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Press Releases: May 2002

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Sea Itch ALERT!!
Reported along the west coast of Grand Cayman. Published 5th June, 12:00am
A Reward for Young Musicians
The Department of Tourism sponsored a pizza party for the schoolchildren of the National Concert Band to thank them for playing at various DoT events.  Published 5th June, 12:00am
American Airlines NY-GCM Direct
To support this new service, the Department of Tourism and industry partners have teamed up to conduct a sales blitz throughout the New York area. Published 5th June, 12:00am
Golden Jubilee Message from HM the Queen
"...I would like to acknowledge with gratitude the loyalty and support which we have received from the people of the Overseas Territories since I came to the throne in 1952."  Published 4th June, 12:00am
National Hurricane Committee Tests Plans
Checking everything for readiness: medical services; evacuation; search, rescue and initial clearance; utilities and telecommunications; shelter assessment; damage evaluation; manpower; public information; securing of vital records, co-ordination and more.  Published 4th June, 12:00am
Alternative Education Programme at Gallery
AEP students receive 45-minutes of art lessons a week, as well as visits from an art therapist.  Published 4th June, 12:00am
"Good-bye, Flower Patch"
In an outpouring of affection, Girl Guides, Rainbows, Brownies, their leaders and parents turned out to say farewell to their president, Mrs. Suzanne Smith. Published 4th June, 12:00am
Helping the Humane Society
The social studies curriculum's community service component has George Town Primary School students making sure newspapers are re-used. Published 4th June, 12:00am
PSPB Employee Excels
Graded on criteria like customer service, attitude, teamwork and commitment, 19-year old Maria Dixon comes out on top. Published 4th June, 12:00am
Homeopathic Practitioner at Diabetes Association
Natural treatments can complement Western treatments for better quality of life. Published 31st May, 12:00am
Win "Cayman Pathway"
The National Gallery is raffling this Charles Long painting. Published 30th May, 12:00am
Summer Employment Programme
Young people aged 15 to 25 years should register. Summer jobs offer young people a chance to show they can be productive, gives them a sense of responsibility and strengthens their connection with the community.  Published 30th May, 12:00am
Sports Extravaganza Postponed
The George Town Sports Club's Annual Sports Extravaganza, scheduled for this Saturday, 1 June, has been postponed until Saturday, 27 July. Published 30th May, 12:00am
CITES Hawksbill Turtle Meeting Concludes
A regional conservation strategy was prepared, and delegates toured the Cayman Turtle Farm. Published 29th May, 12:00am
The Endangered Hawksbill Turtle
Captured by man from antiquity for its beautiful shell (currently selling at over $200 per kilogram), the Hawksbill was declared endangered in 1970.  Published 29th May, 12:00am
New Way to Obtain Cayman Weather
Pre-recorded updates will be available on 107.9 FM, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, updated three times a day by the National Weather Service. Published 29th May, 12:00am
Brac Agriculture Meeting
During their visit, department officials' agenda includes plant pests and disease, budding and grafting, the high school's agriculture project and the Horn fly infestation. Published 28th May, 12:00am
Cistern Cleaning Time!
The Department of Environmental Health says to clean, repair and disinfect gutters, catchments and cisterns. Published 27th May, 12:00am
Home-grown Art Hero -- Al Ebanks
His vivid use of the colours, forms and subjects that characterise island life mean that the viewer will find something intriguingly familiar and personal in even his most abstract work.  Published 24th May, 12:00am
Mothers to Mothers Meet
This support group holds its regular meeting the first Tuesday of every month -- in June, the 4th. Published 24th May, 12:00am
New Governor's Arrival and Swearing-In
Mr. Bruce H. Dinwiddy and his wife Emma arrive Wednesday, 29 May, at 11:50am. He will become Cayman's ninth governor at the Legislative Assembly at 4:30pm. Published 24th May, 12:00am
World Cup to Be Tobacco Free
"Sports and tobacco do not mix. We have a common goal: that all sports are free from tobacco," said the WHO Director-General while praising FIFA's decision.  Published 24th May, 12:00am
Search for Pilot and Plane Suspended
The aerial and marine search was suspended Thursday night. It resumes at first light on Friday. Published 24th May, 12:00am
Update on Missing Pilot and Aircraft
At 10:35am, Friday, 24 May, two orange containers were spotted by a plane in the search area off Northwest Point.  Published 24th May, 12:00am
Parentcraft Session Begins Monday
