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Press Releases: August 2002

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Support for the Chief Medical Director
A statement says Government has full confidence in Dr. Bryan Heap, calling him highly qualified, professionally competent, and an experienced manager. Published 30th August, 12:00am
Maths Workshops for Parents
Want improved knowledge of the mathematics that your children learn in school? Published 30th August, 12:00am
Orientation for New Teachers
They met principals and education officers, heard details of the Department's finance and personnel procedures, and heard from the Minister.  Published 30th August, 12:00am
Governor Tours DEH
He discussed the role of officers in district sanitation and food hygiene, the laboratory, garbage fees, and public education -- and visited the landfill.  Published 30th August, 12:00am
Meeting Focuses on Child Safety
Attend Mothers to Mothers, Tuesday, 3 September, from 4 to 5 p.m. at the Public Health Clinic, Cayman Islands Hospital.  Published 30th August, 12:00am
Commonwealth Scholar Heads to Canada
George Town Primary School teacher Anola Smith begins a two-year master's degree programme in education, specialising in curriculum studies.  Published 30th August, 12:00am
George Hicks Opens Late
The first day of school for year seven students is Friday, September 6. Years eight and nine return on Monday, September 9.  Published 30th August, 12:00am
Cargo Plane Lands Safely
A DHL plane landed without incident on Friday, 30 August, after returning to Owen Roberts Airport as a safety precaution.  Published 30th August, 12:00am
Mr Bush to Meet with OT Colleagues
The Leader of Government Business will attend the annual meeting of Chief Ministers and Heads of Government of the Caribbean OTs August 29 and 30. Published 29th August, 12:00am
Military Cylinder Found on Beach
Stamped with the words "if found, contact US Military or police," the cylinder is believed to be a flare from a military aircraft.  Published 29th August, 12:00am
Matthew Thompson Dies
During the past three months, he showed improvement at times; however, he remained in a coma. His condition weakened over the past few days. Published 29th August, 12:00am
College Offers Art Courses
Amateurs can hone their skills in photography, printmaking and drawing in visual arts classes organised by the National Gallery and Community College.  Published 28th August, 12:00am
Swimming Registration
Registration for new swimmers, especially those on spring's waiting list, will take place at the Lions Aquatic Centre on Saturday, 14 September. Published 28th August, 12:00am
Replace Video Surveillance Tapes
Each time a tape is reused, there is a reduction in quality. The RCIP report, "It's very frustrating for us when the tape is of such poor quality that it is not admissible in court." Published 28th August, 12:00am
Schedule for Start of School
Some (new students) go earlier, but all government school students will be back in the classroom on Thursday, 5 September. Published 28th August, 12:00am
New Teachers
Twenty-six overseas teachers will enter the government school system in September; two Caymanian educators will return after completing post-graduate studies. Published 28th August, 12:00am
Museum Hosts Brac "Looky Ya"
Thursday, August 29, from 10:00am to 2.00pm, artists and craftspeople will sell thatch work, beach rock and Caymanite jewelry.  Published 28th August, 12:00am
PWD's Roads Division apologises to motorists for delays experienced during Monday's morning commute. Published 28th August, 12:00am
Revised Health Practitioners Bill
Now named the Health Practice Bill, it proposes the dissolution of the current Health Practitioners' Board and the formation of four councils responsible for regulating the professions. It also establishes a health commission and a health appeals tribunal.  Published 26th August, 12:00am
Veteran Prison Teacher Retires
Elaine Golding feels she brought hope into inmates' lives, and she emphasises the "critical importance of good parenting." Published 26th August, 12:00am
TCOT Workshop Here
The UK's Turtles in the Caribbean Overseas Territories (TCOT) initiative will teach new research skills to OT biologists, allowing them to further investigate the status of endangered marine turtle populations.  Published 23rd August, 12:00am
Summer School Donation
The Lions Club of Grand Cayman Gardens donated $500 to defray the cost of books.  Published 23rd August, 12:00am
Minister Has Emergency Surgery
From Miami, the Hon. Linford Pierson reports he's recovering after an attack of acute appendicitis. Published 23rd August, 12:00am
National Standards for Principals
They outline principals' key purpose, areas of responsibility, professional knowledge and understanding, as well as abilities and characteristics.  Published 23rd August, 12:00am
Little Kids Sea Camp
The Central Caribbean Marine Institute's Summer Sea Camp expanded to give 4 to 12 year olds an interactive marine environment experience. Published 22nd August, 12:00am
Orientation Success
