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Press Releases: December 2002

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Ward Scott and Duncan Kilpatrick produce video news releases for airing on CITN. Published 30th December, 12:00am
Benefits from Fashion
The Women's Resource Centre received 20% of the proceeds from the Diva Feva fashion show. Published 24th December, 12:00am
Red Cross Students Share Cheer
Gifts for children in the hospital and over 300 toys for Cuban tots. Published 24th December, 12:00am
Together for the Holidays
Social Services' clients recently enjoyed their annual Christmas concert and luncheon. Published 24th December, 12:00am
New Location for Probation Unit
Now on the second floor of the J&P Plaza, above Wendy's, across from Eden Centre. Published 16th December, 12:00am
Basketball Association Board Elected
The senior women's and men's national teams are in "serious training" in preparation to defend their titles at the Island Games. Published 16th December, 12:00am
$10,000 for National Gallery
Raised by "Express Yourself," the inaugural fund-raising event by the Friends of the Gallery. Published 13th December, 12:00am
Constitution Review -- The London Meetings
The meetings covered all chapters of the proposed Constitution; a wide measure of agreement was reached, although a few issues remain to be resolved. Published 12th December, 12:00am
Grouper Spawning Reminder
No divers! Fishing: a limit of 12 grouper per boat, per day. Season closes 31 December.  Published 12th December, 12:00am
All-Party Parliamentary Group Meets our Government
"They were particularly supportive of our stance on the EU tax initiative and interested in knowing the outcome of our constitutional talks," says Mr. Bush.  Published 12th December, 12:00am
Licensing Department Relocates
From the Inco building to J&P Plaza, above Wendy's on Walker's Road, opening Tuesday, 17 December. New phone number! Published 12th December, 12:00am
Food Safety in the Holiday Kitchen
The incidence of food-borne illnesses increases during the holidays.  Published 10th December, 12:00am
Immigration Fees Must Be Paid Now
Avoid lengthy waiting periods during the holidays.  Published 10th December, 12:00am
ITALIC on the Move
"We are increasingly being forced to depend on our natural resources. For Cayman this means relying on brain power, so the path to success can only be education, education -- and still more education."  Published 9th December, 12:00am
Funds for Cricket
A new building is now possible with government's contribution to the Jimmy Powell Pavilion project. Published 9th December, 12:00am
Customs Juniors Trained
"Our duty is to serve customers while protecting our Islands from contraband."  Published 9th December, 12:00am
New Centre Offers Hope
The Hope Centre is the first of a series of specialised facilities re-designed for the benefit of young people.  Published 9th December, 12:00am
Anonymous Donor Assists Crisis Centre
Through the Business and Professional Women's Club, US$1,000 was given for victims of domestic abuse. Published 6th December, 12:00am
Garbage Collection Fees Go Up
CI$480 per year for some beachfront areas, the majority of residential properties $300, more densely populated areas stay at $100. Published 6th December, 12:00am
Inspection of Locally Slaughtered Meat
Examination requests must be made to DEH at least 24 hours in advance. Carcasses and organs must be available in order for officials to proceed. Published 6th December, 12:00am
Cayman Free Press is First
The Compass is the first corporate sponsor for the Crisis Centre, committing to give more than $5,000 in services.  Published 5th December, 12:00am
Lawyers Support Crisis Centre
The Caymanian Bar Association donates US$1,200.  Published 5th December, 12:00am
Coutts Supports Young Mothers
"We have seen positive development in the students. Some are going on to hold positions in the private and public sectors, making positive contributions to the country, and being able to raise their children without welfare assistance." Published 5th December, 12:00am
Holiday Road Safety Campaign
Wallet size pledge cards will provide the phone number of a 24-hour taxi service. Published 5th December, 12:00am
Speed Control Humps
Community concerns about speeding near two schools results in PWD installing impediments. Published 5th December, 12:00am
DEH Welcomes New Officer
Shannon McKenzie will plan, implement and evaluate the education and promotions programmes.  Published 4th December, 12:00am
Caymanian Status for 147
Granted under Section 17(1) of the Immigration Law. Published 4th December, 12:00am
Addressee Unknown!
A quick "How to Address Mail Correctly" so your holiday cards, invitations and packages get to your loved ones. Published 3rd December, 12:00am
"Bachelor Boy" a Winner
The play at the Harquail features a man's rocky romantic road as his relatives interfere.  Published 3rd December, 12:00am
Grants of Status
The review of applications under Section 17(1) is done. A list of the 147 new status holders will be gazetted. Published 3rd December, 12:00am