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Press Releases: September 2002

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Women's Crisis Centre Renovations
25 volunteers cleaned and painted the house; members came from the Crisis Centre's Board, the Rotary Club of GC Central, the National Committee Against Domestic Abuse and the Inner Wheel Club. Published 1st October, 12:00am
Airport Security Tax
Developments in security have come with an increase in cost, so the airport security tax has gone up which increases ticket prices. Published 1st October, 12:00am
Chief Medical Officer Appointed
Dr. Gerald Smith has been appointed CMO with effect from 16 September.  Published 27th September, 12:00am
Learning Real Estate Valuation
Barry Jones of the Lands and Survey Department is interning with leading UK estate agent and property consultants, Knight Frank.  Published 27th September, 12:00am
Isidore Wets Tower Building
The storm caused flooding on the ground floor affecting Lands and Survey and the General Registry.  Published 27th September, 12:00am
R and R for USCG Cutter
"Bear" will visit Grand Cayman 11-14 October 2002.  Published 27th September, 12:00am
International Day of Older Persons
Social Services and Public Health have a month of activities planned. Published 27th September, 12:00am
Inspectorate To Meet with JGHS Parents
How well is the school meeting students' needs? Parental input sought Tuesday, 1 October, 5:30pm. Published 27th September, 12:00am
Changes Ahead for Education Department
Action plans that outline proposed changes to its operations are now at the Education Ministry for approval. Published 26th September, 12:00am
Backhoe Donated to Prison
Inmates who learn to operate and service the Water Authority's gift will use it to beautify the grounds and assist with building and farming projects. Published 26th September, 12:00am
NCVO Member -- 34 Years
Olive Miller is a wonderful example of "Volunteering -- Older Persons In Action," the local theme of the International Day of Older Persons.  Published 26th September, 12:00am
Cayman Delegation at OT Meeting
A full slate of issues await the Leader of Government Business, FS, and others at the United Kingdom Overseas Territories Consultative Council.  Published 26th September, 12:00am
Quilt for National Gallery
The Cayman Quilters present a stitched and padded masterpiece "From the Heart." Published 24th September, 12:00am
New Meeting Place for CIDA
The Association has grown, so the Cayman Islands' Diabetes Association will now meet in the Cayman Islands Seafarers' Association building. Published 24th September, 12:00am
Ag Department Pesticides Course
An opportunity for registered and bonafide farmers, nursery personnel, professional landscapers, lawn and garden maintenance personnel, and pest-control operators.  Published 24th September, 12:00am
End of an Era
Post Offices will be closed on Saturdays. Published 24th September, 12:00am
Academic Award for Tessa Ryan
The recognition comes from her employer, the Public Service Pensions Board. Published 23rd September, 12:00am
International Coastal Cleanup 2002
Delayed by Isidore, the CITA event takes place Saturday. In 2001 over 190 people removed 2555 pounds of debris from the beach and from underwater. Published 23rd September, 12:00am
Ground Testing for New Government Buildings
The underground surveys determine if there are any soft spots or faults in the land that builders will have to take into consideration. Published 20th September, 12:00am
Meetings Rescheduled
Check for the new dates for the Development Plan Review meetings for North Side and Bodden Town. Published 20th September, 12:00am
Scouts and Service
Theoline Wellington is a wonderful example of "Volunteering -- Older Persons in Action," the local theme of the International Day of Older Persons.  Published 20th September, 12:00am
CUC's Frank Sound Substation
The Hon. Linford Pierson cut the ribbon at the opening of the latest indoor electrical substation. Published 19th September, 12:00am
New CNCF Programmes Manager
Michele Mogg has a history of turning her pastimes into professional passions. Published 19th September, 12:00am
Preschoolers Visit APO
33 students from Miss Nadine's saw how mail is processed and distributed. Published 19th September, 12:00am
Tertiary Education Council
Education Minister, Hon Roy Bodden: "The tertiary education providers are important partners in supporting government's vision for the country's economic and social development."  Published 18th September, 12:00am
Child Safety Month Underway
Organisations are addressing problems like proper use of seatbelts, supervision in the home, admission of underage youth into clubs, and common accidents, like choking.  Published 18th September, 12:00am
Ministry Releases Post-Inspection Report
The inspection team indicates that Triple C has developed a detailed and comprehensive action plan, but progress in its implementation has been slow.  Published 18th September, 12:00am
Public Meetings Postponed
The Development Plan Review meetings for Bodden Town and North Side have been postponed. Published 18th September, 12:00am
New Civics Curriculum
Students will discuss political, spiritual, moral, social and cultural issues; learn the role of legal, political, religious, social and economic institutions and more. Published 18th September, 12:00am
Festival Booklet on Sale
"The Coutts Collection" of award-winning writing from 2002's National Children's Festival literary competition is now available. Published 18th September, 12:00am
New Role for Education Council Secretary
Jennifer Smith becomes the Assistant Director of the Employment Relations Department. Published 18th September, 12:00am
Minister Donates Books
The Hon. Roy Bodden gifted the Community College Library with tomes on political science, international relations, economics and sociology.  Published 16th September, 12:00am
Shipping Registry Attracts Luxury Vessel
It has a landing craft to carry a car to the beach, a swimming pool, catamaran, submarine, 11 jacuzzis, a movie theatre, gym, piranha-filled aquarium... Published 16th September, 12:00am
70 Year Old Cotton Skirt
Worn by Ms Ivy Powell's grandmother and now part of the Museum's textile collection.  Published 16th September, 12:00am