Some 120 young people attended the Education Council's pre-departure orientation for first time college students headed overseas.  Published 22nd August, 12:00am
Art Competition Seeks Cayman Entries
Children aged eight to 12 years have the chance to take part in the 2003 Creativity Olympics.  Published 20th August, 12:00am
Importing Cats and Dogs
Regulations help protect the local pet population from rabies and disease-carrying pests, while making it easier for residents to travel with their dogs and cats. Published 20th August, 12:00am
Remember to Pay School Fees
Book rental and school fees are due before the start of the new school year.  Published 20th August, 12:00am
Women Log On for Free
Women can now do research and conduct on-line communications at no cost on the Women's Resource Centre's Community Computer -- thanks to Cable & Wireless.  Published 19th August, 12:00am
McCoy Prize Presentation
Artist Nickola McCoy receives the first McCoy Prize -- $1500 cash and $1500 educational grant -- for excellence in Caymanian art.  Published 19th August, 12:00am
DoT and "Weddingbells" Sponsor Contest
Over 18,000 Canadian couples vied for a Cayman honeymoon. Published 19th August, 12:00am
Summer Programme Visits GIS
Graphic designer Charles Gilman hosted the group and chatted about designing art for brochures and pamphlets. Published 19th August, 12:00am
Plumber's Examination
Complete, paid applications should be submitted no later than Friday, 23 August 2002.  Published 19th August, 12:00am
Turtle Rescue
The Department of Environment (DoE), police and volunteers liberated a large green turtle found in some bushes tied with rope.  Published 17th August, 12:00am
Native Done is Looking for New Members
All persons interested in producing and selling original, high quality works of art are welcome at the group's next meeting on September 17. Published 17th August, 12:00am
Education Minister Reports on South Africa Visit
The Hon. Roy Bodden discussed the need for a virtual university and increased HIV/AIDS awareness in schools with colleagues at a Commonwealth forum. Published 17th August, 12:00am
New Government Buildings Get Green Llight
Two new seven storey buildings will help government meet the existing and future needs of the civil service in a cost-effective manner.  Published 17th August, 12:00am
Brac Informatics Receives E-Business Contract
The company will offer strategic planning, market development and brand consulting to promote Cayman as a global leader. Published 17th August, 12:00am
GPO Says Clear Boxes by 1pm
On two Saturdays, August 17 and 24, early clearing of boxes will facilitate maintenance work at the General Post Office. Published 17th August, 12:00am
Public Urged to Report Dead Birds
Following an outbreak of West Nile Virus in the US, the Mosquito Research & Control Unit (MRCU) and Department of Agriculture (DOA) are closely monitoring mosquito and bird populations.  Published 17th August, 12:00am
Community College Visual Arts Courses
Register now for professional level classes in photography, printmaking and a foundation course in drawing.  Published 17th August, 12:00am
Senior Assistant Secretary Enjoys Challenge
At the Health, District Administration and Agriculture Ministry, Mrs. Montoya is the principal monitor for staff, accounts and matters relating to health. Published 17th August, 12:00am
French Artist Donation
The National Gallery accepted three works from a Paris-based psychologist, who produced the pieces from wood, fabric and materials that she found during walks.  Published 17th August, 12:00am
Food Training For Six
Restaurant managers and supervisors recently completed an intensive course on food safety. Published 14th August, 12:00am
Cultural Foundation Magazine Available
Public invited to launch party by Cayman National Cultural Foundation  Published 12th August, 12:00am
Community College Admissions Exam
Prospective students: The institution will waive minimum entry requirements for those who successfully complete the exam.  Published 9th August, 12:00am
Constitutional Review Documents Off to the UK
The Commissioners' report and draft Constitution, the Hansard of the debate, position papers from political parties and more. Published 9th August, 12:00am
School Supplies and Used Uniforms
The Cayman Islands Students Association starts a two-week collection drive.  Published 9th August, 12:00am
Advisory on West Nile Virus
Protect yourself against mosquito bites. There's a US West Nile Virus outbreak. Cayman residents frequently travel, plus infected migratory birds may fly into the region.  Published 9th August, 12:00am
See Shells at the National Museum
The best pieces from a collection of more than 1000 shells will be exhibited in the Natural History Gallery next month.  Published 9th August, 12:00am
Land Sales for First and Second Quarters
Land sales rose 9.8% during the first quarter of 2002, but slowed in the second -- down some 15.38% from the corresponding period last year.  Published 8th August, 12:00am
Mr. Bush Invited to London Symposium
