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Press Releases: October 2002

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Aviation Heads Meet
CAA hosted a meeting of the directors of civil aviation of the Caribbean region from 8-11 October.  Published 1st November, 12:00am
Aviation Stamp Launch
The public is invited to celebrate the 50th anniversary of aviation in the Cayman Islands, Friday, 8 November, Owen Roberts International Airport. Published 1st November, 12:00am
Honouring 1932 Hurricane Survivors
Organised by the Cayman Brac Museum, a special event and display marks the 70th anniversary.  Published 1st November, 12:00am
US Boosts Visa Fee
The US nonimmigrant visa application fee increases to US$100.00 on Friday, 1 November 2002. Published 1st November, 12:00am
Flu Vaccine Available
Recommended for persons older than 65 years and for anyone 6 months or older with chronic conditions.  Published 31st October, 12:00am
Glucometers and Food Sampling
The Diabetes Association meets at 6pm, Wednesday, 6 November, at the Cayman Islands Seafarers' Association building. Published 30th October, 12:00am
MRCU Spraying Continues
Aerial spraying occurs between 4:30pm and 5:00pm, a little earlier than usual. Published 30th October, 12:00am
McCoy Now a UK Aviation Security Inspector
CAA's Kerith McCoy, head of airport operations, received stringent training offered only to selected persons. Published 30th October, 12:00am
Bypass Construction -- Part 2
Motorists, allow extra time for your commute -- the Crewe Road Bypass from Lyndhurst Road to Bobby Thompson Way will be closed beginning Friday, 1 November.  Published 29th October, 12:00am
Licensing Reminder
Businesses, including roadside food stalls and those disguised as yardsales, must possess all relevant licenses and approvals. Published 25th October, 12:00am
Top Spellers -- Round 4
Two from Savannah and one from Red Bay move on to the finals. Published 25th October, 12:00am
First Stamp T-Shirts
If you liked the cat boat postage stamps, you'll love the shirts! Published 25th October, 12:00am
Need Help?
The Women's Resource Centre now has an on-site counsellor to assist clients in areas like domestic abuse and family and relationship issues. Published 24th October, 12:00am
GT Aerial Spraying
MRCU combats the Aedes aegypti by spraying between 4:00pm and 5:00pm. Published 24th October, 12:00am
Bee Preliminaries -- Rounds 1-3
Two spellers each from Bodden Town, George Town and Spot Bay primaries, and one each from Creek, John A Cumber and North Side have qualified for the final on 20 November. Published 24th October, 12:00am
Triple C Students on Tour
Kindergarteners view the wonders of the Airport Post Office. Published 24th October, 12:00am
Recycle Phone Books
Drop them at any location of Cable & Wireless, Foster's Food Fair, Hurley's or Kirk's supermarkets by 30 November. Published 24th October, 12:00am
Healthy Shopping Guide
Created by Public Health and sponsored by Hurley's, the guide helps customers identify organic and high fibre foods and recognise items low in fat, sugar and sodium.  Published 24th October, 12:00am
CAREC Team Visits
They took a firsthand look at Public Health's surveillance methods for communicable diseases.  Published 23rd October, 12:00am
CPA Success for Nadisha
Nadisha Bodden, accountant for Environmental Health, passed the Certified Public Accountant exam. Published 23rd October, 12:00am
Monetary Authority Board Appointments
Mr. Timothy Ridley, OBE, Mr. Linburgh Martin and Dr. Richard W. Rahn join the Financial Secretary and three others. Published 23rd October, 12:00am
Dutch Ship to Visit
Some Pirates Week for the 165 crew members of the "HNLMS Van Speijk."  Published 23rd October, 12:00am
Conch Season Soon Come
It opens 1 November, but lobster season doesn't open until 1 December. Published 21st October, 12:00am
"Sentenced to Hang" -- Free!!!
One final performance of Quincy Brown's monologue on teen violence.  Published 21st October, 12:00am
The Effects of Violence on Children
World Mental Health Day asks professionals to educate communities on this issue.  Published 18th October, 12:00am
MRCU Acts Fast!