Job Advertisement Requirements
The Immigration Board reminds employers that it is NOT acceptable to include the phrase "prior to applying for a work permit renewal." Published 16th September, 12:00am
Donation for LHS
The Reading Association presented three bookshelves to the Lighthouse School Library. Published 16th September, 12:00am
CPA Makes Presentation to MLAs
On the draft amendments to the 1997 Development Plan and on Sister Islands planning initiatives.  Published 16th September, 12:00am
Patient Care Benefits from New Technology
The Cerner Millennium solutions package allows accurate administration of diet and patient medication; provides prompt, reliable information storage, query and retrieval of patient information and more... Published 13th September, 12:00am
Know Your District Subcommittee Representative
You will gain insight into the development plan review process. Published 13th September, 12:00am
Development on the Rebound
Both approvals for development and planning permission grants increased in the first six months of 2002. Published 13th September, 12:00am
Gallery Preps for Asian Exhibition
The show will feature some 31 pieces by artists from Japan, Korea, China and Vietnam. Published 12th September, 12:00am
An Eco-Conscious School Year
Remember: reduce, reuse and recycle! Use both sides of a piece of paper; pack lunch in reuseable containers. And there's more... Published 12th September, 12:00am
Post Office Staff Remember 9/11
The Postmaster General received a Douglas Levey painting depicting the artwork featured on Cayman's 9/11 commemorative stamp. Published 12th September, 12:00am
Teacher Develops Software
Information communications technology teacher Pat Sparling's programs appear in "Amazing Activities with Appleworks." Published 12th September, 12:00am
East End Park Meeting
Join the Ministry of Community Affairs and Dart Management at the East End Civic Centre at 7:00pm on Thursday, 12th September.  Published 12th September, 12:00am
St Ignatius Post Inspection Report
Released by the Ministry of Education, the report assesses progress the school has made since its first inspection visit in March 1999.  Published 12th September, 12:00am
Health Minister Sets Meeting
All health practitioners and owners and managers of private health-care facilities are invited to attend a meeting regarding the Health Practice Bill.  Published 11th September, 12:00am
Input Sought on Draft Amendments to the Development Plan
The CPA, Planning Department and members of district committees will present the DRAFT recommendations from 16-23 September, looking for feedback.  Published 10th September, 12:00am
What a Camp!
North Side and East End children explored their creative sides, played and socialised at a camp run by the Community Development Unit.  Published 10th September, 12:00am
Moody's Investors Service
Ranks Cayman highly because of our large, diverse financial services industry, high income levels, prudent economic policy framework, favorable external debt position, and more! Published 10th September, 12:00am
George Hicks Set for School Year
With an intake of about 400, the school's population nears 1,000. Following renovations to six classroom blocks, officials believe they have the physical resources to meet students' needs in the short term.  Published 9th September, 12:00am
Sickle Cell Support Group
Will meet Tuesday, 17 September. Published 6th September, 12:00am
New Executive Committee for "ifs"
The Institute of Financial Services (ifs), the official brand of the UK's Chartered Institute of Bankers, will offer a Financial Services Foundation Certificate and a Certificate in Offshore Administration.  Published 5th September, 12:00am
Ministry Releases Cayman Prep Report
A summary inspection report on the primary department states that Prep is "a good school with many strengths."  Published 5th September, 12:00am
Active Fall Schedule
The Schools' Inspectorate plans two inspection visits and a post-inspection. Published 5th September, 12:00am
Deadline for Status Applications
All applications are due 9 September 2002; however, the Board will accept supporting documentation from persons applying as a consequence of the amendment up until the close of business on 23 September. Published 5th September, 12:00am
Busy Week for National Gallery
"ConverAsian" going up, two exhibitions closing, and visual arts classes at the Community College beginning.  Published 4th September, 12:00am
Literacy a Priority
Both teaching and learning need to become more effective. Published 4th September, 12:00am
Teacher Training Focusses on Literacy
During the professional staff development workshops held for Government teachers September 2-4. Published 4th September, 12:00am
Southwell Years' Launch
Plans to celebrate Cayman's connection to National Bulk Carriers include commemorative medals, a book and a travelling memorabilia exhibition.  Published 4th September, 12:00am
Volunteer Job Directory for Older People
The International Day of Older Persons, 1 October, has the local theme "Volunteering -- Older Persons In Action." Published 4th September, 12:00am
MRCU Daytime Spraying
Small pellets target larvae developing in aquatic habitats and prevent emergence of biting mosquitoes.  Published 3rd September, 12:00am
Canadian and UK Scholarships Available
Awards are available for postgraduate study in all academic disciplines. The UK is also offering funds for clinical training in medicine and dentistry. Published 3rd September, 12:00am
Scholarship Numbers Up, Up, Up!
61 for local study (with more being considered) and over 60 for overseas study, making the total awarded in 2002 the highest number yet. Published 3rd September, 12:00am
Convenient Recycling for WB
Residents can drop off their aluminium cans when they shop at Foster's Republix.  Published 3rd September, 12:00am
Hon. McKeeva Bush at Chief Ministers' Conference
A Turks and Caicos GIS release emphasises the opportunity to share ideas, learn from similar experiences, and formulate policies on matters of mutual interest.  Published 2nd September, 12:00am
Medication and Diabetes
At September's meeting of the Diabetes Association, a pharmacist will present the latest scientific information about medications and how to use them to the best advantage.  Published 2nd September, 12:00am