The Hon. McKeeva Bush will share Government's views on constitutional and governance issues, economic development and financial matters, social issues and human rights, and environmental conservation at the fourth annual Overseas Territories Consultative Council. Published 8th August, 12:00am
50 Facts on The Queen's Golden Jubilee Year
These examples demonstrate the diversity and intensity of the Jubilee programme. Published 8th August, 12:00am
Sea Camp Begins on Little Cayman
Lessons: how the organisms that make up a coral reef are interdependent; develop a study of the Island's conch population; examine the lifestyles of fish; learn SCUBA.  Published 7th August, 12:00am
Updated Plans for Educational Leadership
As a co-operative venture of the Education Ministry, the Schools' Inspectorate and the Education Department, the National Educational Leadership Programme will play a significant role in the development and implementation of strategies for school improvement.  Published 7th August, 12:00am
DoT's Cayman Rewards Programme
Every month until October, the travel agent booking the highest number of guests to Cayman receives $500. Published 7th August, 12:00am
Planning Department Employee Off to College
Timothy Howard is headed for Howard University in Washington, DC, to work on a bachelor's degree in civil engineering. Published 7th August, 12:00am
Summer School Closes
Family members came, browsed artwork and creative writing, and watched students show off new skills. Published 7th August, 12:00am
Governor Tours APO
A look at the inner workings of the post office and at the new HM Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother stamp issue. Published 7th August, 12:00am
Camp Ends with Performance
Song, dance, drama -- children who attended the CNCF Summer Arts Camp staged a colourful finale. Published 6th August, 12:00am
Travel Wholesaler Promotes CI Vacations
Travel Impressions is aggressively promoting packages to the Islands, placing a full-page ad in a travel industry publication and featuring Cayman on its website.  Published 6th August, 12:00am
Athletics Highlighted in Wednesday TV Show
"Countdown", broadcast LIVE from the Harquail, will focus on improvements in athletics and preparations for the 2004 Olympics. Published 6th August, 12:00am
Security Measures at Airports
A reminder to all travellers! Heightened security measures are still in place at Cayman's airports. Published 6th August, 12:00am
Cayman Scholar Completes Course
Tricia McDoom will begin postgraduate study in law after earning a bachelor's degree with upper-second-class honours in law and accounting. Published 6th August, 12:00am
Oprah's Guests in Cayman!
Edna was attacked by an alligator. Amanda stayed to help her. Oprah showcased this heroic act. Then she and DoT made sure Amanda got her dream vacation. Published 6th August, 12:00am
NO Conch! NO Lobster!
Conch season is closed until 1 November; lobster season is closed until 1 December. Published 5th August, 12:00am
Immigration Staff Receive Training
Twenty officers completed advanced observation and behavioural analysis training conducted by RoverTech International.  Published 5th August, 12:00am
Commonwealth Games 2002
An update for 5 August. Published 5th August, 12:00am
Commonwealth Games 2002
An update for 2 August. Published 5th August, 12:00am
Commonwealth Athletes Return
Cayman's athletes earned their highest ranking to date at this 17th annual meet. Published 5th August, 12:00am
Eating Right with Diabetes
A nutritionist will give tips about understanding food choices and nutrition labels at the next Cayman Islands Diabetes Association (CIDA) meeting.  Published 5th August, 12:00am
Cayman to Host OECD Meeting in October
Closed working sessions will discuss technical matters related to the model exchange of information agreement and level playing field issues. Published 2nd August, 12:00am
New Chevening Scholar Announced
Tracy-Ann Lamont, an administrator for a financial firm, plans to pursue postgraduate study in Britain as the prelude to a legal career. Published 2nd August, 12:00am
First Time College Students Welcome at Orientation
Headed overseas this fall? Adapting to a new culture, academic and social pressures of college life, and immigration will all be discussed.  Published 2nd August, 12:00am
Immigration Work Permit Guidelines Issued for Musicians
Designed to promote and protect the local music industry, the guidelines were established after consultation with the Cayman Music and Entertainment Association (CMEA). Published 2nd August, 12:00am
Diverse Career Leads to Ministry Post
Child development, communications and finance, now as assistant secretary, Lorna Washington says, "I've always accepted posts that are interesting to me,...I've grown in expected and unexpected ways." Published 2nd August, 12:00am
Good News from the FATF
The FATF praises Cayman's continued development of the financial intelligence unit and its responses to foreign FIU and regulatory requests, the receipt and analysis of suspicious transaction reports, and the commencement of a money laundering prosecution. Published 1st August, 12:00am