF Meeting
The Caribbean Financial Action Task Force is currently meeting in Tobago. On the agenda is countering financing of terrorist organisations.  Published 8th April, 12:00am
Public Meeting on Proposed Barkers National Park
In-depth public consultation on the proposed park for this environmentally and culturally important area begins with this meeting.  Published 5th April, 12:00am
New Fees for Using Sports Facilities
All private users of major Government sports facilities are required to apply for use of the venues in advance and to pay user fees.  Published 5th April, 12:00am
Law Students 'Argue' Human Rights
A technical point was argued before Judge Sanderson in a mock Court of Appeal during the Law School's mooting competition finals.  Published 5th April, 12:00am
Approval Procedure for Importing Aggregate
Details the steps involved in this process. Published 4th April, 12:00am
World Health Day
This year it promotes physical activity with the slogan "Move for Health." Published 4th April, 12:00am
Cayman's Condolence Message to HM Queen Elizabeth II
The Queen Mother's "qualities of fortitude, resilience, magnanimity and charm, together with an unequalled sense of duty and service, made her an example to us all." Published 4th April, 12:00am
Caymanian Doctors Added to Health Services Staff
The addition of Doctors Elizabeth McLaughlin and Ruthlyn Pomares doubles the number of Caymanian MDs at the CI Hospital.  Published 3rd April, 12:00am
Young Caymanians on the Road to Success
Graduates in medicine, tourism, finance, and marketing join government.  Published 3rd April, 12:00am
Queen Mother's Funeral Arrangements
Condolence books are available for signing on Cayman Brac and Grand Cayman. Flags will be flown at half-mast until 9 April. Published 3rd April, 12:00am
Skin Infections Increase among Schoolchildren
Ringworm and impetigo are the most common; both are contagious. Published 3rd April, 12:00am