This week the mosquito capable of carrying Yellow Fever and Dengue Fever was collected in two traps. Published 18th October, 12:00am
Internet at Brac PO
CIPO-Net now available at the new West End facility.  Published 18th October, 12:00am
NDC Honours Members
Eleven received awards for outstanding service. Published 18th October, 12:00am
Christmas Stamps Available
For 2002 "Angels Celebrate Jesus' Birth." Published 18th October, 12:00am
Public Invited to Boxing Elections
"There is a general interest in reviving the sport, and a special need for administrative development to direct the boxers, trainers and referees," said Sports Director Dalton Watler.  Published 18th October, 12:00am
LA Closed
On Wednesday, 23 October, in order to facilitate in-camera proceedings of the Select Committee reviewing Health Insurance. Published 18th October, 12:00am
Rotary Award to Prison Education
The department is commended "for giving offenders opportunities to acquire skills...and to improve their chances of becoming responsible, productive citizens on release." Published 18th October, 12:00am
Lili Assessment for Sister Islands
"...restoration costs are between CI$250,000 and CI$400,000, but the overall outcome remains one of minor damage..." Published 17th October, 12:00am
Review of Health Insurance Law
Any input is due Monday, 21 Oct.  Published 17th October, 12:00am
The Inspectorate Visits
Four inspectors examine the Alternative Education Centre. Published 17th October, 12:00am
Enhancing Supervisory Practices
Civil servants tackle coaching, managing diversity and problem-solving.  Published 17th October, 12:00am
Spared Again!
The Islands were fortunate as Tropical Depression #14 moved away from the forecasted direct hit. Published 16th October, 12:00am
Vocational Training
It aims to increase skill and knowledge levels, as a means for improving employability and creating an opportunity for career advancement. And it's now a focus of the Ministry of EHRC.  Published 16th October, 12:00am
Crisis Centre Board Named
The Centre for battered women and their children is located in the 'Long' Celia Memorial Home, named for a slave who, after letting other slaves know about emancipation, was sentenced to 40 lashes. Published 15th October, 12:00am
New Substance Abuse Services Director
Mrs. Judith Seymour takes charge of the department and Caribbean Haven drug treatment centre and outpatient services.  Published 15th October, 12:00am
daVinci in Cayman
A copy of one of Leonardo's notebooks was donated to the National Gallery. Published 11th October, 12:00am
Ministry of PCW&IT Appoints CFO
Mr. Philip Thomas will play a major role in government's new accounting and financial manangement system.  Published 11th October, 12:00am
POs Closed Saturday
It's official. Check here for new opening and closing times. Published 11th October, 12:00am
Hepatitis B
Public Health Services offers free immunisations to primary and secondary school students.  Published 10th October, 12:00am
Children's Story Hour Returns
Young visitors to the George Town library can enjoy a treat when this after-school programme resumes 23 Oct. Published 10th October, 12:00am
Phone Problems at CI Hospital
Switchboard staff are again able to transfer incoming calls after having trouble earlier today (9 Oct). Published 9th October, 12:00am
National Gallery Visit
H.E. the Governor and Mrs. Dinwiddy helped to assemble a sculpture by Japanese artist Toshihiro Sakuma. Published 8th October, 12:00am
School Improvement: East End's Goal
Efforts have had an impact -- demonstrated by students' test scores going up.  Published 8th October, 12:00am
World Post Day -- 9 October
Postal employees began marking the occasion on 6 Oct. with a church service. The Minister read "The Indispensable Role of the Post in the Information Society," a message from the Universal Postal Union.  Published 8th October, 12:00am
New Procedures for Dangerous Dogs
The Amendments to the Animals Law (2002) introduce tighter licensing requirements, establish guidelines, and regulate the keeping of dangerous and prohibited dogs.  Published 4th October, 12:00am
Illegally Parked Cars to be Towed!
Vehicles parked on Crown land located on the eastside of West Bay Road will be removed at the owners' expense. Published 4th October, 12:00am
The Governor Helps Open St. Matthew's
Mr. Dinwiddy congratulated the medical school's Chairman and CEO on "an excellent choice of location for their campus." Published 4th October, 12:00am
Breakers Postal Agency Temporarily Closed
Please pick mail up at the Bodden Town Post Office until further notice.  Published 3rd October, 12:00am
"Coaching for Success" at JGHS
Students take responsibility for their choices, discover new ways to make the education system work for them, and build supportive relationships. Published 3rd October, 12:00am
Cayman Brac -- Lili Caused only Minor Damage
By mid-afternoon Tuesday, electricity had been fully restored and telephone service had been returned to most customers.  Published 1st October, 12:00am