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Press Releases: March 2003

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Faster Administrative Approvals from Planning
Beginning 1 April, Tuesdays will be dedicated to processing applications for houses, swimming pools, fences less than four feet high, and ancillary structures such as garages. Published 31st March, 12:00am
Library Receives Collection
CDs, a video, and books donated by the Mormons strengthens the religious section. Published 31st March, 12:00am
Earth Day Celebrations Grow Again!
The grand finale offers a variety of islandwide clean-ups scheduled for 26 April and wetland cruises arranged for 27 April. Published 31st March, 12:00am
Mini-Roundabout Soon Come
PWD's new traffic circulation plan for central George Town features an Elgin/Goring connector road and mini-roundabout. Published 31st March, 12:00am
"Mother to Mother" Meets April 1st
There will be a special presentation on homeopathic solutions for the young child at home.  Published 28th March, 12:00am
...and it's CayFest Time Too!!!
Cayfest has attracted prominent sponsors; the list looks like a "Who's Who" of corporate Cayman. Published 28th March, 12:00am
Preliminary Ruling from the Court of First Instance of the European Communities
The Hon. McKeeva Bush issued a statement saying the Court agreed with the European Commission's earlier interpretation and confirmed that the EU could not directly impose any obligation on the Cayman Islands to implement the proposed directive on the taxation of savings income.  Published 28th March, 12:00am
Special Olympics' Ambitious Plans
In June ten athletes plus coaches will head to Dublin, Ireland, to compete in the Special Olympics World Games 2003.  Published 28th March, 12:00am
It's Festival Time!
Competitions in the 21st National Children's Festival of the Arts (NCFA) will be held in vocal and instrumental music, steel band, dance, speech, drama and creative writing. Published 28th March, 12:00am
Leroy Bodden, a Young 911 Hero
"Although what Leroy saw was terrifying for him, he was able to act fast and assist his mother." Published 28th March, 12:00am
Diabetes Association Meets April 2nd
Dr. Hughes will talk about commonly prescribed drugs for the management of high blood sugar and the hemoglobin A1c blood test.  Published 28th March, 12:00am
Congratulations, Writers!
2002 was one of the best years for Cayman entries to the Commonwealth Essay Competition -- 33 students from 14 different schools received commendations.  Published 27th March, 12:00am
Economic "Think Tank" Established
Given the uncertain conditions in the airline industry means Cayman Airways is "an important tool for the economic continuity of our country." Published 26th March, 12:00am
Art Therapy Aids Drug Recovery Process
Ed Oliver gives his time so art appreciation can be one of the therapy options for those seeking drug rehabilitation at Caribbean Haven.  Published 25th March, 12:00am
Live Football Discussion on TV Friday
Hosted by Dr. the Hon. Frank McField, the purpose of the show is to explore solutions to various issues relating to football. Published 25th March, 12:00am
A Huge Success!
Miss Cayman contestants welcomed over 250 guests to the 6th Annual Black Tie Ball held 8 March at the Marriott Ballroom.  Published 24th March, 12:00am
Cultural Forum for Contestants
Speakers helped those vying for Miss Cayman learn about the Islands' communities, culture and current affairs.  Published 24th March, 12:00am
Laws Available
All laws are once again available for purchase from the Legislative Department at its temporary Kirk House location. Published 24th March, 12:00am
Child Month Writing Competitions
Cayman's children have the opportunity to express themselves and win cash.  Published 24th March, 12:00am
Fire Officers Certified
Following several training workshops, more than 50 officers received certificates at a presentation ceremony. Published 24th March, 12:00am
Evacuation Exercise
"In light of current international events," Government employees practiced emptying the Glass House and the Tower Building. Published 21st March, 12:00am
New Qualifications for Community Sports Leaders
Lessons included communication skills, making sports fun, planning and reporting, and managing funds, facilities, equipment and volunteers. Published 21st March, 12:00am
Week of the Young Child
The theme "Children's Opportunities -- Our Responsibilities" helps focus public attention on the needs of young children and their families.  Published 20th March, 12:00am