Nine classes, starting 27 May, for expectant mothers and fathers.  Published 24th May, 12:00am
Child Month Events
The final week's activities include talent and fashion shows, church services, a fun day and walkathon on the Brac and more!  Published 23rd May, 12:00am
Youth Groups Seek Financial Assistance
A concert, Friday, 31 May, will raise funds for two teams -- Youth With A Mission and the JAM (Jesus And Me) Choir -- taking spiritual messages overseas. Published 23rd May, 12:00am
Prison Fellowship Sponsors Government at Seminar
A magistrate, a social worker and a pastor attended a three-day workshop on restorative justice.  Published 23rd May, 12:00am
PS at Canadian Culture Conference
What were the cultural effects of Cayman's transformation from fishing village to financial centre? Joy Basdeo examines culture and economic progress. Published 23rd May, 12:00am
Delegation to UK
Headed by the Leader of Government Business, the group will have talks with the Treasury Department and meet with representatives from other Caribbean OTs. Published 23rd May, 12:00am
McCoy Prize Exhibition Opens at Museum
The competition encourages excellence in Caymanian art. This year's entries include sculptures, woodcarvings, photographs and paintings. Published 22nd May, 12:00am
Rain Closes Two Schools
George Hicks and John Gray let students out early on Tuesday, 21 May. Published 22nd May, 12:00am
Fish Warning
Possible high levels of mercury make eating these fish dangerous for pregnant women and young children.  Published 22nd May, 12:00am
Sister Islands' Medical Numbers
Numbers printed in the current phone book's government listing are wrong. Published 21st May, 12:00am
Construction Workers Urged to Register
The Employment Services Centre is responsible for maintaining registers of job seekers and their qualifications, as well as job vacancies.  Published 21st May, 12:00am
New Immigration Appeals Tribunal
The tribunal's consideration will constitute a rehearing of the case, and its rulings will supersede those of the Immigration Board.  Published 21st May, 12:00am
Delegates to UN HIV/AIDS Workshop
In Cayman, on average, there is one new infection every seven weeks.  Published 18th May, 12:00am
Seafarers Present Cheque to Hospital
The CI Seafarers' Association presented CI$15,000 in "appreciation for the free medical care provided for our members aged 55+." Published 18th May, 12:00am
Demolition as a Last Resort
The Planning Department oversaw the demolition of two North Side structures that the courts ruled were illegally built. Published 18th May, 12:00am
New Residential Garbage Routes for Grand Cayman
Beginning Monday, 27 May, the new routes mean better staff utilisation and less mileage on collection vehicles. Published 18th May, 12:00am
British Citizen Passports Available
Holders of Cayman Islands passports may apply for British citizen passports from 21 May 2002. Published 18th May, 12:00am
Travel Document Reminder
BEFORE making any travel bookings, check your travel documents to make sure they're in order. Published 18th May, 12:00am
WRC and Avon Cohost Women's Afternoon
Catering to mind and body, the event will encourage mothers to take time for themselves. Published 16th May, 12:00am
Museum Displays Art Competition Entries
25 local artists are vying for the McCoy Art prize.  Published 16th May, 12:00am
New Reading Resource Teacher at Savannah
Susan Ebanks says seeing many children perform below grade level prompted her to pursue further training.  Published 16th May, 12:00am
Anger and Discipline
The second in a series of Child Month panel discussions led to lively input from the audience. Published 16th May, 12:00am
Constitutional Youth Meeting
Leader of Government Business McKeeva Bush discussed key issues raised in the Constitutional Commissioners' Report with 25 high school students.  Published 16th May, 12:00am
No More Civil Service Bond
Students who receive Education Council academic scholarships for university or college will no longer have to work for Government. Published 16th May, 12:00am
Road Notices
Discontinue a road in Colliers, add one in Lower Valley, modify a GT Central plan and announce work on Elgin Avenue. Gazetted 21 May 2002. Published 15th May, 12:00am
JACPS Family Fair
How much did it raise to help the Turtle Farm rebuild? Published 15th May, 12:00am
Inmates Complete Computer Training
The instructor, donated by Baraud Computer Training Centre, says it will "enhance their employment opportunities when they are released." Published 15th May, 12:00am
Inaugural Cruise
The Hon. McKeeva Bush helps Disney make a little Magic. Published 15th May, 12:00am
Charles Long Exhibition Opens
More than 70 of his paintings are featured, including one of the old Islander open-air cinema.  Published 14th May, 12:00am
Are You Dedicated to Earth Friendly Living?
