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Press Releases: June 2002

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Results of Petition Audit Announced
Signatures represent 33.67 percent of all registered electors. Published 28th June, 12:00am
Large Turnout for Grand Opening
The Public Service Pensions Board celebrated moving into its new Cricket Square location with a customer appreciation reception. Published 28th June, 12:00am
Student Visas for the USA
The procedure has changed this year; all first-time applicants must be interviewed in person by a consular officer at the US Embassy in Kingston. Published 28th June, 12:00am
CI$ Stands Firm
There are no intentions to devalue or revalue the Cayman Islands dollar says the Financial Secretary.  Published 28th June, 12:00am
Cayman Craft Market
Beginning July 1, the Market will showcase the best of the Island's arts and crafts at the old Almond Tree restaurant.  Published 28th June, 12:00am
Children -- Art Trek to Morocco
Learn about the art and culture and make a Moroccan-style tile mosaic. Published 28th June, 12:00am
Diabetes Passport
What is it? Find out at the Wednesday, 3 July, meeting of the Diabetes Association. Published 28th June, 12:00am
Still Room in Sea Camp!!
Learn marine biology and ecology and become a certified diver.  Published 28th June, 12:00am
PSPB "Gives Back"
As part of their annual community outreach, Public Service Pensions Board staff assisted a family whose house burnt down and Cayman HospiceCare.  Published 27th June, 12:00am
Welcome to our Port
The newly formed Port Improvement and Beautification Committee (PIBC) will make recommendations for George Town's port facilities.  Published 27th June, 12:00am
ILO Annual Conference
Issues dealt with included globalisation, child labour, poverty reduction, job creation and workplace health and safety. Published 27th June, 12:00am
Mothers to Mothers
Will meet on Tuesday, 2 July, 4pm, at the Public Health Clinic. Published 27th June, 12:00am
Aquaculture Development
Clams, flounder and conch -- government officials visit a Florida institute and return with ideas. Published 27th June, 12:00am
The Islands are on heightened alert following the detection of the pink hibiscus mealybug in Florida.  Published 27th June, 12:00am
Learn Not to Burn
All solid waste including vegetation and garbage should be disposed of at the landfill. And remember, open or field burning is against the law. Published 27th June, 12:00am
Gallery Closes Alexander Place Location
Some 150 persons visited during the National Gallery's closing party to view works by "Art Magnet" and "Inside Art" participants. Published 27th June, 12:00am
Rescheduled Dates for New Cayman Brac Post Office
The official opening of the West End Post Office and Mail Processing Centre will now be held on Saturday, 6 July. Customers are asked to note other date changes as well. Published 25th June, 12:00am
Class Project Nets $136 for Cancer Society
George Hicks High School tutor group 9CM's mandatory service project for life-skills class was a bake sale with proceeds going to charity.  Published 25th June, 12:00am
School-Leaving Schedule
Between 22 June and 2 July, 13 Government schools will hold ceremonies honouring students. Published 25th June, 12:00am
Health Authority Legislation in LA
The authority would take over, own and operate all Government health care facilities; it would continue to provide free public health programmes, and it would transfer more decision-making power to health care workers. Published 24th June, 12:00am
The Grand Harbour Roundabout
Work has begun, and will continue for four months, on the intersection of Crewe, Shamrock, and South Sound roads.  Published 24th June, 12:00am
Chief Secretary to Turks and Caicos
UK Caribbean OTs' Deputy Governors and Chief Secretaries will discuss common interests like development and management of the public service, constitutional development, citizenship, and disaster management. Published 21st June, 12:00am
Legislative Assembly Closed
To the public on Tuesday, 25 June, for Standing Public Accounts Committee proceedings.  Published 21st June, 12:00am
Three New Applications
The Liquor Licensing Board of Cayman Brac and Little Cayman will hold its quarterly meeting on Tuesday, 25 June.  Published 21st June, 12:00am
Coaching Course
22 covered 8 areas, including fitness and nutrition; safety, injury and recovery, and event planning and management.  Published 21st June, 12:00am
Drama Stars Shine in Showcase
The evening featured dramatic scenes, monologues, songs and the presentation of awards to members of "The John Gray Players." Published 21st June, 12:00am
Police Investigating Assault
The Education Department confirms the police are investigating an alleged sexual assault involving a male and female student at George Hicks High School. Published 21st June, 12:00am
New West End Post Office
Over 500 post boxes for rent, an Internet cafe, a spacious customer service area and parking lot.  Published 21st June, 12:00am
Rainy season = more pests. You can help the Department of Environmental Health with its rodent control programme. Published 21st June, 12:00am
Whelks & Conch: Limit & Season
The limit for whelks is 2.5 gallons in the shell or 2.5 pounds processed; conch season opens 1 November. Published 19th June, 12:00am
Community Policing Award to RCIP Officer
Police Sergeant Michael Montaque "has certainly put the RCIP on the policing map for the Caribbean. It is a wonderful accolade for the Cayman Islands, RCIP and of course for himself," says Commissioner Thursfield.  Published 19th June, 12:00am
Motivation for East End Kids
Children of the East End/Gun Bay United Church After School Programme experienced four stimulating days as part of "International Week of the Child."  Published 19th June, 12:00am