Learning Village Portal for ITALIC
The central communications tool for the Improving Teachers and Learning in the Cayman Islands programme will provide computerised resources, activities and lesson plans. Published 20th March, 12:00am
New Grand Court Judge
Mrs. Justice Levers has high praise for Cayman's legal practitioners -- "integrity, professionalism and sincerity."  Published 20th March, 12:00am
Registration of British OT Citizens as British Citizens
Application forms will be available for collection at the Government Administration Building from Monday, 24 March.  Published 19th March, 12:00am
No SARS Cases Diagnosed in Cayman
Public Health is maintaining a watchful eye over the community's health and monitoring global developments concerning the epidemic of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS).  Published 19th March, 12:00am
Baptist Contract Extended; Overseas Referrals Explained
Health Services is expanding local services to reduce the need for overseas care.  Published 19th March, 12:00am
Government School Registration
New students for the 2003-2004 school year may begin signing up on Wednesday, 2 April.  Published 18th March, 12:00am
Al T Chairs CPA
Following two years as chairman of the Central Planning Authority, Gordon McLaughlin handed over the gavel to Al Thompson on 6 February.  Published 13th March, 12:00am
CNCF/Bank of Butterfield Partnership for the Arts
This programme for children will focus on dance, leading up to the premiere of six new dances during CayFest. Published 13th March, 12:00am
Church Service Marks Commonwealth Day
Cayman joined 54 countries across the globe in observances marking Commonwealth Day on 10 March. Published 13th March, 12:00am
Frank Sound Park Opens Saturday
Located near the entrance to the Botanic Park, the park has a range of amenities for families and children.  Published 13th March, 12:00am
Women's Sports Forum Saturday
Studies show girls who are involved in sport do better in school, have fewer teenage pregnancies, higher self-esteem and better communication skills. Published 12th March, 12:00am
Drill Competition
The Cadet Corps invites the public to their First Annual Drill Competition. Published 12th March, 12:00am
French Navy Vessel
"La Fougueuse" will visit Grand Cayman next week. Published 12th March, 12:00am
JGHS Recyclers Receive KPMG Donation
The club and its website want to inform people of the importance of preserving Cayman's environment and coral reefs worldwide. Published 12th March, 12:00am
GT Primary -- Years 4 & 5 Back at School
The students, accommodated at the Family Life Centre since January's flooding, have freshly painted classrooms and new cabinets.  Published 11th March, 12:00am
PFI Conference Concludes
Government plans to use a Private Financing Initiative (PFI) for its new office buildings.  Published 11th March, 12:00am
Diabetes Association Meets 12 March
Representatives from Cayman General Insurance will address the meeting to help clarify health insurance issues. Published 10th March, 12:00am
Lighthouse School Development Project
A team from the Inspectorate will assess the school's current strengths, identify areas for improvement and provide staff training. Published 7th March, 12:00am
Quotas for the Grant of Caymanian Status
Eight unlimited categories listed here. Published 7th March, 12:00am
New Head of Insurance Supervision
Mrs. Mary-Lou Gallegos will assume the duties and responsibilities of acting head. She's been with the Monetary Authority since its inception.  Published 7th March, 12:00am
Crisis Centre Namesake an Icon of Freedom
Long Celia was whipped for telling her fellow slaves about their impending emancipation.  Published 6th March, 12:00am
Mr. Ballantyne's Statement
"...I have decided, on terms acceptable to me, to leave office."  Published 5th March, 12:00am
The Attorney General Resigns
A statement from the Leader of Government Business, the Hon. McKeeva Bush. Published 5th March, 12:00am
Government's Agreement with Mr. Ballantyne
Government releases the agreement that was negotiated with its former top legal advisor. Published 5th March, 12:00am
Mr. Ballantyne Resigns
A statement from HE the Governor, Mr. Bruce Dinwiddy. Published 5th March, 12:00am
Educators' Hall of Fame: Part I
Mr. Guy Banks, teacher on Little Cayman for 17 years; Mary Miller, deputy principal of the Middle School and later the High School and Chief Education Officer; Theoline McCoy, teacher and principal at the Senior then Secondary Modern then High School. Published 3rd March, 12:00am