Earth Week is over but our responsibility to protect the environment continues. Here are ways to conserve landfill space and keep the Islands clean and safe.  Published 14th May, 12:00am
Joint Government/Private Sector Consultation on TIEA
Plus a panel answered questions like: What effect will the treaty have on investors? What's the difference between tax evasion and tax avoidance? How will this effect Caymanian green card holders?  Published 14th May, 12:00am
International Museum Day
Will be celebrated with the launch of an exhibition of McCoy Art Prize entries, performances from the Children's Festival and East End cooking. Published 13th May, 12:00am
Schools Donate to Afghan Campaign
Government primary schools contributed to the ongoing Red Cross campaign to collect school supplies for Afghan children. Published 13th May, 12:00am
Miss Cayman Islands off to Miss Universe
Shannon McLean will take part in preliminary activities before the pageant takes place on 29 May.  Published 10th May, 12:00am
Roydell Carter Promoted to Acting Director of DEH
"I am most grateful to be able to serve the Cayman Islands in this capacity, and I look forward in anticipation to the enhanced dimensions and challenges of this new position." Published 10th May, 12:00am
Female Inmates Benefit from Life Skills Training
"It's important to believe that this is a starting point to new self-esteem. Society can't correct you. You have to correct yourselves," Dr. the Hon. Frank McField told those who completed the course.  Published 10th May, 12:00am
Governor Pays Farewell Visit to GIS
"I appreciate your dedication and the fine quality of work that you have been turning out for me. I'm grateful for the sound working relationship we've had over the past three years," Mr. Smith said. Published 10th May, 12:00am
Festival Finishes with Awards
Wesleyan Academy collected a basket with 51 Children's Festival of the Arts medals, including an Award of Excellence for 21 gold medals in music. Published 10th May, 12:00am
Hurricane Shelters 2002
PWD lists the public buildings approved for use as shelters and emergency medical centres during the upcoming hurricane season.  Published 10th May, 12:00am
Governor Says Farewell to Cayman
"Suzanne and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your many kindnesses to us, for allowing us the privilege of serving you as your Governor, and for three challenging, yet wonderful years. Above all, thanks for the countless memories that will remain with us always." Published 9th May, 12:00am
Constitutional Review Student Meeting
Leader of Government Business, the Hon. McKeeva Bush, will discuss the Constitutional Commissioners' report with college students and high school seniors at the Community College on 15 May. Published 9th May, 12:00am
Cayman to Join Regional Early Childhood Network
The Caribbean Support Initiative is committed to replicating and disseminating the best practices in early childhood care and development. Published 9th May, 12:00am
Road Work on West Bay Rd. -- Saturday, 11 May
Motorists should be prepared for diversions and lane changes.  Published 9th May, 12:00am
Children with Flu Symptoms
When flu strikes: When is home care enough? When should a child go to the doctor? When should a child be taken to the emergency room?  Published 9th May, 12:00am
A Logo for the McCoy Prize
A soaring church spire against a blue sky, a feeling of awe with a youthful, energetic background.  Published 9th May, 12:00am
Gallery Opens Charles Long Retrospective
Some 72 paintings, spanning three decades, will be on display at the Harbour Place location starting 10 May. Published 8th May, 12:00am
Cadets Train for Parade
Some 30 recruits practised drill routines for the "Passing Out" ceremony held at the Governor's residence.  Published 8th May, 12:00am
Festival Finishes on High Note
The National Children's Festival of the Arts will recognise top performers at an awards ceremony and concert at the Harquail Theatre, on Thursday, 9 May. Published 8th May, 12:00am
John Gray Year 12 Farewell
Students bade an emotional goodbye to classmates and teachers on 3 May. After the weekend, official study leave for external examinations began. Published 8th May, 12:00am
Assistance with Pre-school Fees Available
Caymanian parents who will experience financial difficulty sending children to pre-school may collect application forms from pre-schools or the Department of Education.  Published 8th May, 12:00am
Road Notices
Three roads in Cayman Brac and one in Lower Valley are published in Gazette #9, 6 May 2002.  Published 8th May, 12:00am
Appointments to Boards
From Gazette #9, 6 May 2002, appointments for the Civil Aviation Authority, Trade and Business Licensing Board, the Immigration Board for GC and Labour Tribunals. Published 8th May, 12:00am
Two Scarlet Fever Cases
Be vigilant in observing children for symptoms of strep throat, which can lead to scarlet fever.  Published 8th May, 12:00am
Farmer's Market Helps Humane Society
Purchase certain pet foods, say five words and the Market will donate five percent of the purchase price.  Published 3rd May, 12:00am
George Town Awards Open Child Month
Academic, arts and sports awards plus NCFA medal-winning performances provided a showcase for primary school achievers. Published 3rd May, 12:00am
Visiting Choir Adds a Dash of Colour
A chorale group from the Forest Lake Academy in Orlando charmed with their singing, enthusiasm and helping hands. Published 3rd May, 12:00am
George Hicks Creates a Banner for Red Cross Appeal
Hands of children reaching for help, sand to represent the desert, tracks in the sand filled with broken pencils to show that war has disrupted Afghanistan's education system.  Published 3rd May, 12:00am
Small but Lively Steel Band Festival
Judges awarded eight gold medals in the solo/duet category and nine in the band category.  Published 2nd May, 12:00am
John A. Cumber Fair
You're invited to a family fair day at the school on Saturday, May 11, from 5.00pm.  Published 2nd May, 12:00am
Cheque for Juan Presented
A Red Bay Primary School PTA raffle raised money for the year three student who is waiting for a kidney transplant.  Published 2nd May, 12:00am
Prison Begins Art Programme
Nine Northward inmates recently began drawing classes, part of a new art education programme, "Inside Art", sponsored by the National Gallery.  Published 1st May, 12:00am