BT Childcare Workers Volunteer for Extra Training
Boundaries within which children learn and grow, parenting skills and stages of development -- all part of the Community Development Unit's "Building Positive Relationships" workshop. Published 19th June, 12:00am
Deadline Extended for White Paper Feedback
The Human Resources Ministry invites public feedback on the changes to the Labour, the Workman's Compensation, the Pensions, the Trade Union and the Trade and Business Licensing laws. Published 19th June, 12:00am
Galleria Roundabout Open
The new intersection allows right turns on and off the Esterley Tibbetts Highway.  Published 19th June, 12:00am
Exhibition for Art Magnet
Ten CIMI students will display prints, drawings and ceramics at the National Gallery. Published 19th June, 12:00am
E-Business Advisory Board Accepts Bankers' Report
"We're very pleased to be playing a role in helping to shape the infrastructure needed to develop e-business," says CI Bankers' Association President Eric Crutchley.  Published 19th June, 12:00am
Queen's Birthday Honours
Cayman Islands Certificates and Badges of Honour to Edwin Bowyer, Gladys Howard, Rev. Godfrey Meghoo, and Joe Parsons; an MBE for Jackie Smith and an OBE for Norberg Thompson. Published 18th June, 12:00am
A Week To Go for Moore Show
"This show demonstrates the synergy that exists between drawing and sculpture. Both Henry Moore and Al Ebanks are fascinated by the body's relationship to its surroundings, as well as to other people."  Published 14th June, 12:00am
Civil Servants and Public Petitions
From General Orders: "No officer shall sign or procure signatures to any public petition to the Government which may require executive action or which relates to any action or proposals of the Government of the Islands or of any other Government." Published 14th June, 12:00am
CUC Assists with Inmate Education
Donated funds will be used for the prison's pre-college qualification programme. Published 14th June, 12:00am
Youth Workers Hired in Every District
Dr. the Hon Frank McField challenged the new recruits to "tap into the activities, needs and concerns of all in their respective districts..." Published 14th June, 12:00am
CI Participates in Renowned "Food & Wine" Classic
More than 5000 attend America's premier culinary event, and this year Blackbeard's Rum Cakes will be in the VIP bags distributed to influentials in the food, wine, finance, and fashion industries.  Published 14th June, 12:00am
Summer School Fun
"Our goal is to provide a stimulating environment in which staff can reinforce skills students have learned over the regular school year. We have smaller class sizes and creative teachers..."  Published 14th June, 12:00am
Clear GPO Boxes
Before 1:00 pm on Saturday, 15 June, because the exterior of the General Post Office will be power washed.  Published 14th June, 12:00am
Queen's Birthday Celebration
Her Majesty the Queen's official birthday will be celebrated Monday, 17 June, with the ceremonial parade and the traditional presentation and announcement of Queen's Honours.  Published 13th June, 12:00am
Public Invited to Government House Reception
Following Her Majesty's Birthday Celebration and Parade on 17 June, HE the Governor and Mrs. Dinwiddy will host a reception at Government House.  Published 13th June, 12:00am
Public Access to Legislative Assembly Building
Open hours will vary on Friday, 14 June, and on Tuesday, 25 June. Published 13th June, 12:00am
Fish Poisoning
"The condition is known as ciguatera food poisoning. These cases periodically occur in the Cayman Islands, especially during rainy seasons, and barracuda is commonly implicated as the source," says Dr. Kumar. Published 13th June, 12:00am
Triple C to GYLC
Recent graduates Suzette Watler and Jonathan Bain will travel to New York City and Washington D.C. for the Global Young Leaders Conference.  Published 13th June, 12:00am
Liquor Licensing and Deferred Applications
"The recent deferral of approximately 60 applications which were on the agenda of the Liquor Licensing Board is unfortunate and should not have occurred," says the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism. Published 13th June, 12:00am
Ag Officials Impressed by Bermuda's Show
Looking to upgrade the local event, a delegation with members from both the department and society return with fresh perspectives. Published 11th June, 12:00am
Highlights of CTO Week
Cayman's Office of the Americas, housing Tourism and the Investment Bureau, was relocated to Park Avenue in NYC, and Bob Soto was honoured as one of the most influential contributors to the development of Caribbean tourism. Published 11th June, 12:00am
USCG Cutter to Visit
The "Confidence" will visit 28-30 June 2002.  Published 11th June, 12:00am
Amendment Affects Timeshares
Effective 1 June 2002, timeshare properties must pay the government US$10 accomodation tax for each day for each occupied room.  Published 11th June, 12:00am
West Bay Road Roundabout -- Soon Come
About one more week of work. Published 11th June, 12:00am
Summer School Registration
Four schools on Grand Cayman and one on Cayman Brac will be running Government's summer school programme. It targets years one to five students performing at least a year behind, or a year ahead of grade level. Deadline for registration is Friday, June 14. Published 6th June, 12:00am
Local Scholarships Deadline
Students wishing to apply for scholarships to attend local tertiary institutions must submit applications to the Education Council by June 14.  Published 6th June, 12:00am
Lord Laro Visits John Gray
The Trinidadian calypsonian discussed his career with music students and played snippets of his best known songs. Published 6th June, 12:00am